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Born of the desire not to run with 12 year olds, Bladefury Crusaders is an active group of adult gamers from around the globe. 

While we are serious about raiding we like to run a friendly game.  Our leaders stressed being helpful from the very beginning and continue to put emphasis on assisting members in getting geared and leveling.  It is of benefit to the guild that each member has what they need to get the best from their characters and the game. 

The current guild membership consists of players who have been in the game since it started as well as Noobs who are just learning the ropes.  Our Veterans and Raiders are always available to discuss your class, gear and talents with gamers who have expertise in all areas. 

It is our goal to have raids scheduled mornings and evenings server time (US Central).  Raiding is not required; however, we do ask that you be an active participant occasionally.  If you find you are unable to raid as scheduled consider posting your own raid or offer of assistance to those who need to level or get geared.  There may be others who are available when you are.  If you are not at a level where you can post a raid on the in game calendar ask an Officer or Raider to assist you in getting one posted. 

We will also schedule farming runs for crafting mats as needed.  Again, if you are not able to post to the calendar yourself message someone who can and we’ll get it on the schedule.  Probably even come with! 

We are a very social group and can frequently be found in Vent even when we are not in the game.  Very often having a laugh or talking shi…about very important matters.

And that’s Bladefury Crusaders.  If you are currently a member get signed up and your toons claimed already.  Daaaamn.   If you are still thinking you’re not sure about this group of loons; fill out the application.  We’ll let you slide for a week or so to see if you like us.  Just remember we’ll be considering you as well.

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