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Sneakystyle (Applicant) 6/22/2011 9:11 PM EST : Sneakystyle - Destruction Warlock

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01: First Name: Simon 
02: Age: 23 years old
03: Sex: Male
04: Racial Ethnicity: French Canadian

05: Current Character Name(If you are a server transfer we prefer no ascii keys): Sneakystyle
06: Class: Warlock
07: Race: Goblin
08: Realm: Blackrock
09: Armory Link:
10: What is your /played on your character: 145 days, 0 hours , 36mins 
11: Do you have any exceptional alts you play?:  Nah 
12: Are you the original owner of your account?: Yes I am
13: How soon are you available to transfer?: I'm already on server

14: Show us a picture of your UI in a raid(REQUIRED): It isnt in a raid because I'm guildless for the moment

15: Link to a WWS/WMO/WOL showcasing your performance in a raid(If none available, get one):
16: Previous Raiding Experience(brief summary of your experience and time spent with each raiding guild):
Vanilla WoW : - Zul' Gurub
                      - Molten Core
                      - AQ20
                      - BWL

The Burning Crusade : - Karazhan
                                  - Gruul's Lair
                                  - Magtheridon
                                  - Serpent Shrine Caverns
                                  - Tempest Keep
                                  - Mount Hyjal
                                  - Black Temple
Wrath of the Lichking : - All of it except HM LK 25 man

Cataclysm : Im 6/13 HM (Almost 7 got conclave to 4% i know it doesnt impress you guys lol but I wanted to add)

17: What is and how well can you play your offspec?(every class has an offspec/alternate spec): I can play it pretty well Demonology is really awesome for AOE damage so I know it could be useful

18: How well can you play your trispec?(only for those that apply): ... not applying

19: Do you have a computer capable of handling 25 man raiding?:  Yes, no doubt for that

20: Do you have a stable internet connection?: Yes cable connection always between 60-95MS

21: Do you have Ventrilo?: Yes 

22: Do you have a mic and are you capable of communicating on vent if needed?(*100% Required*): I can talk and hear without problem

23: Our official raiding times are 6:00 pm PST to 11:00 pm PST Tuesday through Thursday, can you consistently make a majority of our raids? (90%+) If not, why not?: I can make it all of them BUT there is one thing on tuesday and wednesday starting in september I'll have University class that end between 5:30 to 5:45 so I'll have to see if I'd be late my couple of mins like maybe 15mins on tuesday and wednesday but there's still nothing sure

24: Do you have a problem with occasionally sitting if needed? (IE: Raid Comp Stacking): If I have to and people are willing to replace me I'll do it if it can help the guild that's sure !

25: What are your current professions, and why have you chosen them?: I chose Tailoring and JC because they both give me the best DMG outburst atm ! No wonder Tailoring is really the best enchantment for spellcasters atm

26: If you have a profession that is not beneficial to raiding, would you have a problem with leveling one that is?: I would do it if needed but atm I think my 2 professions are really useful

27: What is your reason for leaving your last/current guild?: My guild just disband

28: What is your reason for wanting to join Defenestrate?: I wanna join a TOP NOTCH guild and I wanna work hard to make my way and be good working to be top 500 worldwide and I'm sure I can be quite an asset to you guys guild atm

29: Tell us, in >>NO LESS THAN<< 50 words, why we would benefit from having you with us. Make sure to emphasize on the following points: reliability, awareness, ability to listen to and to follow orders, and your tolerance to (sometimes harsh) criticism.
To begin with I can decorticate this by saying I'd be one of the few french canadian in your guild I'm sure so that would make you guys not discrimators lolll but more seriously I know I can be one hell of a competitor and I come to raid always prepared and I know what to do because I've watched so many videos or read forums so I can be ready to kick some asses. Another thing is that, I'll always show up and if the case I'm not on I would have post the reason of that on forum before you guys notice my absence ... I'm not the kind of lazy guy that doesn't wanna push HARDCORE for content. I'm just a guy that know how to play his class and that is ready to learn (THAT IS ALWAYS MY PRIORITY) and I'm up for critiscm and I'm up to work hard on Digital Dragons. But seriously just taking the time to read this you will see how dedicate I can be because all the thing I've just wrote was really hard for me to do because I can understand english pretty well but to write or speak I ain't 100% hahaha

30: Please provide a RELIABLE way to contact you other than your in-game character name. We do not enjoy and will not play detective in order to contact you about your application.(AIM / MSN / Email / Xfire / etc.): My email is if you wanna add anything

31: Do polar bears eat penguins?? Explain your reasoning.: Hmm I think that yes they do but it depends because there is one mother fucking big penguins I know ... The one from Mario 64 that would be really hard to eat for a polar bear but we could have another big discussion about that at any giving time

If anyone can vouch for you, please list them here: Nobody ... I'm a new xfer

Tell us a joke(OPTIONAL): One day there was a guy that wanted to enter the police, the police man step back and the guy entered in the wall.... """(drum + cymbal sound right here) """   What an awesome one heh ? 

Draw a picture of your character with MS Paint(OPTIONAL, but kudos points!): Worthless to try ... LOL I aint good at drawing

Tell us about yourself, the more the better: I'm studying at Montreal University and I'm doing a degree in Business Affairs plus I just moved with my girl friend last year and I'm fiance to her now. I've been playing this game for a long time and I'm always up for some good competition so just to think about it i'm nervous haha. So dont hesitate asking me anything I'm almost always on the game 

Thanks for taking the time to go through all my dumbshit I just said and hope to hear from you guys soon

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Innovative (SuperAdmin) 6/23/2011 3:52 AM EST : RE: Sneakystyle - Destruction Warlock
GP User: Innovative2

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27: What is your reason for leaving your last/current guild?: My guild just disband

What guild were you in?
could you list any reasons for leaving those guilds?

  • bracers should be +50 int
  • feet should be +50 haste
  • shoulder gem should be +40 int
  • in order to make up for the lost hit, reforge crit to hit for your shoulders, and if necessary, reforge weapon from mastery-hit
  • nothing really stands out at this point
  • how come you never have DI as a warlock in most fights?? (I looked at other logs, other than the link you provided, cause 1 log link to a normal v&t is just like providing no logs)
  • outdated UI, not current. outdated because it shows your old name rather than your current

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Newsh (SuperAdmin) 6/23/2011 12:33 PM EST : RE: Sneakystyle - Destruction Warlock

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