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Rules Of BlazingBlood
Oct 15, 09 5:19 PM
Service Updates
Welcome to Blazing blood My Name in real life is John and i am the creator of this website.
Enjoy your stay here.
Free to play world is 153
Members world is 89
Have Questions and im not online at that moment Talk to Givens95 If he isnt on Either Send me a Mail On This Site Thanks please we accept any question!
Remember to Join the clan chat well my Clan chat its Called xEnergyboltx every log in 3 times you dont you get suspended =( so please remember!
The Clan Cape is Team Cape - 49
Givens 95 Youtube channel is Givens95
Wanna find him go on youtube type in youtube search box Runescape - Givens95
Thanks Bye!
Heres the link to my playlist if you want some music click the link!
If your bored and want to play another kewl game click this link
Link To Given95's youtube channel of clan and runescape and stuff (Co owner Givens95)
This is the link to incase your a visitor and you want to play.  but if you have never played and you are level 3 when you make it you cant join this clan until you are level 90 heres the link have fun! 
This Status Is updated everytime i go somewhere but my fishing world will be 56.
Current World :56 Current Skill : Fish
Location : Guild

Rules Of BlazingBlood

xenergyboltx, Oct 15, 09 5:19 PM.

1. Always be in clan chat at each log in 3 times you are not you get suspended or muted.
2. impossible for spammers to invade clan or bots. i have on only Recruit Plus can talk and all clan members get that as first rank and generals can kick incase i wil always be in it when im on so dont worry about spammers or bots!
3. Get Ranks by doing events coming to meetings helping clan Etc.
4. be respect ful to all even when lower ranks in clan chat.
5. You should read website daily to say updates and events.
Events Every Day is Always 7:30 Pm East Time We always have a P2P Sometimes a F2P Also.
posted By xEnergyBoltx Super admin on website creator of site and clan leader.
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