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Faction: Asmodian
Server: Ariel

“Est Sularus Oth Mithas” - My Honor Is My Life -

You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie. Now it is time to play the part.

What we’re about:

• We have members from USA (east & west), Canada, Japan, Aussie.
• We are casual gamers with some elite players.
• We do not discriminate.
• We will respect other players if they respect us.
• We will conquer all new instances.
• We will PVP with the best and biggest guild.
• We will be positive in the community.

What we’re looking for:

- Positive player.
- Elite but respectful.
- All class welcome. However, we can never have enough Templar or Cleric

Requirement to join:

- +18 yr old. Will make an exception base on your maturity

Guild Rules & Guild lines:

1) No Obnoxious Behavior / Spamming / Flaming / Arguing. No one like it when players behave in such a manner. So please, don't do it.
2) Must not be in-active no longer than 7 days. If you need to be away longer then 7 days please let me know.
3) Do not scam other players / KS / BOT. Actions will be taken if you do.
4) Watch your Behavior IG. How you act while you're in this guild reflect back to how I lead.
5) We're on a PVP server, you're going to die sometime, and you’re going to get PK a lot. We're not going to be able to stop these PK all the time. There will be no QQ of any kind. It creates bad morale and negative effect inside and outside of guild. Just laugh it off like I do and you'll be fine
6) It takes a lot to offend me but please watch your discussion in guild chat. If a discussion is leaning toward an argument or offending another guild member, it MUST be stop right away. There will be no ifs ands or but.
7) We have loot rules that everyone must follow. Loot rules will be address in the beginning of every run so there will be no confusion. We expect that all members be respectful when it comes to looting. If you’re going to greed roll, make sure that you talk about it with your party before rolling to prevent any future problem.

--Subjected to change in the future if need be --

if you think that this guild is for you. Contact Riverwind / Drizzy / Dela / Kraix or any DL members online / guild forum.


We're no longer using this site ATM !!!

itbeme123321, Jan 2, 10 4:18 AM.
just so everyone knows. we're not using this site ATM. because Dragonlance is on two games. here is the new site everyone is using. thanks     - Riverwind -

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