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Loot Rules

Eternal Blade – Loot Rules: EPGP

Please note that this is a work in progress and we will update and adjust as officers deem necessary. Loot Rules for DKP Events will only apply to Trial of Crusader (10 & 25) and Ulduar 25 man runs they will not apply to heroic 10 man TOC runs. They will only apply when an officer is present to administrate the rules (Lana, Thantien, or Boosterr).

How it works

An explanation of how EPGP works.

The system track how much you earn (EP) and how much you spend (GP). In EPGP, the way you earn points (EP) is variable, while the amount you spend on a particular piece of gear (GP) is fixed (although it varies by piece--better gear costs more). The way loot priority is determined is by taking the amount earned and dividing it by the amount spent, this becomes your loot priority (PR).

In addition, EPGP "decays" both your EP and GP numbers to ensure that over time large gains of EP or large purchases (GP) level out and you can get back in the system. Decay also solves the issue of point hoarding and encourages people to roll on gear. The point decay happens once a week on Tuesday night, and decays everyone equally by 10%.

Ultimately, this system is designed to reward performance and behavior conforming to guild objectives and principles. As we gain experience with the system and see how it works, we may change the EP values, types of EP awards, and possibly eliminate some.

EP - Effort Points

  • EP is awarded every time you are present  when a boss is killed as follows;
    • 20 EP for a 10 man TOC boss.
    • 25 EP for a 25 man TOC boss.
    • 20 EP for a 25 man Ulduar Boss.
    • 20 EP for an Onyxia kill.
    • 0 EP for Heroic TOC. This will remain a roll system.
    • You are also awarded 20 EP for every 5 wipes on a single boss.
    • A bonus of 20 EP for staying for the whole raid (Full Clear).
  • EP can also be given out by officers’ exemplary behaviors; providing flasks (__EP per stack) and  fishies (__ EP per stack).
  • Negative EP (20) will be deducted for not showing up for a raid you signed up for, and then not informing an officer. There will be a 15 minute grace period, after that, you will receive a deduction.

GP - Gear Points

Gear Points are gained through receiving loot. The GP value requires a bit of explanation, as it uses an equation that is based on the Item Level and the slot (head, chest and 2H weapons are worth more than wands). Better items are thus more expensive, and so in effect they'll reduce your priority [PR] further down than lesser quality items would. Important to note is that some items however have two distinct GP values: weapons, shields and ranged weapons, and what value to use is dependent on their use. This is because these items provide for different stats based on their use. For example, a caster uses a shield or weapon for the "green stats" such as spellpower. Melee or a tank use these for both their "white stats" and the "green stats", but an offhand is of less use than a mainhand weapon.

If you'd like to be able to see what GP value an item has you'll need to install the EPGP (dkp reloaded) addon.

For those of you who want more detail on the specifics of the math on the GP calculation, see

PR - Priority
PR is your priority Rating. Anyone who has a higher priority rating would get priority on loot over you. As they spend their points, they will drop in priority and the next person gets higher priority. Once you have the EPGP add on installed, you can view your priority at any time by typing /EPGP

Other Parameters

Min EP
In order to "purchase" a piece of gear, you need to have a minimum number of EP points.

At the beginning of each raiding week (Tuesday after the reset), the EP and GP are subject to a 10% decay. Because we are applying a percentage at the start of each new raiding cycle instead of doing a subtraction, the points never decay to zero.

Base GP
Base GP is designed to allow the PR number to decay over time thus reducing a person's priority for gear if they have to be absent (not participating). If this number isn't included, then a person's PR would never change (the ratio of the two numbers would always remain the same if decay rate is the same for EP and GP) which would amount to "PR hoarding". Our current Base GP value is __. As always, when/if we make changes, we will notify the guild ahead of time.

Bidding on items

When the masterlooter loots an item no loot announcement will be made: you are required to be running the EPGPLootmaster addon which greatly simplifies and quickens the loot distribution for everyone in the raid. With this addon a popup will appear for you.
We will work the bids in the following manner:

  1. Master looter calls for Main spec (Main spec for full GP value)
    • Main spec means you will equip it now (or when gemmed/chanted) and use it in subsequent raids
    • This allows us to gear up main spec first which is how things should be
    • There is also an option for minor upgrade, use this when you want the item, but it is only a minor upgrade
  2. Master looter chooses the correct winner based on PR (high-GP bid comes ahead of low-GP bid*)
  3. Master looter calls for Off spec (Off spec for half GP value, i.e. if an item cost 300GP for main spec, you will only pay 150 GP for off spec)
    • Off spec means you will put it in your bags for use when asked by raid leaders to bring a different spec, or in the case that you decide to change spec
    • This allows pieces to be taken and used instead of being sharded
  4. Master looter calls for Greed rolls. Use this if the item is a side-grade. For example and item you can use, but it is not really an upgrade, just different stats. This item will be free and you will not be charged any GP
        • When the rolls are in play, if you KNOW that you will be putting it on and using it next raid, please roll for it during the Main spec round.
        • If you know it will be put in the bank and used only if you should switch up specs, roll for off spec
        • If it is a clear upgrade for your main spec and you rolled for off, an officer will charge you the full amount of GP. If a raid leader or officer in raid sends you a whisper and asks "why", don't be offended, we may not have read up as much about your classes and simply don't know when crit is better than hit or why dps needs spirit, etc.

