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All Desire guildies, Please Read Me...
Jan 6, 10 7:19 PM
ToC 10
Dec 15, 09 5:21 PM
Guild regulations
Nov 10, 09 5:11 PM
Service Updates
Welcome to the Brand new < Desire > guild website. We are a very experienced group of people. ToC 10 is officialy ours. Congrats Desire!! Please Make a point to read the Regulations located on the left hand side of your screen   
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All Desire guildies, Please Read Me...

v1p3r0412, Jan 6, 10 7:19 PM.
Please review the guild regulations if you havnt done so already. If you are Ranked " Raid Member " we need you to be working on your gear. Not PvP gear, your Raiding gear. weather it be Dps, Healing, Or tanking. If you dont have the gear to get into Icc then you need to work on it. If you dont appriciate this then by all means notify a congressmen or one of the guild Leaders and we will demote you to your appropriate rank. Raid members who accept invites then do not show will be immediatly demoted. If for some reason you cant show, at least shoot us an in game mail and let us know. " I forgot " is not a reason and all it does is show you are not Devoted to being a Raid Member. Of course if your reason is. . . Reasonable ( get it ? lol ) then you wont get demoted. And above all if you are part of our " Core Raiders " (You know who you are) PLEASE check with somebody before Pugging Icc. You know we will be trying it weekly so there is no reason you should be saving yourself. Even if you do have another charicter capable of doing the raid that doesnt mean you save your main to it.

On another note. We are not a RAIDING GUILD. we are what I like to call Casual Raiders. We have a casual base with hopefully a solid Raid team in the future. We are still trying to establish that Raid team. and who is accepted to the Raids will be based upon needs of the raid nothing more, nothing less. Thanx for listening everybody.

ToC 10

v1p3r0412, Dec 15, 09 5:21 PM.

Guild regulations

v1p3r0412, Nov 10, 09 5:11 PM.
Please read the Regulations on the left hand side of your screen under information :D
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