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  • Sairarain, Interim Guild Master for Runes of Magic
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Fivestar becomes Club Fivestar

Hæleþpreost, Feb 7, 11 10:19 AM.

Fivestar is making it's official transition to a Multi-game stylized organization. We ask that you be patient during this period as we work to make whole the free-floating concepts in our heads.

We have planned a renovated and concise site design using internal and external link resources that we feel will better suit our needs
These resources include the following:

Club Fivestar portal site with club level forums, wiki's and voice chat.
Links to game and guild-specific resources such as forums, wiki's and voice chat
Club Fivestar web radio, live feeds and other media or streaming projects.
Club Fivestar IT reviews newsletter, podcast and More.

Since Club Fivestar is a socially based organization, we are always looking for suggestions as to how we could better ourselves and the community. It is also important to note here that "socially based" does not mean that we disallow the formation of raiding groups within our charter guilds. However everyone is still expected to follow, at a minimum, the five rules posted below, regardless.

 Remember without the few, there is no many!

Just remember the Five simple Rules of Club Fivestar:
(These rules apply to any charter guild of Club Fivestar)

1.Real life first.
-No work, No play.

2.Be Mature & Always respect others.
-No wanton vulgarity or profanity in non-specified chat.

3.Be self-sufficient and cooperative.
-No begging or power leveling.

4.Respect the games EULA and TOS.
-This should go without saying.

5.Have Fun.
-If not, why are you here?

Club Fivestar Staff

Welcome to the guild Fivestar .We are a young and fun loving group of people . We now have a castle , a flag and banner and are working hard to improve our guild so that the members have the best gaming experience possible . If your interested in Joining us please let us know via the forums page . Good day to ya and good hunting !

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