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Ironforge Under Siege
Jul 15, 13 5:45 PM
Fighting with Allies
Feb 20, 13 3:27 PM
Forsaken Treasure
Feb 13, 13 8:34 PM
Battlehammer Report: Claiming Horde Lands
Dec 3, 11 2:06 PM
Battlehammer Report
Nov 30, 11 12:59 PM
Service Updates

Brúenor, the King of Mithril Hall, has come to Azeroth to assist his fellow dwarves in reclaiming their dwarven citadels (On Emerald Dream).  The halls of our ancestors are currently being defiled by the wicked horde, countless monsters, and our own dark cousins.  We have answered the call to rebuild our armies with strength, honor, kinship, and our affinity for crafting, warrior spirit, and love of ale. 

(So if yer still wantin' to be a Battlehammer read the Guild Intro guide under information section on the left side of this webpage.  Also, we require that you level to 90, participate in World PVP, and have ventrilo installed - if you are not willing to do these three things you can stop now.)

Greetings Fellow Clansmen,

In an effort to retain our purity of conviction to battling the Horde and combating all their incursions we are establishing a new guild policy.  

While some members of the Clan are but alts of members from allied guilds, the majority are surely "main" characters.  As "mains" we ask for your commitment to the Clan.  To that end we are also asking, upon your honor as a Battlehammer, that you do not carry any alts secretly within Horde guilds that we may engage in WPvP (most notably: Warsong Battalion, Phoenix Highguard, Orcworm, Clan Ashwalker, Gor'Watha Warband, and the Dragonmaw Vanguard).  Active "spies" will be dealt with directly when discovered as we have done in the past.  We'd prefer not to have to waste time in hunting out such persons, but rather trust that each Battlehammer is doing the right thing by the Clan and feel this is a needed reminder to some who may still have such characters.  Fighting against any Clansman on a horde alt could call ones honor into question.

Additionally, maintaining Real-ID/Battle.Net links with known enemy guild members is also discouraged.  We understand this is a completely voluntary game and for variety sake many of us have Horde "alts", but there's no reason that we should make fighting Clan Battlehammer any easier by providing free intelligence on our movements and actions to the enemy.  

The fervor on Emerald Dream surrounding WPvP is unmatched on any other server in the Warcraft universe and given the level of current conflict between the factions the less distraction we have in allegiances the more focus we gain.  Let's put our best foot forward and attempt to increase participation in CTA events and meet the Horde in battle to gain victory!  

One last note, please remember we are an RP based guild.  Even though we favor "light RP" we must always remember that each member of the guild is a representative of Clan Battlehammer and a direct reflection of us all.  Communications between characters outside the guild (says/yells/emotes) are always considered to be "In Character" (IC) while guild communications (guildchat/vent) can be "Out of Character" (OOC).  Direct whispers are at the discretion of the recipient as to how to respond, either IC or OOC.  Forum postings, an outward and public communication, lately though have been less IC than desired to maintain the decorum of the Clan.  We know our worth and have no need to sink into petty back-and-forth contests of "we're better"/"no we're better" ad nauseum conversations.  We can "highlight" our victories in true Dwarven fashion (usually with ale and revelry) remembering the time honored adage of "less is more" without engaging in "less than honorable" degradation of our opponents or even allies.  Nor do we feel there's any need to defend our actions against baseless accusations by our enemies, which only encourages them by feeding their need for attention and relevance as well as giving their points credence.  Basically, either in game or out..."don't feed the trolls"! 

Remember we are DWARVES!  Loud, brash and boisterous in our halls and in our revelling, but stoic as stone to our enemies.  We are both the immovable object and the unstopable force!  We are the rock and the hard place!  Let our faces tell our tale...

The Daily Grind

Darkstars webpage authenticity certificate expired on Oct. 11th. It's still a trusted page. They should have it renewed soon. 



Epic Foam Sword Rack Training. Do Not Taunt The Bearer of the Purple Foam Sword !

Other Guild News

Ironforge Under Siege

Rogi_Mcskinner, Jul 15, 13 5:45 PM.

The breeze was a cold one last night, and the higher up the mountain Mcskinner rode, the colder it got. As he entered in the gates of Ironforge and handed the reins of his ram to the stable boy, Mcskinner let out a gentle sigh of relief, for he was home, and that meant, good ale, a nice warm fire, and a hot meal. That moment came and went, for the mighty horn was a blowing, and that meant one thing…Horde.

