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Mar 8, 10 8:34 PM
F2P info
Jan 5, 10 7:26 AM
Favor Farmin
Dec 12, 09 1:07 PM
True Reincarnation
Nov 19, 09 8:06 AM
Igotit pulls a bloodstone!
Nov 18, 09 1:05 PM
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Welcome to the home of the helping Hands!


Ariell65, Mar 8, 10 8:34 PM.
Welcome new guildies.. I am sad to that we lost guildies however where there is a lose, one can always gain!  We gained some new players and I want to welcome you all!  Please feel free to look at who my alts are and when you see me on let me know if you need anything!


F2P info

Ariell65, Jan 5, 10 7:26 AM.
Ok so here is some knowledge I have learned for the Free to Play that may help new guildies.  But you did not hear this from me wink wink...  If you need help getting a quick 100 points give me or one of my alts a shout if I am not in a quest I will open all the harbor or Korthos quests for you on elite.  This should get you a quick 100 experience.  You can then promptly delete that charactor as it has served it's purpose :-)  You can also do this on other servers just make a toon for favor farming and get your store points so you can buy access to paid content.

Again you did not hear this from me wink wink.

Favor Farmin

Leo_The_Lion, Dec 12, 09 1:07 PM.
I just wanted to thank everyone for assisting with our favor farming parties, and congradulate those of you that have achieved the 32 pointers!  It's almost like I was finally able to start playing the game after an extensive beta run lol.  So glad to finally have that under my belt and no longer have to play with favor in mind, other then unlocking the Npc and such anyway.  I really appreciate those of you that went above and beyond without regard for personal gain, it's that attitude and commitment to the team that makes me proud to be a part of the guild!

True Reincarnation

Ewsa69, Nov 19, 09 8:06 AM.
Posted the info on reincarnation.. I think  :)

Igotit pulls a bloodstone!

Harvvy, Nov 18, 09 1:05 PM.
Wow maybe they do exist!
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