          *High-GP vs. Low-GP
          For some items, there are two GP values. This is because some items can be used in an "off spec way". The secondary GP value is less for those pieces that aren't primary for the class spec.

          Secondary GP values are used in the following cases:

          * Shields for casters
          * Wands
          * Off-hand weapons
          * Melee weapons for hunters
          * Ranged weapons for anyone but hunters


          EPGP Bidding with Non-Main Toons

          • When raiding on your main toon but in an alternate role (e.g. a Druid Tank raiding as resto to help the raid), you may bid during the initial on-spec phase of the bidding for your MAIN ROLE only. Alternate role gear may be bid upon during the "off spec" phase and should you win, you will be charged the "off spec" price.
          • When raiding on an alt toon (e.g. Lana raiding with Ahsoka), your EPGP will be combined into a single character. EPGP points belong to an account, not a character. All your characters share one account. You are responsible to make sure that an officer associates your alts with your main. You can check this in your officers’ note; your alt should have the name of your main in this note.

          Miscellaneous Rules

          ·         Once the guild officers decide an instance is no longer contributing meaningfully to progression, its EP may be reduced or eliminated.

          ·         Anyone can view their EPGP by downloading the mod. Please have both below installed.

          ·         You can find it here:

          o    EPGP (DKP Reloaded)

          o    EPGP Masterlooter

          ·         Each item will be offered first to the highest EpGp for the exact class(es)/role(s) for which it is best suited. That means leather goes to rogues before hunters, cloth to priests before druids, shaman, pallies. Bows/guns to hunters first, etc. Then it will go "up" a level for armor, or opened to the run for items of more general applicability (bows, guns, etc.).  In determining priority, it is your RAIDING role that is considered.  If you are primarily dps for raids, the fact that you heal for arenas is not considered for PRIMARY suitability.  If you want to be a tank but are dpsing on a raid, you are a dps class for priority purposes.  You are free to roll on something, though, if the primary folks can't use.

          ·         Remember, the idea is gearing the guild so we can progress and experience more content.  If an item is a small upgrade or side grade for you, it helps us all to pass it to someone for whom it's a big upgrade, if possible.  This doesn't mean that you have to pass on one of a very few items that may be an upgrade for you, or something for which you've been waiting a long time, but it's something to be aware of.

          ·         Passing on upgrades (as opposed to side grades) is discouraged. If you pass repeatedly, you may be spoken to by your raid leader. Passing on upgrades hurts the whole guild.

          ·         Mounts are open to all classes and are 150 GP.

          ·         Items deemed "for the good of the guild" such as legendary items or rare recipes will be exempt from the normal EPGP distribution rules. The officers will look at participation levels and such and assign these items as they deem appropriate for the guild as a whole.

          ·         Situations that are not outlined above or in a linked post will be handled at the discretion of the raid leader.

          Details on Decay and Minimum EpGp


          The EpGp system is designed to have both Ep and Gp decay at the same rate over time. This is designed to ensure that newcomers can be assured to get loot over some reasonable period of time. Folks that don’t see a drop for them for a while can get so far out in front that the system gets a little skewed.

          Please note, this will not change the ORDER of priority for a drop. It will only change the size of the gaps between players. For example:

          Awesomeness, a druid, has 500 EP and 200 GP. His ratio is 2.5. Supercooldude, a rogue, has 400 ep and 185 gp. His ratio is 2.16. We implement a 10% compression.

          Now Awesomeness has 450 ep and 180 gp. His ratio is still 2.5. Supercooldude is now 360 ep and 166.5 gp. His ratio is still 2.16. The only difference is the size of the gap between them going forward.

          Your ep/gp ratio will never change because of compression. You will never “lose” points, since ep and gp compress at the same rate. The only effect of this change will be to keep us closer together, which will ensure a good distribution of loot throughout guild members who choose to raid.

          The current plan is to implement a 10% weekly decay. Decay will be implemented on Monday night/Tuesday morning to coincide with instance resets.

          We hope this will provide a good balance between letting people get loot pretty quickly and not being unfair to regular raiders.

          Questions? Ask Lana in game. Thanks!

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