Mcskinner started towards the commons, hoping to catch a Battlehammer who could tell him what in the blazes was going on. Sure enough, he came upon a young dwarf wearing the colors, though he looked a bit lost to be honest.

“Oi! You there, whats yer name lad?” Mcskinner asked as he approached him.

“Gargrim sir! General Rhusty said to stand here, and tell every fighter I see to head over to the High Seat and prepare for a defense.” He replied with a stern voice.

“What’s goin on?”Mcskinner asked.

“Not sure. Just get over to the defense like I told ya.” Now the young dwarf was just about screaming at him, and had the circumstances been different, why old Mcskinner would have given him a what for, and maybe a lesson or two in manners. The horns never blew unless there was confirmed sighting of Horde forces in Dun Morogh, no need to get the populace upset over nothing, the council doesn’t like that very much.

So of to the High Seat Mcskinner went to report for duty. When he got there he was surprised at how many defenders had showed up. He saw banners from Warbringer, Misfits of Mayhem, and of course, The Pack alongside his own clan’s banners. Soon as Mcskinner saw the General, he headed straight over and gave a salute, but before he could utter a word…

“Where tha ‘ell you been?!” Rhusty shouted at him.

“Sorry General, I was taking car….” But Mcskinner couldn’t finish his excuse.

“Ah shut it! Now get yer arse in a defensive position. Keep yer traps on tha’ door and don’t yeh dare stop shootin till every last one of the enemeh is dead eh?” Mcskinner knew the question was rhetorical but he gave a quick salute as he said “Aye sir!”

Soon the horn had stopped bellowing in the halls, and all was quite minus the shuffling of feet and faint whispers. We could hear the sound of metal on metal coming from outside, mixed in with screams of agony, and screams of bloodlust. And then…all hell broke loose.

The Horde forces charged right in, I’m not sure they even saw us. The throne room filled up with sounds of gun fire, the clanging of metal. A lightning bolt went zinging  by Mcskinners head, it came from behind him. He turned around and saw Bronzegut looking back at him with a slight apologetic look on his face and said, “Sorry…” Mcskinner just turned and let out a hearty laugh, for him, this was what it was all about; standing shoulder with his brethren, and toe to toe with their enemies, the last ones standing goes the victory.

We tried to keep the force pushed back towards the door as best we could, so as not to endanger the council, for it was all three of them together that was holding the dwarven nation together. The loss of any one of them would shift the balance of power, and a civil war would be imminent. But old Muradin wouldn’t stand by and just watch, no sir. He got one look of at Himanshu, let out a fierce war cry, and lunged at her. He planted one mace right in her gut, and the second right upside her head, knocking her clear out the door. Then he starting to swing both his weapons back and forth, cleaving everything in his path, clearing a path straight out the door, followed by the forces of the alliance, which took care of anything left standing.

When the dust settled, we went back to our positions, and Moira made a comment about how she could have done the same with just a single spell. Muradin gave her a dirty look as Falstad just let out a chuckle. Then General Rhusty shouted out..

“They comin back lads, be readeh!”

The Horde pushed in just the as they had done before, and they died just the same. This time Moira was the one to spring into action. She began to cast her shadow spells faster than Mcskinner had ever seen any priest in all his time he’d been a soldier.  Some of the Horde ran in fear, other fell to their knees in agony. The alliance forces seized the opportunity and made quick work of them. This time however, they did not return.

Once again the dust settled, and as the troops tended to their wounds, Muradin began to speak, “Battlehammers! And friends of Battlehammers! Thanks ta yeh, tha city is safe! Ironforge owes yeh all a great debt. Yeh stood in tha path of those who seek nothing but tha destruction and total annihilation of tha Alliance and its people. Tonight yeh showed em, and tha entire realm, tha we will not go so easily. Heroes one and all, ta this I salute yeh. Now is the time ta act! While their forces be fleeing, strike out! Hit em hard, and hit em fast! Make em think twice before ever stepping in ta any Alliance citeh again! TA BATTLE!”

And strike out we did, with approximately a hundred seasoned soldiers. We set out to hit them where we thought it would hurt them worse, but we were not prepared, for the slaughter, that we were heading to. For Hellscream received reports of the coming invasion, and order any and all able bodied troops to form up into his throne chambers. We dove out of the sky like meteors hitting the earth. Drawing our weapons we shouted out, “DEATH TA THA WARCHIEF!!” and charged into battle, where we met our end.

