Clan Honors
Jul 30, 09 5:53 AM
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Clan Information

This is a fairly new clan but me and Ca6000 have alot of experience with clans and know what we are doing. This clan is all about having fun doing events and meeting new people. This clan is Australian and New Zealand based so it would be a real benefit for you if you lived in either one of those countrys cause our events will be suited for those time zones but that doesnt mean people from other countrys cant join!

Clan World:112

Clan Chat: Aus Warlords

Time Zone: GMT+10
Clan Song

I hate the new aged guys
I'm a chauvinist
I live on beer and pies
Tried to tell ya
But you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneath
Huh, don't brush me teeth

Yesterday I lied
But all me mates gave me a real good alibi
Thanks guys, (no worries mate)
I really went out drinkin'
I told you I was at work
Don't ask me for commitment
'Coz it's something I will shirk

I'm a bloke, I'm an Ocker
And I really love your knockers
I'm a labourer by day
I **** up all me pay
Watchin' footy on TV
Just feed me more VB
Just pour my beer and get my smokes and go away

Or take me as I am
This may mean you'll have to fetch another can
Rest assured, if I start to make you breakfast
I'm going to extremes
But tomorrow I'll get ****-faced
And today won't mean a thing

I'm a bloke, I'm a Yobbo
And me best mates name is Robbo
Winfield is me cigarette
I dress in flannelette
Shearer's singlet, that is blue
Throw in a few tattoos
You know you wouldn't want me any other way



The requirments are 90+ combat or 85+range or 85+mage


1# Always respect people with higher ranks then you even if they are lower combat level.

2# Do not multi clan! please do not do this i will find out and you will be booted from clan before u can say ca6000 is a noob

3# Be active as much as possbile be on clan chat, turn up to events and bump thread and you will be ranked

4# Always be ready to serve in battle when requested by a higher ranked clan member.

5# Respect all clan members as well as clan allies as it is better to make friends than enemies.

6# Understand your rank in the clan and only do what your rank permits you to do.

7# Do not betray, or be in any way disloyal to the clan its members. Treason is considered by far the worst of all crimes and will be dealt with very quickly.

8# Do not use offensive language towards other clan members.

9# All Jagex rules apply!

10# Never ask for a rank. Ranks are not supposed to be easy to earn, and asking for a rank will only make decrease your chance of getting ranked up.

Clan Honors

rok_lender1, Jul 30, 09 5:53 AM.
+†+Clan Honors+†+
This post is for any clan member with a skill of 99.

Garera - 99 Strength

Louis 10123 - 99 Range

Reaper 10118 - 99 Fletching, 99 Cooking, 99 Defence

Aussieking01 - 99 Defence

Idk Roxy - 99 hunting

X I K0 U I X - 99 range

Ufonacious - 99 fletching

Mini Rune69 - 99 cooking, 99 firemaking

Inwaar - 99 range

Sky1363 - 99 cooking

1shot2killu7 - 99 firemaking
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