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Armour in the Expansion
Apr 19, 10 10:41 AM
New Update 1.07
Mar 30, 10 11:49 PM
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Welcome to Pure Vengeance!
Founded by: Wildman and Stuart
Guild Leader: Nancyy
Current  Recruiters: Paleshiner, Slitherer

Recruiting: Yes
Guild City: Working on completing Tier 3 (we already have all the T3 crafting buildings)
Ventrilo in use

Guild Information
Here, at Pure Vengeance we believe that in order for the guild to prosper we need to help each other succeed in the game.  To that end we have spent alot of time and effort thinking of ways and inplementing them.  We are forever open to ideas from any member.

Pure Vengeace now hosts low level instance RUNs. These are also pugged to fill in gaps and allow our newer players to get used to a group system.  Normally anytime a low level needs a certain zone an endgame member will run them and anyone else who wants to join.

We run contests and offer rewards to the highest gatherer of that month.  There are no restrictions on the mats a player can send.  Everything has use since the last update.

Compiled and easily accessible "in chat" guides for the following; ...Almost every recipe location, Dungeon leveling guide, An epic weapon list for tailoring your toon at endgame, and even a three part how to make gold guide.

The Showcase: Just a nickname for our guildbank.  In it is various crafted items made by different players.  The idea is to be able to see what the item is and then know who in the guild to ask for it.

We also do gear runs for players.  Epic runs in FOD are the main.  Other zones at different levels are done as well on a player requested basis.  Extremely fair and without favoritism looting rules.  

An all inclusive, friendly, sociable, and non hostile guild chat environment.  No drama.  No trolling.

There are no mandatory requirements or dues.  We just want our players to have fun after spending their money to play this game.

We encourage all members to attend guild meetings in our city in Lacheish plains at 2PM EST Sundays.

Note:  All times on the calendar are input as EST, the time you use for your profile will automatically adjust to that.

Armour in the Expansion

Malathrax, Apr 19, 10 10:41 AM.

New Update 1.07

l=l Arsala l=l, Mar 30, 10 11:49 PM.
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