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Poll Choices
Rams: for leadership,and unyielding loyalty:
Priestly: for being so helpful to everyone:
Open: if you click this one plz send msg to me and tell me who!:
0% (0 votes)
Mendek: for helping us with TS crisis LOL:
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Close Date: Nov 30, 09 12:00 AM (Poll is Closed!)
MVP List

"Reborns MVPs"
1. Aceypoo,2.Deathprincess,


MVP/HoF Rules
Welcome to "Reborn" MVP/HoF Rules !!

1. MVP's will be voted on by all members wishing to post a vote.  
2. MVP canidates are selected by EVERYONE !!
3. MVP's who receive the most votes will become MVP of that month.
4.Now to become an MVP is easy, be helpful,polite,supportive of guild(contributions,crafting,participation in guild functions) !!
5. HoF's are MVP's who recieve the most votes at years end to become that years HoF !!


This will be new to our guild, so we are in hopes it will take off and be a fun thing for us all to participate in !!
We will be posting a pic of each MVP/HoF with month/year and a small message from that player !!

Disclaimer: Remember with all new things there will be growing pains so please be patient with us while we get all this completed in the months to come !!!
First MVP !!

Monthly MVP's


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