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Sartharion is Dead
Nov 30, 09 12:44 AM
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Welcome to the Noblemen of Mediocrity website!

Noblemen of Mediocrity is a new casual 10 man horde raiding guild on the Ursin realm with a focus on experiencing and learning WotLK 10 man raid content from the ground up.

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs.  Please visit our forums for more information.
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Sartharion is Dead

Kytee, Nov 30, 09 12:44 AM.
After our impromptu partnership with the guild, Unforgiven Decedents, the dragons of the Obsidian Sanctum will never be the same.  Good job everyone and congratulations to our first raid loot winners!

I would show you a screenshot of the rotting corpse, but I forgot.  Instead here is a picture of the empty instance.  Just imagine a dead dragon with a bunch of happy players standing in front of it.

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