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About us
Dedicated Few
is a PVE raiding guild on Runetotem. we are looking for people that like to experience the end game content but at same time have fun playing the game. most us are between 17 to 38 years of age with a few members above or below.

we have members that have experience with 10 and 25 man raids through puging, but are looking for more members that like to experience raids as a guild without pugs.

our expectations from you is that you know the basic mechanics of the game and be willing to learn and exceed expectations at your position. also we expect our members to have attendance average of 3 days or more and make the specified raid times if they like to participate in the raids.

Our Raids times
FRI   10:00 PM ST
SAT  5:00  PM ST
SUN  6:00  PM ST                           

Guild Ranks
We have the following 4 ranks:

Initiate - means that you just joined the guild and have not proven yourself yet.  in this period which is about 2 weeks,  we will take you to our raids ( unless you are not 80 ) and determine if you are a fit for our guild.  If you are a fit you will move up to be a member.

Member - means you have the skills to be in our guild, you don't have lots of privileges as far as withdrawing or fixing from Guild Bank.  In this period you can not go to any raids with other guilds or pugs unless it is a raid that we have not scheduled on the calendar. The more active you are in this period the more chance you have to become a veteran. active = being online, donating to the guild bank , helping other members, going to 5 man Heroic or 10 man raids that are on farm, etc....

Veteran - means you have proven that you are Dedicated to this guild and you have the skills to be invited to all raids.  you also have privileges as far as withdrawing from Guild Bank, but you also have responsibility to deposit money and items into the guild bank.

officer - means you are ready to lead our guild and you have very good knowledge of your character and class as well as knowledge of other classes.  you have the responsibility of helping other members and donating to the guild bank.
you also have more privileges than a veteran.

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