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Ascension is a legion active in Aion on the Perento[EU] server. We derive from Seventh Legion [VII] on the Karak-Eight-Peaks[EU] server in Warhammer Online. Ascension's core were officers in VII. VII is still active on the recently tranfered Karak-Norn server, but we have now ascended onto Aion.

We remain true to VII's ideas and have the same goal set for Aion.

It is our strive to be a well known guild among the Perento community. To achieve this we want to be one of the best guilds in PVP. We believe this is not done through hardcore gaming 24/7. This can only be achieved through dedication and teamwork. Our focus is small scale skirmish, we do not promote zerg or roleplay for the campaign.

Recruitment We are always looking for experienced gamers who know how to react in critical situations, and whose goals would mirror ours.

We aim to be one of the best. We don't exclusively recruit the best. We take time to make you into one of the best instead. We only require you to want to be one of the best.

We are not looking for people who have too much time on their hand. Most of us have a fulltime job, so we aim for (daily) member activity between the hours of 7PM-10PM GMT. We will consider every class that applies, but will factor in class activity in the outcome of an application.

As such, members are expected to:

    Have a certain level of maturity.
    Understand and love their own class.
    Have the latest Ventrilo installed and have a working mic.
    Are active between the hours of 7PM-10PM GMT.
    Are able to follow, but also lead and take initiative.
    Have decent PVP gaming experience.

Contact For applications register on the forums and leave your application at the Recruitment Board. For further questions please don't hesitate to whisper Chryze or Vahan ingame. You can leave a post here as well.

Ascension is currently recruiting the following:
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