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Death Knight
Blood (5)
Frost (5)
Unholy (5)
Balance (5)
Feral (5)
Restoration (5)
Beast Masters (5)
Marksmanship (5)
Survivalists (5)
Arcane (5)
Fire (5)
Frost (5)
Holy (5)
Protection (5)
Retribution (5)
Discipline (5)
Holy (5)
Shadow (5)
Assassination (5)
Combat (5)
Subtlety (5)
Elemental (5)
Enhancement (5)
Restoration (5)
Affliction (5)
Demonology (5)
Destruction (5)
Arms (5)
Fury (5)
Protection (5)
Welcome to the " Knights Of the Citadel " website. Our guild is founded on the ideals of people who enjoy a guild where they can have friends to help and those friends can help them in return. We are a family oriented guild and there are a lot of married couples in our guild. We have people of all ages from the young age of 11 to the older more mature age of 55. We are looking for people who are mature but still can have fun. Immaturity is acceptable at times but not when its a constant occurrence. And what we mean by that is we do not want foul language but we do want you to joke around and have fun with your guild mates! We are focused on helping guildies get to level 80 but we also want to start doing raid's as well. We are accepting any level toon as long as that person has a main toon of at least level 20. This is to insure that people who join our guild actually want to play the game rather than someone who is going to join and not play again for 4 months. We are looking for people that are active in the game as well as with the guild such as guild event and guild meetings. We are also looking for people who are going to be active in our guild web site, people who enjoy helping others when they can, And above all people that don't just take from the guild and not give back anything in return. By this we mean that you should do things to improve the guild for your fellow guildies and yourself not just expect them to do stuff for you. Thank you for looking at our guild web site and if you feel like you might enjoy being a part of our guild please apply at the recruitment section in the forums. Please remember that you must create an account and become a member before you will be able to apply! Thanks and have a Wonderful day ;)
Other Guild News

New things coming to Guild Site

cjcl1998, Feb 10, 10 12:42 PM.
I will be putting new links in the forums for Raids. So please check them out. It will give everyone a better understanding on what the requirements are in order to do all raids! There will also be new information on World Dragons, Dailies etc. If you would like to see anything else on the site that we have not put on here yet, please send us a message and we will get it on there!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Danlenofgarrosh, Dec 14, 09 4:03 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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