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Friends of Old World Travelers
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Welcome to the Friends of Old World Travelers website!!

In Loving Memory of Xairkuhn:
Sadly a long time Everquest friend passed away on March 26, 2010. Xair was always one to make everyone laugh and smile everytime he logged into our little realm. He will be greatly missed by many.

>>HUGS Xair<<
Love all of your friends
OWT is no longer accepting applications and is closing its hallowed halls in game.  However, this website will remain open for as long as Travelers, friends and associates use it. I hope this site turns into a multi-game social network where we can all chat, schedule events and stay in touch with people we met while associated with OWT. Feel free to share this website with all your current friends, guildmates, etc. The more the merrier!!

Safe travels and happy hunting to all!!

Many Travelers still participate in the Lemming Raid Nights. These raids are open to all players, regardless of guild association. Lemming Raids take place every Thursday night at 7pm (except holidays) We meet in Plane of Tranquility at the zone in. Targets range from PoP progression to Epic 2.0 hits and beyond. 1-3 hits will happen in one evening depending on targets and numbers attending.
Chat Channel: THECREW -Melinia


** The forums will be PUBLIC as long as they are respected.

** Do Not post anything that can be construde as insultive, hateful, disrespectful or down right mean. Abuse of these forums will result in people having to "join" in order to post.

** Please keep any Real World issues out of the forums, such as politics and religion.

** If you are unable to post on the Public Forums, please contact Melinia in game so I can figure out what is wrong.

** You do not need to "Join" in order to post. Just ignore that at the top of the page. I will figure out why that is still there soon.


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