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ExilesDMF is currently not recruiting.
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Game News

Welcome to the Exiles website.

We are a Horde side guild on the Darkmoon Faire server. We're social, friendly and want to have fun.

We're currently working our way through Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader and working on achievements in Naxx, EoE and OS. We also do regular 'retro' raids through pre-BC and BC content.

Our recruitment status reflects raiding only and what specs we're looking for to progress - if you're a bit more casual but you'd like somewhere fun to hang out and group with people that aren't scrubs, send in an application

Drama queens and emokids need not apply.

Other Guild News

Onyxia and OS!

Jäna, Oct 10, 09 6:57 AM.
Last night we did an awesome job in OS. We tried for a +1 drake up, and we oneshotted it!
Earlier the night we did Onyxia aswell on 25 man.
Lets keep up the good work!

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of the achievements, those that do have, feel free to post them.

I'll Take You All On!

RislynLikesBubbles, Aug 25, 09 6:14 PM.
Well done to all for an awesome next stage of our trip through Ulduar.
After downing Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, XT and Kologarn last week, we went back for Auriaya the Crazy Cat Lady and went to visit Hodir and found out that we Have The Coolest Friends

Then we went on to a guild first - Thorim - and got the I'll Take You All On achievement too! Next on the list are Mimiron and Freya!


New website

exilesdmf, Aug 23, 09 11:14 AM.
<insert something clever here>
Ulduar 10-man:
Flame Leviathan: 1/1    
Ignis: 1/1
Razorscale: 1/1
XT: 1/1
Assembly of Iron: 1/1
Kologarn: 1/1
Auriaya: 1/1
Hodir: 1/1
Thorim: 1/1
Freya: 1/1
Trial of the Crusader10 man :

trial of the Crusader25 man:
northrend beasts: 1/1

Onyxia 10-man:

Onyxia: 1/1
Onyxia 25-Man:
Onyxia :1/1

Obsidian Sanctum 10-man:
Sartharian: 1/1
Sartharian +1: 1/1
Sartharion +2: 0/1
Sartharion +3: 0/1
Obsidian Sanctum 25man:
Sartharian: 1/1
Sartharian +1: 1/1
Sartharian +2: 0/1
Sartharian +3: 0/1

Eye of Eternity 10-man:
Malygos: 1/1

Naxxramas 10-man:
Naxxramas 25-man:
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