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Red Cell's roots go all the way back to World War 2, just after the war ended. William E. Kenevera, of California, retired as a colonel at the end of the War. When he went back to the states, he spoke with some of his friends high in the political chain about funding a project. The project was meant to be a relief effort, to help secure the nearly destroyed borders of France during the time of rebuilding after the path of destruction the Nazi's had left in their wake. This project came under the alias of "Project Redwood". They say the Colonel named the project after the large trees of the Redwood forest, because of their strength they presented and splendor. It was to be a sign of hope and renewal, that the ravaged European countries would have a chance to rebuild to their former glory.

When the soldiers of the Colonel's company came back from Europe looking for a job, he was quick to hire them. In the time of a year, Col. Kenevera was able to prepare a small sized army, about the size of two U.S. Batallions. They had undergone intense training, more intense than anything the U.S. Military had to offer them in that day and age, and by the height of 1946, they were deployed as mercenaries to Poland and other eastern European countries to help Repel the Red Army's invasion. This was the mark of the slow transformation from the Redwood Project forming into a paramilitary organization known as Redwood Military Company, or REDCo. REDCo sent mercenaries to many places in the coming years, and their reputation began to grow, both in the United States, and among many foreign countries. They fought in Conflicts the U.S. Government was too scared to get their hands in. In the 90's some areas of operation were of the Rwandan Genocide, Somalia, and other war-torn African Countries. By then the Colonel passed down his legacy to his son, Edward Robert Kenevera.

As Doctor Edward Kenevera had said, Africa was a gold mine. As long as their was a war to be had... which was nearly every day for most parts of Africa, there would always be someone wanting to pay for REDCo's services. REDCo made most of their investment by Weapons Grade Uranium and Diamonds (and in some cases, Blood Diamonds) that most military leaders or organizations would pay them with. By the end of the 90s, REDCo had become the richest Paramilitary Organization in the world.

By the year 2000, REDCo had invested most of their income in the arms trade. They purchased a few plants owned by Ford and began the construction and research of Armored Vehicles and Weapons. This business began to expand up to the point that REDCo became mostly known as a weapons technology and manufacturing corporation. They built ships, tanks, jets, and other sorts of weapons, and their biggest customer was Uncle Sam. By 2020, REDCo had became the largest PMC in the world, out competing companies such as Blackwater and other Private Military Organizations.

In the year 2045, REDCo had signed a contract with GlobalTech, a year after LifeNet had produced the first truly working and efficient cloning system. This was the start of project known as "Jumpstart". The purpose of Jumpstart, was to reproduce clones of the most elite warriors (US Navy Seals, CIA, DEVGRU, Delta Force, and etc.), storing their memories in the form of DNA, and then copying that information to the new bodies which were cloned. This allowed for the mass production of elite soldiers... an act at the time, was illegal in the United States. GlobalTech and REDCo did this strictly under the table.

In 2049, GlobalTech and REDCo make another contract, REDCo was to see to the security of the future planned GlobalTech facilities in Arizona.

Finally, in 2054, The Shiva Virus is released, REDCo funds the construction of numerous underground nuclear shelters. REDCo sends soldiers to West Asia and Europe to help contain the virus.

By 2062, The Fall of REDCo comes abruptly. After the war, so many casualties had insued that REDCo lost 95% of all their employees during the conflict. Those who remained went their own ways, The executive officer, Michael R. Kenevera, Great Great Grandson of William E. Kenevera, set up his own contracting agency in the Grand Canyon Province with a few of his most trusted men. This group was very small, but very skilled in combat. They from there on called themselves Red Cell.
(As Written by Jack Kenevera)

(2066) What was left of RedCo under the Command Micheal R. Kenevera and renamed Red Cell contracted to help the Hoover Dam Garrison Seize control of the Dam and Banish the Global Tech Leaders.

(2096) Now in his Early Sixties Micheal Kenevera relquinished Command to his Son Joseph Kenevera, who once again began Contracting with what was left of the Global Tech Leadership and the Hoover Damn garrison Commanded by now General Orsun .

(2126) While performing Security at the Traveller Summit for one of the families Who knows which one anymore Joseph Kenevera is shot and killed by an unknown sniper from a distance. Leaving Martin Kenevera as leader of Red Cell While still young Martin is known as someone who can get the job done.

(2148) Martin Kenevera is killed. Leaving is 26 year old Son Jack Kenevera in charge of Red Cell. Although well trained the young man is faced with a fractured group and must rebuild after the death and infighting left by his fathers untimely death.

(2156) At Present Day, Red Cell has lost most of its numbers. All that remain are only a few skilled mercenaries, and the heir of William E. Kenevera's legacy himself, Jack Kenevera. Red Cell no longer operates like that of a disciplined military company, but a contracting agency. They are involved in assassinations, security, and occasionally, private wars. All of the members within Red Cell are very close, and once you're in, there is no leaving the family.

(2156 Ninth Month of the year) After the alleged mental breakdown and subsiquent suicide of Jack Kenevera Red Cell fell into a bit of Chaos with no Formal Leader, Rumors of their disbandment spread like Wildfire thru the Province. But those were after all Rumors seems They have been said before and yet Red Cell still existed seeing this as an opportunity the remaining members of Red Cell decided to stay together under a new name with new faces and identities provided by someone inside the organization now calling themselves Red Cell Inc. and acting as a legitamite Buisness atleast in appearence they were able to move goods and personell without as much notice from the other factions. Selling arms to the Enforcers and Clubs to the Chota, Technology to the Tech and Food and Medicine to anyone willing to by the slowly began moving in the direction the former commander wished them to go.

While some members left to find their own place in the wastelands those few that stayed became hardened veterans of small and large skirmishes, Their Healers became Adept at healing, Their Vistas became better and long range recon and shooting, chota Tech Enforcer and Traveller put aside their difference to make this happen although the bad blood still exist amongst these groups, they have come to an understanding that alone they made little difference but together they could each acomplish their goals be it the Chota destroying the old world, The Traveller making their chips, The Enforcer spreading their form of Justice or whatever they wanted No one knew them No one cared for them except their commrades within the cell.

Out for a couple days

Lirethion, Nov 1, 09 7:24 PM.
Been sicker then hell the last few days why I have been absent for those that don't know I am sorry I will try to get back on monday Nov 2 I was on some today but wound up puking my guts out again so be around soon as I can till thn Dan and Aeriel can do what needs to be done

Red Cell Incorperated Has emerged from the AShes of Red Cell Complete

Lirethion, Oct 25, 09 12:49 PM.
Waistelanders have spoken of our Demise far to often and yet here we are still alive and kickin, Now that the Rumors have been Quashed it is time to get back to work making money and gathering information


Lirethion, Oct 21, 09 12:22 AM.
Folks we are currently undergoing construction bare with us
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