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Nesingwary (PvE)
Welcome to the official Jager Treats guild website.

You have found the web site and forums for the guild Jager Treats on the realm Nesingwary. We are a friendly guild working on building a core team for casual, but serious, 10 man raiding. We are NOT a hard core guild that will be getting server firsts, however, we do work to progress through raids at a reasonable pace. We do not limit your raid participation based on gear, unless of course you want to tank ICC in healing greens. We sport members ranging from hard core to casual and do not require any member to raid. We have few rules for our members, but there are some. Such as:

  • Be mature. We do not have an age requirement to join, however you must be mature about everything you do while wearing our guild tag.
  • Guild Bank access is earned! You are not going to have free run of the guild bank the moment you join, but over time you will get access. That being said, while you are unable to take things from the bank you are allowed to ask an officer to get you something out of it as long as it is within reason.
  • Do your homework. If we post strategies and videos on the forums, you should be coming on here to read and watch them. You should not be going into an encounter blind when we gave you the information you need to know.
  • Have fun! This is a game and you should be having fun playing it. Remember that when you die it’s only gold and you can easily get more of it. We learn from those deaths and become better as a guild because of them.

At the end of the day, we are all just a group of friends trying to have fun on a game. We hope that if you’re reading this and you are not a friend yet, you will be soon. Talk to our members in game and post on this site if you are interested in joining. We will have an officer invite you as soon as possible.

For people seeking to join us for Raiding. We have additional rules for raiding members here.
Other Guild News

Blood Prince Council Down

Zephaine, Jun 3, 10 1:44 AM.
After a few hours of attempts over the last few weeks, The Blood Prince Council is dead, and ever got The Orb Whisperer to boot.
7/12 ICC 10 and and an 8th to come shortly.

Congratulations everybody and keep up the good work.

Festergut and Rotface Down

Telyn_, Mar 11, 10 5:49 PM.
Another great night. We are now 6/12 in ICC. Keep studying and keep working hard and we'll see more and more before you know it. Great job guys.

ICC Progress

Telyn_, Mar 10, 10 11:13 AM.

Jager Treats had a great night last night. We quickly knocked out the weekly and then headed for ICC. We had a great turn out which unfortunately meant some couldn’t attend. Thank you so much to both Brungo and Healnchaos for giving their spots to others in the guild. Hopefully we’ll have enough people for 25s soon and won’t have to leave anyone out.

We quickly worked our way through trash, Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, and the Gunship Battle without any wipes. After some experimentation with our strategy Deathbringer Saurfang was dead too. We then worked our way through more trash until we came to Festergut. Unfortunately it was late by this time and we only got 2 tries in before members needed to call it a night. We will be returning tonight to defeat Festergut and try our hand at Rotface as well.

Good work team!


ICC Progress!

Telyn_, Mar 7, 10 12:28 PM.
Last night went really well. We were able to get Anub down again and then moved back to ICC and downed Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper and the Gunship Battle. Awesome work and grats to those that got upgrades.

I also want to welcome our new raid members, you are already proving to be valuable members. We look forward to having you along for more raids.

Lord Marrowgar Down!

Telyn_, Feb 28, 10 8:16 PM.
Well our first real venture into ICC went really well. Trash proved fairly easy, even those big bastards. Lord Marrowgar was down on our second attempt at him. Good job. Lets study the rest of the encounters in the first part so we can get back in there and get some more done.
Recruitment for Raiding
Jager Treats is currently recruiting the following classes/roles for raids:

Tank: Medium Priority
Healers: Medium Priority
DPS: High Priority

Click here for information

To apply, you must register on the website first.
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