Deathwings Demise

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ToC 10 Raid
Dec 23, 09 9:39 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Dec 23, 09 9:35 PM
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Welcome to your new website!

Hello everyone! to get right to the point our guild is going to be a top end raiding guild doing ICC and ToC content in a relaxed environment. we only establish a few rules but it should be very easy to follow. first and foremost no disrespecting a fellow guild member or supirior, you will get a warning but if you persist you will be kicked. no taking things from the bank and put it on the AH. no bad mouthing about the guild. 

        now at the moment we are still looking for people preferably geared 80's so that we may start to raid regularly. for now we will be getting new 80's geared by zerging heroics daily. but when we do get up there this is what we expect from raiders: Be on time! if you sign up for a raid make sure to show up on time and ready (no, i need water i need repairs i need this and that) make sure to be prepared. BE PATIENT; if a group wipes do not get angry and leave we need to start somewhere... Be thoughtful; if you want an item but yet another guild member needs it more then give that item to him. Note, these are not kickable offenses but they do deminish your chances of getting a spot in a raid which we want to involve everyone so please try to meet these standards

        Our vent is port#:13554
If you need an invite please whisper Thedefender, Manslater, Oldtaco, Zenarath to discuss.
and have fun!
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ToC 10 Raid

Zenarath, Dec 23, 09 9:39 PM.
Make sure all of you are online at 12pm server time to make it to the Trial of the Crusader (10 man) be sure to be on time and ready pst Thedefender for an invite

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Zenarath, Dec 23, 09 9:35 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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