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"The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed."

- Richard Brinsley Sheridan
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Welcome to the Immaculate Phalanx!

This is the website for the Alliance guild Immaculate Phalanx on the Fizzcrank server. This guild focuses on being a friendly and productive environment to progress our members. Many of us already know each other and hope to have the same relationship with all of our members. While there is structure to our guild, we do not impose many of the strict and unrelenting rules of many other raiding guilds. We do require registration on this guild site as soon as a membership has been granted purely to keep our members well informed on current and future events. We are mostly a nocturnal guild. We understand people have lives and you don't always get off work in time for the 7pm raid. Our goal is to schedule our raid times around our members work/school times. We strive to give even the late night workers a chance at getting that epic loot they so deserve. Make sure to follow our few lax rules and enjoy your stay here at the Immaculate Phalanx. 

-Illuunia and Generals-

Here are the few rules for this site and guild.

1. No foul language. There are many types of members in this guild. Mothers and children just to name a few. Please refrain from using foul language while on this site and in guild chat. When you are with other parties make sure to keep it at a minimum. 

2. Treat everyone with respect. Everyone has their own opinion.. respect it! You would want people to do the same for you. This is a big issue even when not in guild hosted parties and events. The way you act is a reflection on the guild as a whole. 

3. Attendance is a plus. While we wont require certain attendance on this site or guild, it certainly will get you perks. We understand that this is just a game and that real life comes first. *

4. Only one Alt per Main toon may be in the guild at once. *

** Exceptions to these rules may be found in their corresponding forums. Any questions related to these topics should be posted in said forums.

The Immaculate Oath

I hereby Pledge this Oath to the order of the Immaculate Phalanx. I devote myself to the defense of those unable to do so themselves, for mine is the path of Righteousness in both lands unknown and enemies unseen. I am a servant of the eternal Light, bound to do its bidding in the shadows where it's radiance may not reach.  My decisions are just, my word is truth, and my intentions are pure to better not only myself, but also those near me and the world we live in. I shall go forth as a herald to all who will listen and spread the ideals of the Immaculate Phalanx in order to broaden the rays of the Light. I do so for truth. For justice. For the Alliance. 

                                         -by Doriasus, Grand Archivist of the Immaculate Phalanx

The Immaculate Raiding Core!

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