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Oct 12, 09 8:50 PM
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Welcome to our Guild!

Mack Truckers

GuildRank 9 - Recruit - Sign Up At Webpage - New Mack
GuildRank 9 is the starting out point for guild membership.  Once you have signed on to the WebPage (New Members Click Here).  You will need to fill out the application, get approved and then return to the website to enter your character information

Our Goal is to be a Great Guild whose main goal and objective is to help everyone in our Guild and in our Alliance(s) while maintaining respect for others. Please Read the Guild Ranks - This will explain your expectations/responsibilities at each rank in the guild.

  Please Read the Code of Conduct! - A Must!!

The Rules are very simple as there are not many...

Rule #1 No Profanity is to be used in Guild and/or Alliance Chat at any time (Please read code of conduct once approved as a member) Use of inappropriate language can be found under the Welcome Forum.

Rule #2 No begging other characters for money and/or items. Need help ask any officer. We may have other suggestion for you and/or be able to assist you.

Rule #3 No spaming ! No spaming ! No spaming ! Please do not annoy others, spaming is rude.

Rule #4 Visit the webpage, read forums, check guild events at minimum of once per week. We need to keep everyone in the guild on the same page! This one.....

More on this under the GuildRanks Tab. If you are not currently a member please sign up. Approval to the site takes approximately 24-48 hours, after the approval process you will need to -return- to this site and enter your character information/visit the forum/view the ranks/read all requirements.
Once you are an approved member, please return to this site as often as possible (once a week minimum) to view guild events, read forums and view new members and member information. Information changes and is updated regulary, please do keep up to date. Know what is happening in your guild. :) Otherwise have fun!!! Remember it is a 'game'. Should you have any questions, please email one of us at You also may seek advice from any GM and/or officer in the guild and they should be able to answer any of your questions. If not, please do send an email and one of the GM's will personally get back to you (Most turn around time is 24-48 hours)



Dark Ages of Camelot is a social environment, and being a good citizen will get you farther than making trouble.  There are rules- both spoken and unspoken - to online behavior, and it's a good idea to know a few of them when you start out.

Kill Stealing and leaching.

Don't attack a monster that someone else is already fighting.  Unless you are in a group with someone, it's best to leave them alonne in their battles.  This includes healing or debuffing.  Most players don't mind if you offer them a buff or stat enhancement, but it's best to ask first.
The only exception is if they specifically ask you for help.  Any other action you take wil steal some of the experience they gain, and nobody appreciates that.  If you want to fight alongside someone else, ask if they'd like to group with you.


Be Respectful.
If you try talking to someone, be respectful of their time.  Ask if they are busy before launching into your questions or making requests.  Most people are happy to chat, to help and to listen - but not when they are in the middle of combat or engaged in some other task.  Also, people often get overwhelmed with chat messages.  They may tell you they are really busy.. Respect That!

Don't ask for gold, equipment or buffs.

Generally, higher level players are annoyed by other players constantly begging for gold, equipment or buffs.  Sometimes, players will offer buffs for free to all takers.  It's fine, then to ask.  Or, if you have a friend and you'd like a buff, you can probably ask.  But don't just go around asking random players to buff you or to give you gold or equipment.



Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

MACK TRUCKERS, Oct 12, 09 8:50 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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