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Orgrimmar circa 10:30pm

Dirty Little Secrets, Oct 13, 11 11:07 PM.

DLS Reloaded

Dirty Little Secrets, Sep 8, 11 10:31 PM.
Not much has changed. We moved to guild level 25 rather quickly, and our habits have swayed back towards PvP. With a few infusions of new blood, new opportunities for PvE/PvP raids have arisen. The #1 goal of this guild has always been to have fun.

We've been doing it for years.

We've still got the old crew, and a new crew, pulling Garrosh forward as best we can.

(Btw, where's that pic from our recent* gathering?)

Merry Christmas

Dirty Little Secrets, Dec 18, 10 6:25 AM.
Merry Christmas to all, and happy Christmahanakwanzaka to our multi-cultural members. I hope everyone else is enjoying the expansion as much as I am.

Guild achievements are firing on all cylinders, and we have maxed our guild experience every day... hitting level 4 just yesterday. Pretty cool, well done guys. We should probably start ramping up for heroics, BGs & raids again, yeah? I have a light work schedule in January ;).

Grats to those who've hit 85, and I approve of the Alliance slaughter...

And now for something completely different....

Dirty Little Secrets, Dec 14, 10 6:51 AM.
With Deathwing on the rampage, this model guild member has taken shelter on top of a bucket of fish.

And with many of you nerds hitting level 85, and many more nerds well on their way, we push forward to a new era of hanging out & doing stuff. Invite your friends!
What's our secret?
DLS is a guild with a family foundation built upon with friends we've found along the way. We were among the first migrants to the Garrosh realm (by way of Medivh - of former realm glory), and our core membership remains mostly intact.

We're helpful, participate in all kinds of activities, and sport a laid-back atmosphere. Whether it's PvP, raids, heroics, achievements... whatever, we do it. We're not the most disciplined guild out there, but we do get things done in our own way & time, and we always make sure to have fun along the way.
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