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Recruiting and guild charters...
Aug 23, 09 6:56 AM
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Welcome to the <Divine Assassin> guild website. the first battlegroup wide super guild.

In light of the new crossrealm dungeon lfg option being added in the 3.3 update which is on it's way in the near future, we are starting a battlegroup wide guild to do dungeons with together once 3.3 goes live.

Until then we will be a guild of every level, alts welcome, and mainly as leveling guild and heroics grinding guild.  Once 3.3 goes live though we should hopefully have enough people in each copy of the guild on each realm to get into some raids as well.  and possibly crossrealm raids will be allowed as well eventually :)

Everyone in guild can invite for now since our guild can't officially begin until 3.3 goes live and suddenly our guild will be linked with 20 identical guilds across 20 realms.  It will be a blast.
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Recruiting and guild charters...

cybershrapnel, Aug 23, 09 6:56 AM.
I have started bank toons on all the Whirlwind realms and ran them to Ironforge to start making the guilds.

We will need the required amount of people times 19 to create them all.  and someone from each realm to donate the 10 silver to start the charter and the gold to turn it in after getting all the signatures.  If you can help on any toon even alts you don't play, login and sign the charters please! :)

 You can join the chat channel on this website to have somone log on your realm to invite you to the guild or sign the charter if that needs to be doen still.

Below is a list of who you can speak with or add to your friends list on the various Whirlwind realms if you want to help :

Battlegroup »
Whirlwind (US) »

PvP Anub'arak - ginhil, charter made
RP Blackwater Raiders - ginhil - charter made
PvE Bladefist - ginhil - charter made
RP Cenarion Circle - ginhil - charter made
PvE Cenarius - ginhil - charter made
PvP Darrowmere - ginhil - charter made
PvE Echo Isles - ginhil -  charter made
PvE Fenris - ginhil - guild created
PvE Hyjal - ginhl - charter made
PvE Korialstrasz - friesia - charter made
PvE Lightbringer - ginhil - charter made
PvP Maiev - ginhil - charter made
PvE Misha - friesia - charter made
RP-PvP Ravenholdt - ginhil - charter made
PvE Shu'Halo - ginhil - charter made
PvP The Forgotten Coast - ginhi - charter made
PvE Uther - Kellynn - charter made
PvE Winterhoof - ginhil - charter made
RP Sisters of Elune - ginhil - charter made
PvP Vashj - ginhil - charter made
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