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Welcome, Luminescent is a fairly new casual/semi-casual legion which is going to focus on end game PvP and PvE.

I say semi-casual for this reason, we wont require specific attendance as I know real life comes first, people have jobs, school, family, which they shouldn't ignore. At the same time we will have regular events take place to get through PvE content and have group PvP such as rifting, instances, artifacts, ect.


Important!! New event days and times!!

Espair, Dec 2, 09 12:00 AM.
Event days and times are decided, if they need adjusting then we can do that later but for now they are both thursdays and fridays at 7pm. We will either find a rift, or group pvp in the abyss capturing and killing. Perhaps even assist a fort if its times are close.

Now that we are in the top 50, we need to make a point to be more organized and get some AP to raise our rank. Not only that but since we are indeed casual this will give times for people who do not play that often to be on and get some action with the rest of us.

Grats to all....

Xean12, Nov 29, 09 4:13 AM.
I just want to say grats on the 50....the BIG 50!!!!.... grats u guys...... keep up the good work ^_^

New site

Kenkosto87, Nov 19, 09 3:40 PM.
Well, Here's the new site...

We'll need you guys who have already registered to help spread the word so we can get the entire guild on here.. We'll also look for a few volunteers to help us out in certain areas on the site such as forum mods, etc. So if your interested let us know on the forums under the membership area.

Thanks, Kosto
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