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Welcome to the website of the World of Warcraft guild Bedlam on Skullcrusher EU.

Other Guild News

Bloodlust hijacking

delmontesc, Jul 30, 11 4:52 PM.
Hey everyone, we had this site from way back so we are using it for the Bloodlust guild on Bloodhoof EU as a message board.



Harry Potter and the (Half) Blood Prince Council

delmontesc, Jan 29, 10 8:06 AM.
Ron:            'So, we run with the fire?'
Hermione:    'Er, yeah, standing in fire is good'
Ron:            'What, this fire?'
Hermione:    'No, the other one'
Ron:            'K, I get it, er sort of, er... so it just keeps going like this?'
Hermione:    'Yeah pretty long fight, getting soooo sleeeppy....'
Ron:            'Yay, they're dead, oh wait, what's this......? Treasure!'
Hermione:    'Oh, caster crap, what a surprise'
Pfeen:          'Hunter loots meits!' (He didn't say this but all loots is hunter loots iirc*)

*Pfeen's lawyers wanted me to point out that he also doesn't claim that at all loots is hunter loots and if I didn't accidents can and will happen.

Bloodlust is for wimps.

delmontesc, Jan 21, 10 7:03 AM.
After a couple of tries on our second Farnsworth session, he took a dive. We took a trip to the Crimson halls as well which seemed quite jolly although the strat for BPC apparently isn't 'let's run in and see what happens'.

Plagueworks has been fun but success mixed after one shotting Festergut on the first week, we should have changed our Rotface strat faster, however, with most of our tries intact for the first week of Crimson Halls, it's all good in the hood as they say.

We are currently recruiting all classes, you can find out more about the guild and how to apply in the recruitment forums.

N.B. you must be 20 or over to apply.

New Year, New Shenanigans. Recruiting healers and shamans.

delmontesc, Jan 1, 10 2:07 PM.
Happy New Year everybody!

After a week of chilling and eating too much turkey it's time for ownage. The new wing of ICC is coming this reset and we're going for another rapid clear as well as returning to Algalon. We are looking to add to our roster, we are looking in particular for shamans (any spec) and healers (any class), head over to the recruitment forums to find out more about us including how to apply.

There is a lot of info about us which will help you decide if we might be the right guild for you, above all else you should know that we are a progress minded raid guild, we want to get all he hard modes down while raiding 3 nights a week. We are not interested in people who will cause drama, take weeks off raiding whenever they feel like it or refuse to help others progress if their is no loot in it for them personally. We are aiming to have a roster of chilled out, motivated people who enjoy hanging out and pushing to beat all the hard modes in the game.

There is a lower age limit of 20 to apply to the guild although exceptions could be made for reliable, mature people aged 19.

Firefighter down, Algalon time yo!

delmontesc, Nov 29, 09 6:38 PM.
After another session of ownage by the gang, we got our last sigil to unlock Algalon. Here we are rocking out with our new best mate, Mimiron's corpse:

We also went for a little adventure to Algalon for the rest of the night and despite only having 45 minutes to raid him we got most of phase 1 figured out so we'll be smashing him up big time in the near future.

Achievment points amg......!

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