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I've officially lost faith in humanity as of last night :(

Domski, Aug 23, 09 2:29 PM.
Well guys, it has finally happened, I have lost faith in humanity once and for all. Here's how it happened.

So last night, it was about 1 AM, I was laying in bed about to go to sleep, but I figured ill take one last scroll through the channels to see if anything worthy of watching was on. Well I happened to come across MTV, and much to my surprise, they were actually playing music videos. Stunned, I figured since nothing else was on, I'll just leave it on while falling asleep. That's where the night went downhill.

The video started and I saw two white 12 year olds playing on their playstation. I thought to myself, 'Yep, music videos still have absolutely no direction, and have nothing to do with the song itself. Why would a music video feature two little white kids playing a playstation?' It was then, one of the kids' phone rang. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his iPhone. Cause we know that every 12 year old kid needs an iPhone. He looks at who is calling and it's Usher. I felt a slight sense of relief. I'm not that big of an Usher fan, but at least the video might start making more sense. I lay my head peacefully on my pillow and close my eyes, being prepared to listen to some Usher song. That's when I hear Usher on the phone say. 'Hey what's up ______ (The kids' name), I'm gonna be late tonight so think you can hold down the fort?' The kid agrees to this, and I prepare myself to listen to some song about Usher going to a club, tearing it up, and meeting some hot chick, then making a song for her. It only seemed right. That's when shit got out of hand.

This really weird hip-hop beat came on, and much to my confusion, I look at the TV and see this 12 year old white kid dancing, and then it began.

Plaguedealer started rapping. Yes that was my thought, here was a kid I imagined to be the famous Plaguedealer, and here he was rapping and starting a party. 'Yep, one too many beers tonight' I thought to myself. I couldn't possibly be seeing this. 15 seconds later, an entire fucking house is filled with these 14 year old girls and dudes, shooting silly string at each other while dancing to a hip-hop song written and performed by a 12 year old. I thought for sure I was having a bad trip, and possibly took some acid an hour before without remembering it. But even on acid I have had trips that made more sense, yeah, I had a trip where I watched my Ipod turn into a unicorn, and ask me if I wanted a ride to Hello Kitty land, and when I got there, I saw two hot chicks making out, then out of nowhere, they turn into dragons, and I had to slay them with a sword and shield. And that trip made more sense to me than this music video. I honestly watched the whole thing because I couldn't believe it, I simply couldn't. I actually laid awake for an entire hour wondering what the hell just happened. Before writing this I went onto YouTube to see if what I saw last night was actually true, or just a really fucked up dream I had.

Nope, It's real. I officially lost all faith in humanity. And my desire to kill myself will probably overtake my desire to laugh at this hilarious piece of work. JK, but really it is pretty hilarious.

If you are starting to question humanity, DO NOT watch this video. I warned you.

Guild Name Changed!!!

Artheras2009, Aug 19, 09 5:11 PM.
We recently changed our guild name from Shadow Assassins to Cataclysm.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Hðpe, Jul 17, 09 2:41 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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