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1) Members must always follow the World of Warcraft Terms of Service.

2) Respect your fellow guild mates and players.

This is very important and essential to have a fun, enjoyable, and supportive guild. Please be aware that although you might not find a remark or complaint offensive, other players might. Respect should also be shown everyone outside the guild, since they are our fellow players, and each member's actions reflect upon the guild. Behavior such as stealing mobs, chests, ore, herbs, or there-after is disrespectful and inconsiderate to fellow players.

3) Support your fellow guild mates.

When a member accomplishes something or gains a level, a simple congratulations goes a long way. If members need help with quests, groups, or raids offer your assistance if possible. Those with specialized tradeskills should also offer their services to members free of charge as long as members help provide the materials needed to make the item. The support and helpfulness we show to our members is a key tool to who we are as a guild.

4) Insults and inappropriate language are prohibited.

This extends to all players in all channels and discussions on the forums.

5) No begging.

This includes begging for money, items, or quest / instance groups. We realize that earning mount money can be difficult, but all higher level members have been self reliant on earning their own mounts. If you ask for help with a quest or group, please be aware that other members may be busy when you first ask. Be patient in waiting for a response, or kindly ask when it would be convenient for them to help you. Spamming guild chat does not make anyone help you faster. Additionally, a simple "thank you" for items or help is greatly appreciated.

6) Members must be respectful when asking for higher level member assistance. High level members are more than willing to help members with quests or members who have had difficulty establishing a group for an instance. However, high level assistance should not be abused and taken advantage of to obtain loot or power leveling. Requesting higher level members to repeatedly help with an instance for loot or requesting to be led through an instance that is not of your character's appropriate level is inconsiderate to high level members.

7) Members who are given items by other members must equip and use those items.

They may not sell or give those items to any player, including alts, outside the guild without the permission of the giver. This rule applies to items rolled on for Need Before Greed in groups, items given by members, and items received from the vaults.

8) Guild issues and problems should be reported to the Guild Officer.

All Officers can assist with any guild problem in a considerate and timely manner. If an officer is not present, please mail them with a report of the issue. Members should not take their own action against other players.

9) Looting Guidelines.

Members who group with other players, member or nonmember alike, are expected to share loot equally and fairly unless an alternative method has been agreed upon by all group members in advance. The default looting system in groups and raids is "Group Loot". The rules concerning item drops are as follows:

Bind on Pickup (BoP) items are always Need Before Greed (NBG). A member may ONLY roll on a Bind on Pickup items if he / she can equip the item and the item is an upgrade. If no player in the group can use the item, then a "greed" roll may be held after all group members have passed. This "greed" roll can be accomplished by having all players who wish to have the item type /random 100 in their dialog box. A player's alternate characters have no consideration when determining eligibility for a roll.

Bind on Equip (BoE) items may be rolled freely on. However, if a member needs an item as an upgrade the winner of the roll should give the item to the member who needs it. If multiple members need a BoE item, then a roll should be preformed with /random 100 to determine who is awarded the item. Please show the respect and generosity you would like to receive from other members while practicing this.

Alternative looting rules can be established, but only if all party members agree upon these rules BEFORE an item drops.

10) Demanding items is never allowed.

Members may never demand that they receive an item from any group or raid. If an item drops that is an upgrade to multiple party members, all party members who can equip and use the item may roll on the item. If a member has been striving to obtain an item for an extended period of time they may ask the group or raid to respectfully pass on the item if it drops, but party members hold the ability to decline the request.

11) High level instance raids will be organized for the best chance of the raid succeeding.

With the addition of BC, raids are more Class specific than ever. We will do our best to make sure everyone that would like to raid, gets that chance, but everyone needs to realize we just can't have to many of a single class in a raid.

12) Members who remain inactive for a 4 months period may be kicked out of the guild. All members must remain active players within the guild. If a member will be gone for an extended period of item, he / she should report to the Guild officer before their absence.

13) Applying to different Guilds.

Members applying to other Guilds while remaining active in our Guild must make the Guild Leader aware of your intentions to leave, which will result in a 3-Month End-Game Raiding suspension starting from the day of notification. If you do attend a raid, you will not be eligable for loot for the same 3 months. Failure to notify the Guildmaster of your intentions will result in an immediate removal from the Guild.

14) Failure to abide by these rules may result in a warning, loss of guild privileges, or removal from the guild.

1st Offense-

Verbal Warning
2nd Offense- Written Warning via Private Guildportal Mail
3rd Offense- Supension of ALL Raiding Loot for 30 days
4th Offense- Removal of Guild

15. Please ensure that you have Ventrilo working FULLY.

This means not having it installed, but have the correct server information and password.

Aside from just having Vent, we recommend that you use it regularly, So as to get to know one another and meet everyone.

Being a team is one thing, but being a team of strangers or a team of friends is another. Even if you dont have a mic, get on and just listen to others chat and respond through guild chat. Guilds who succeed the most practice this method of communication. You are not by any means required, but it doesn't hurt to gain a closer friend.

16. Please make sure you read the forums daily!

This post alone shows that it is VERY important that you read the forums. New info will come out almost every day so please, please, PLEASE make an effort to read all sections of the forum. Check the dates of each sub-forum and see if there is anything new.

Not all posts will show up in the "recent post" history so make an effort to actually go in the subforum. You never know, someone outside the guild may be posting about something you'd like to know about!

17. Make sure you have Deadly Boss Mods for any raid and instance.

This is so important I can't stress it enough. If you dont have this and go to any instance of nexus and above, you're just hurting your team in getting the job done.

You can download at

Also, if you're a healing class, be sure you have the DECURSIVE mod as well.

18. Be proactive! Don't wait for officers to start a sign up thread for UBRS or an instance you want to do! Make your own or ask in guild chat that you want to get something started! If enough people don't come, refer to point #4!!! Want a pvp night? The forums are your oyster! Make a post about it!

19. Officers are not mind readers.

We have had members leave because of a problem they didn't want to address or assumed we knew about the problem and in turn, left because that problem wasn't resolved. SPEAK UP! Send any of us a tell with your concerns and I guarantee one of us will do whatever we can to resolve the issue.

IF there is a problem, please don't just up and leave. Contact one of the officers, either in game, or message us through guild portal and we will do our best to solve the problem. In game, check and see if there are any officers online and message them, we will do our best to stop what we are doing and help you out.

20. Know what the current guild focus is!

If you're not sure, refer to the forums or ask an officer or another member!

Thats it for now. These rules may be edited at anytime.


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