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Welcome to the new webpage of CASUALLY HARDCORE!!

This guild was started by four friends:  Justin (Thanasis), Vince (Frendal), Steve (Angermgt) and George (Creepoid).

We started this guild because we have had problems with guilds in the past, as all players have, and wanted a guild which is casual and hardcore about raiding.  Casual in the aspect we want to have fun doing different things and yet hardcore because we would like to do at least one raid per week but not force members to be there.

Ok, guild info:

First off, RAIDS:  All raids will be scheduled on the in game calander and all eligible members will be invited.  If you wish to participate, accept the invitation; if not then don't.  Simple as that.  The only request we make is that if you accept, please be there.  Emergencies of course we understand.

Second, LOOT RULES:  Loot rules are common to all guilds.  We will do a main spec/off spec roll on each item.  Main spec rolls have priority.  We ask that if you receive a main spec item, please allow others to get one before you roll again.  If no one else wants it of course, you will be permitted to roll.  Any BoP items not taken by raid members will be disenchanted and shard placed in guild vault for enchants.  BoE item not taken, will be either placed in the guild vault or sold on AH and monies deposited in vault.  Any BoE item taken in a raid by a raid member other then the master looter must be equipped at that time.

Third, ACHIEVEMENT NIGHT:  We are trying to use saturday evening as an achievement night.  This will be for those who would like to run old world or BC raids but never had the chance.

Forth, FUN NIGHT:  We are trying to set this up for once each month.  We will do different things and if possible, door prizes awarded.  An example just to give you an idea:  All personnel will create a level 1 gnome.  All persons will start running at the same time from gnome starting area.  The first person to make it to Thrall's chamber will receive 100g.
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

eaglejp, Aug 6, 09 9:29 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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