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Dec 21, 09 4:24 PM
400+ Members!!
Dec 21, 09 3:44 PM
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Welcome to the <Hardcore Pwnography> official website.

Hardcore is proud to be one of the widest known guilds in WoWBeez realm - High-Rates, within 1 week! We have over 400+ members currently ( 12-21-09 ). Co-GM - Whore - Lolsmiley quotes ' I can't believe we got 140 people in one night, actually, not even a night, we spend like 4 hours! '. We have done very well in recruiting. Some people I have noticed recruing a lot are; Xdion, Miniperrin, Showoff(Hornypriest). ( Sorry if I didn't add you ) These people have been promoted greatly. If you want to be promoted like them then start getting around 30 people a day at least like they do! Although we have barely started, we have been starting PRO raids. I haven't seen one fail 25m in Hardcore Pwnography's guild raids. Keep in check at the website as I will add events and PLEASE post a shout about anything you want me to add ( Event wise ).

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Rogue King, Dec 21, 09 4:24 PM.

Good afternoon all guildies, this is Scour. I would like for you guys to continue inviting people the more people the more guild raids. Please feel free to make alts to get to 80 just whisper any high ranking member for invite. Also I'd like to add a thanks to all the people who haven't quit. Please continue and remember to treat each guildy with respect.

400+ Members!!

HardcorePwnography, Dec 21, 09 3:44 PM.
We now have OVER 400 members!! Keep it up guild! Invite as many 80s as possible, the more 80s the more raids!
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