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Welcome to Jolly Rogers!
Heys everyone, we're an Aion legion currently welcoming everyone of any lvl who's an Elyos on Lumiel. Just drop a line to let us know you're interested.

We're a casual and fun bunch, some of our members are a little hardcore but lets face it, we all have lives that consist of work/school/friends. 

We're starting out with world bosses and I have sent out a few proposals to small legions on Lumiel so that we can gather together and get some of these world bosses taken out!

World Bosses and how we get there

-Sankou-, Jan 7, 10 11:39 AM.
Heys peeps, we're trying to move up in the world and take out bigger game. Yes, I'm talking World Bosses so we can get some of that badass gear without having to spend 12m+ on them. I'm reviving the site so please come take a look at it once I have the forums up and running with a buncha new info I'm gonna put up. Check ya laterz

Yo yo

-Sankou-, Oct 29, 09 11:57 PM.
Heys everyone! Just letting ya know that the my 30 set is almost complete and that I shall be back to lvling Sankou again! and boy do I miss em! Anyway peeps I added some new pics to the gallery! check em out and don't forget to post your own in our multimedia section so we can add em to the gallery! Check ya laters

Reaching lv3!

-Sankou-, Oct 11, 09 12:25 AM.
Alright peeps, sign up and check the forum announcements to help choose our new lv3 flag. If you don't then the flag will be maroon with a flying jet as opposed to a non-flying jet.

First Event! its...TRAINING!!!!!

-Sankou-, Oct 3, 09 1:04 AM.
Alright Peeps! its our first event so I hope everyone can come! read our forums for more info!!! (That means join up so that you can, yo)

Is this a website? Hell yeah it's a website!

melfra, Oct 1, 09 9:46 PM.
Welcome to the new Jolly Rogers legion website! I don't know squat about GuildPortal, so this is pretty much a learning experience for... well, everyone. So just sign up for an account and start screwing around with it! Members have to be approved first, but hell if I have a social life so it should be taken care of quickly.

Yeah, I know, I just admitted to having no life.

Also, see the guy in the header with the Jolly Roger? Yeah, that's totally Sankou, our brave and mighty founder. He's a cool guy, but if he tells you he has bombs, don't listen. HE'S LYING TO YOU

And finally, if you don't want to memorize the GP URL (like me? I hate numbers.), you can access the website quickly at <--- BOOKMARK THAT, .NET URLS ARE COOL

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