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More than Guildmates...

Welcome, wayfarer, to the Clan S'On Beleg - known in the Common as the "House of Broken Bow". We are pledged to aid Azeroth, and perhaps we may aid you also. Be reminded anew of the First Oath, "To Render Aid". To be a part of this House, you bind yourself to that Oath.
Humans have guilds... by the Tree, even Orcs have guilds. We are not a guild, but a House. From Azeroth and the Outlands, those who are like minded have gathered together. We've rebuilt what was once a fallen House, shattered by the breath of dragons without and the breath of dissent within. To stand among us is to pledge yourself to walk honorably, and to sacrifice all for the sake of this House, and the little ones we defend.

Though all hope is lost in Azeroth and the forces of Darkness wax powerful, the House of Broken Strength will continue to stand against the tide. We are called to be that defender of the weak, the voice of the voiceless, and the strength of the Fatherless.

Journey well kinsmen.

Andalt 'ap Kirian
Servant of the House

((If you are seeking to know more of us - go to the "About Us" page. We are a RP heavy guild. Both the guild and our characters are expected to adhere to the letter and the spirit of the First Oath, "To Render Aid". To me as First of the House, that means that we don't attack Horde newbies; we don't play PvP flag games; we don't dance naked; we don't mock and belittle our kin... We DO help those around us, whether by a buff or a bag or by simply passing on a piece of loot. Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of those in our guild, and in the lives of people we associate with. All IC/RP in guild chat and public communication. We are an RP guild that is actively interested in Raid Progression. We are not a PvP guild, though such is welcome, and we are a member of a raiding alliance. We are who we are! Mail if you have questions, or see Andalt, Kelsee or any member of the House in game.

S'On Beleg raiding is led by Kelsee. If you are interested in being a part of our weekly plans to raid 10 mans IC (In Character), please contact her. If you want to be a part of our progression into ICC - also contact Kelsee!

Current members of the House. Please email with your bio sketch for the About Us page.))

Other Guild News

Oaths and Vows

537207070_Inactive, Jan 29, 06 4:42 AM.
The First Oath: "To Render Aid". All retainers of the House must remember that our vow is to offer aid, and not take for ourselves. We vow to offer assistance to those around us who are willing to live honorably.

The Second Oath "To Journey Well". Those of us who serve as Senior Kinsmen, Advisors or Clan Leaders take this oath. We vow to ever seek the good of the House, and not our own good. We vow to live lives worhty of the memory of the Seven Towers.  We vow to work toward peace in Azeroth, though the means may by necessity be violent. Those willing to take the Second Oath vow to not only aid others, but to place the welfare of the House before their own welfare.

The Servant's Oath, or the Third Oath: To serve, to teach, to defend, to honor. The Servant vows to ever be an example in behavior and word to those in the House taking similar paths. The servant vows to aid those others might see as competitors. The servant vows to never speak ill of the house he's sworn to serve, or the people she's sworn to walk alongside. The servant vows to Walk in such a manner as to bring honor not to the Servant, but to the House.

The Advisor's Oath:

The Clan Leader's Oath:
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