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Welcome to {{--Solidarity--}}

Solidarity is a guild on Wowscape (Legion).We are a guild dedicated to its members. We will host Guild Raids to gear up our members then move onto battlegrounds ( Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch etc).

Please register to the website with your in-game name so we recognise you!

Thank you! =P
Guild Master- Edxiviond

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Other Guild News

Important Addon!

T_T Edmond T_T, Jul 28, 09 4:57 AM.
Important addon for raids!

Well I have found this handy add-on. Its called Guild Event Manager.
We will be organising raids through this so people do not have to keep asking.


Instructions--- Put in World of warcraft/Interface/Add-ons folder


This AddOn allows you to create/schedule/manage future raid instance directly in-game. Players can register (join) and reserve a room for your instance, or cancel subscription. You can setup a maximum players for your event, as well as the min/max per class or role.

When a player wants to join and there is no room left for his class, he is put in a substitute queue, waiting for someone to cancel his subscription. The leader of an event does not have to be logged in for a player to subscribe.

This addon has been designed to help guilds to schedule events, and its member to say *I'll be there*, and count the number of players that are ok for an instance. It does work for multiple guilds (kind of Alliance of guilds), if you want, or even with your friend list.

All dates are stored in universal time, and displayed in local time, so if someone creates an event in a different timezone than yours, you will see the correct time on your side.


Done some configuration to the site!

T_T Edmond T_T, Jul 10, 09 2:18 AM.
So I've got the custom banner for Solidarity up! Its nothing special but is better than the default one. Leave a comment about it or any complaints or suggestins on how to make it better! All are welcome!

P.S- If you havn't already noticed it's situated at the top ^^

A change of leadership!

T_T Edmond T_T, Jul 9, 09 5:30 AM.
As some of you know. The former guild master of Solidarity has moved on to WOWlegacy. So Kaledan (Chriss) has handed over leadership to me, since I am the most experienced and I was a former co-leader. I am one of his most trustworthy friends and I will do all I can to help this guild out.

I have changed some ranks and added a few in.
New rank-Trial

The trial rank isĀ  for new members who I and my officers will watch over to see if they mix well with other players.

New rank- Alts

Alts is self-explanatory. It is a rank for any alt's members may make and have been added to the guild.

If you have any queries please whisper me in game at Edxiviond.

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