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Member Minute
The Boss, also known as Gavril. You can call me Jarrod, and don't piss me off over-much.

I like to talk, and I like anime. I like to talk about anime too.
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Service Updates
Welcome to Ebonfyre!

We are a friendly lvl 3 Elyos legion on Siel, looking for active members, we are currently recruiting active members of any class, keeping in mind that i will delete any toon who is lower then 10 and inactive for 3 days, unless a valid reason is given beforehand.
We are a mature legion, so we don't take any childish nonsense.

If you read all that, and are still reading, then good, you at least have the decency to know the rules.

Legion Photobucket

StrawrBerry, May 30, 10 7:50 AM.
Quick Note about the usage of the Photobuckt account for uploading your pictures:

Feel free to make your own personal album so we can tell exactly who we are looking at.

Comments are welcome on pictures, but try to keep them clean and friendly.

Pics of pets, babies, (appropriate) new, or old, inks (tattoos for you older generations), etc, something that you want us to see and appreciate feel free to upload.

Please remember not all members of our legion are over 18, so please keep pictures to a PG13 rating.

Once uploaded, you can post them onto the legion website. If you need help with this, ask me for help and I will assist as best I can.

The account is there for everyone to use. I give this to you all to use hoping that I can trust you all to follow these rules.

I reserve the right to delete any pictures I find offensive.

Any pictures deleted will be notified to the original poster with my reason for deleting.



StrawrBerry, Apr 6, 10 10:38 AM.
Beginning to type up Chapter 4, need ideas to link into, so start sending me mail!! Send to Avylnn, Rilka or Gavril IN GAME or to the strawrberry account on the Aion website. I will not post any of my completed later chapters until the preceeding ones are done so start thinking if you want your idea used!!

Asmo armor? NO PROBLEM!

Obion18, Mar 20, 10 5:22 AM.
Ever wanted to wear some SEXY asmo armor? well there is a nice little guide for all guildies in the members forum!
(Note: this information was taken from another website, all credit goes to them)

Flame of Ebon Official Release

StrawrBerry, Mar 17, 10 6:39 AM.
Chapter 3 has been officially posted!

Looking for ideas for the next chapter or for more of the story later on. Send me a mail on here or Aion with your suggestions!

New Chapter Official release

StrawrBerry, Mar 10, 10 6:37 AM.
Chapter 2 of the Flame of Ebon story has been posted for general reading!
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