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Updated on 09/09/09

General Info

BBS is a premier PvP, non-RP, North American based legion on the Siel server, for the game AION.  We focus on PvPvE, spending time kicking the crap out of Elyos.  We try to balance this carnage with a healthy dose of PvE.


Our main purpose is to create as much death and destruction as possible for those aligned with Elyos.  While accomplishing that task, we try to have as much fun as possible while still playing in a highly charged, yet organized, atmosphere.

Play Style

BBS is a casual PvPvE focused legion, members play a role in everything from grunt on the battlefield to leader of a siege against a fortress.  We organize quickly and efficiently to accomplish the task at hand, and after we’ve emerged victorious we love to talk about our exploits before we load up the next battle or event.


The leaders are 100% committed to the legion and to its members, and because of that, we expect a lot from our members.  However, we give a lot to our members too so it’s definitely not a one-way street!  Legionnaires always have priority over non-legionnaires, so any rewards and group spots will always go to BBS members first and foremost.

When the time comes for battle and your name is called to join our ranks on the battlefield, you will be expected to carry your weight and pay attention to what’s going on.  

We count on you to be there and you will be able to count on us to cover your back as well.

As your skill improves, your dedication to the legion becomes more apparent, and your playtime remains consistent, you will be given the opportunity for more privilege and responsibility in the legion. From joining premade 6 man “raiding” groups to leadership roles within the legion or you may of course, turn promotions down without fear of retribution if this is not your game play/style or you do not wish to take on the extra responsibility, but when the call “to arms” goes out you are expected to rally and fight alongside the legion.

Lastly, we love to have fun!  Some players may wish to RP a bit and that’s fine with us.  But be advised that we’re not a RP legion.  Whatever you like to do when you play, feel free to do it as long as you’re not violating any part of the Code of Conduct below.


* You must have Ventrilo and a microphone if you wish to accept leadership roles.  Vent is free and can be downloaded from the Ventrilo website.
* Maturity is a must.  Because of that, we ask that our players be at least 18 or older.  Younger applicants will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
* You must remain active.  Play the game as often as you can.  We know that real life takes precedence over any game, but if you’re inactive, especially without prior notice, for long periods of time you could lose your rank or even your membership in the legion entirely!  We have plenty of ways for members to stay active in our guild, post on our forums, just logging onto Ventrilo let us know Elyos assassins have not taken you out.  Membership is required to register here on the site. All members MUST check the legion site at least once a week for new news and info, ideas, suggestions and events.
* Members are required to have their main character in BBS. Additionally, Members are required to log in to game once every 15 days. Again keep your legion leaders informed if this is not possible. We are willing to work with those that are willing to let us know in advance they are going to be away.

If you wish to apply be sure to put in the most spectacular application of your life.  We are recruiting all levels and classes.

Code of Conduct

Foul language. While everyone is going to drop an “f-bomb” from time to time, foul language is going to happen. The English language has a plethora of worthwhile nouns, verbs and adjectives. Please take the time to learn some of them.

Remain respectful.  Treat your fellow legionnaires and Asmodian players with respect.  They deserve it from you and you deserve it from them.  If you have a problem with a player, in or out of the legion, respect the players around you and especially the legion by taking it to tells, or by letting an officer of the legion know in private so they can handle it.  Do not get into a flame war or argument over public or legion chat channels, and do not berate any player publicly. You represent the guild in all that you do and say.

Remain calm.  PvPvE can get very heated and the desire to throw out criticism usually runs high.  However, it can easily turn into something that does more harm than good.  

Destructive criticism is not allowed and you will be called on it if you do it.  However, constructive criticism is not only welcomed, but it is encouraged!  Helping your fellow legionnaires is always a plus.

Thieves need not apply.  Ninja looting is not tolerated on any level.  You will get a fair shake at making your case, but if you are found guilty of ninja looting you will be removed from the legion immediately and your name will be noted with other legions in our alliance.

When in a non legion group you should only roll need if you can use that item on that particular character not an alternate character. We don’t want to form a negative opinion of our legion with other legions on the server.

When in a legion group ask the members in the group if you can roll a need on that item for an alternate character if no one objects then that is fine to proceed.

Let me stress we don’t want to lose our reputation we built upon over an item. We can as a legion help you get that item.

Keep our Reputation great.  We’ve spent a lot of time building and maintaining a great reputation and we want to keep it that way.  Use common sense and think about what you say before you say it.  If it’s something that would cause you to think less of someone or would reflect poorly on his or her legion, then it probably shouldn’t be said or it might need to be worded differently.  When you’re grouping with other players and other legions, act accordingly so you not only reflect positively on yourself, but on BBS as a whole as well!

Legion Rank System

0ur policy concerning rank system is based on the idea of making sure all members are well looked after and maintained by the entire legion.

Legion leadership is based on a council system;

1. Brigade General=  The legion leader is in charge of the overall advancement of the guild, overseer of day to day operations, and to ensure all things remain in harmony.

2. Centurions= The governing body of the legion. Focused on maintaining guild advancement and achieving legion goals. They analyze any problems and concerns of the membership and brings them to the notice of the Brigade General. They ensure conflicts and arguments are taken care of at their level. High Council has the ability to kick players from legion not abiding by legion rules. This position comes from the Legionary ranks

3.  Legionary= Have demonstrated they have the legion qualities and wish to call BBS home.  Actively participates in legion events and meetings.  Willing to answer the “Call to Arms” during PvPvE events and assist when and where need for player level.

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