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3.3! Icecrown going LIVE!

Barimath, Dec 8, 09 11:00 AM.
Everyone try and snag these runs when they can.
Ideal Eclipse run would probably go as 2 groups..
maybe 3 depending on who is online. Would be awesome to not have to pug early on.

GROUP possibles:
  • Van, Qwaz, DPSx3
  • Krusk, Quvark, DPSx3
  • Cados, Spoiledbeef, DPSx3 (Cados/Falcon may be unavailable a few days as he mentioned to me..)

Mix and match the above as needed. Hope to max out the eclipse groups.
If bribed propperly...Kherknight may be willing to run regs as tank.
I will run as many regs as I can with all grps in need for Eclipse only. (hope the patch is stable)



Beasts of Northrend!

Vantharon, Nov 24, 09 1:33 PM.
Your guide to Zoo smashing!

UPDATE:  Using the stories mod on this site, I opened a Strategy link.  If you click on that I have uploaded the first strategy or "story" as the mod calls them.  Its a step by step written out strategy for these boss phases including boss abilities. Click here to see it!

Please check out this video before entering the raid. Make sure to have DBM or some sort of raid warning utility on, or know the fights if you don't have the addons required. The raid is up on the calendar in game and on the website.

Website information

Vantharon, Nov 23, 09 8:27 PM.
Bugs and known issues

There are few bugs that seem to come with the free version of this hosting website.

*Gallery In order to put images in the gallery you have to have them up on the web somewhere besides here.  We don't have bought space right now so I use photobucket or imageshack.  I upload the images there and then use that link information to post the images in the gallery. If you want to have a image uploaded to the gallery just send me the link of the image and I will add it in for now.  Unfortunatly the only way to add the linked image is through the admin control panel.
*Avatars may have the same issues as the gallery with the space allotment.
*Firefox users may experience some coding issues with the php code used in these templates such as boxes not sizing up correctly or overlaping other scripts.
*Calendar showed me 1 bug that didn't follow correct set time or day.  This might be a firefox issue because on Internet Explorer it seems to work fine.
*Banner still have a template image behind it which will flash for a brief second when changing pages in the site.  Customization of the background for the banner area is disable without a premium account.

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