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Support Ascension
Nov 18, 09 5:33 AM
Ascension needs cape Logos!
Oct 16, 09 11:45 AM
Ascension seeks Officers
Oct 1, 09 1:10 PM
Ascension seeks talented graphic designers!
Sep 28, 09 7:16 PM
Ascension Reaches Lv.3!
Sep 28, 09 6:38 PM
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Welcome to Ascension!

Ascension is a casual Elyos Legion on [East]Marchutan. We are currently inactive.

To become a part of Ascension, please read this thread before applying. (Applications are required)
If your looking for the Asmodian Ascension, please go here


Star (Aion), Nov 18, 09 5:33 AM.
A lot of people have left the legion recently, and I don't blame them. I no longer have the time to properly run a legion and with our only other officers gone, that responsibility fell solely on me. So I can only blame myself for how this turned out. (Our underwhelming interest in officers and other leaders didn't help us either though)

Anyways, with that said, I thank you all for being a part of Ascension and I don't blame anyone else if they choose to leave. At this moment we're a casual/social legion and we'll possibly attempt to rebuild at 50 with proper leadership.


Ascension needs cape Logos!

Star (Aion), Oct 16, 09 11:45 AM.
We have some very nice logos sofar in  this thread and also in our gallery but we need them as transparent!!! If we can't get them to TGA, please just make them PNG and I can convert it myself.

We'll rotate logos for a day or so each before finally holding a vote on them all.

Ascension seeks Officers

Star (Aion), Oct 1, 09 1:10 PM.
As Ascension grows bigger, so does the the work involved in maintaining a legion of it's size.

As a result, Ascension is now accepting officer applications for the following 5 roles:

  • Banker/Quartermaster/Treasurer
  • Community Manager/Forum Admin
  • Recruitment/Human Resources - Phira
  • PVE Event Coordinator
  • PVP Event Coordinator

Please see this thread for details.

Ascension seeks talented graphic designers!

Star (Aion), Sep 28, 09 7:16 PM.
Ascension seeks graphic designers! If you think you have what it takes to create our guild logo, please see this thread for details.

Also, in the near future we will be re-opening up the cape color voting!

Ascension Reaches Lv.3!

Star (Aion), Sep 28, 09 6:38 PM.
Ascension reaches yet another major milestone as we reached Level 3 today.

Big thanks for everyone who donated, we couldn't have done it without you!

Top 3 contributors:

Full list of contributors is here
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