Through the grace of the light and the spirits of the gods, those deemed worthy had their souls reconnected with their bodies, which then fled the fortress city of Orgrimmar, and headed back to friendly territory, where it was decided that we shall return another day. And return we shall…..

Fighting with Allies

Rogi_Mcskinner, Feb 20, 13 3:27 PM.

The troops were a little uneasy as they filed into formation. They talked and whispered amongst themselves. 

“Listen up you lot!” said General Rhusty, but nobody was paying attention.

“SHUT IT!” shouted Keella at the top of her lungs, and at that, the troops stopped talking and paid attention.

“Thank you Miss Keella.” Rhusty said as he turned to the troops, “Aye, I know what yeh all be talkin about and I understand wat yeh be feeling as well. The Horde have been ruthless these past few weeks, and we aint done spit ta slow ‘em down none ‘ave we? Well not to worreh lads, for they shall soon run back ta whatever holes they crawled out of. They will soon see…”<o:p></o:p>

The General was cut off from his speech as the Horns of Ironforge began to sound through out the mountain. The Guard began to shout, “HORDE!! HORDE IN THE CITY!!”

“To the Council chambers!” shouted Rhusty.

The Battlehammers made their way into the chambers and began to set up a defensive position. Mcskinner came running as fast as he could, the last to enter the chambers.

“Oi! General, we gonna need more then this ta defend against wats comin!”

“Aye…” replied Rhusty as he pulled out some pen and parchment and wrote a letter then quickly gave it to one of the mages to deliver onto the hands of King Hinik. Then he turned back to the troops, “Hold fast lads, give it all yeh got! Help will come!!”

Shouts filled the chambers, “LONG LIVE CLAN BATTLEHAMMER!!!”

Dwarves took their positions all over the room, healers stood by to protect the council members, as well as to stay out of the way of too much danger. The warriors and deathknights took position up around the door. The sound of the approaching Horde, war cries mixed with ding breaths, grew ever closer. Finally a single Horde appeared n the door way with his hands raised.

“Well good evening my friends, I Lord Himan…” but he was cut short as Mcskinner shouted, “Piss off yeh fairy princess coward!” and fired a round into his chest sending him out the door. “Ha! Tha’ got em!”

“If your intention was the piss him off…job well done lad.” Rhusty said, “Get readeh lads!”

Mcskinner turned back to the doorway of the chamber and launched a few traps and took good aim at the first thing that walked through the door. Unfortunately it was Himanshu and he spotted Mcskinner straight away and through use of dark magic’s yanked him into the large group of Horde as where they beat him to a bloody pulp and then trampled over him.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital wing, Keella and a few other healers standing over him.

“Did we win?” he asked.

Keella laughed as she said, “Not exactly. King Hinik showed up with others from the AEC and the Horde ran like cowards and opened a portal out of the city. They chased them all the way to teh island of Tol Barad where they gave them no choice but the fight; unlucky for us they had more troops waiting. It did not end so well. Then teh Horde retreated back to their lands.  King Hinik is reforming teh troops and heading into Mulgore, we gonna bring teh fight ta them, this time we will be at full strength, organized, and prepared, gonna even let them know right were we are too.”

Mcskinner grinned and then groaned as he stood from the bed and headed to join the others. The rally point was just outside of Thunder Bluff, after a few last minute orders Hinik gave the order to mount up and fly into the city.

We ceased control of Spirit Rise in a matter of minutes, even with Baine swinging his giant hammer around like an ogre. Once all of the city guards were disposed of, we turned our full force onto Baine himself. Scouts reported shortly after that Horde troops were flying into the city.<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>“Prepare yourselves!” Hinik shouted above the fighting, “We have incoming Horde! Number unknown, but it doesn’t matter. For you are better than they are. You are stronger then they are. You fight for honor, and glory, and to protect those that need protecting. They fight for blood, and power, things that are not worth fighting for. That is why, we will have victory!”

The troops of the AEC pushed Baine right out into a mass of horde that was forming up. They tried to get the jump on us, but our tactics proved more effective than they expected, and the lot of them fell before us like water off a cliff. Soon only Baine was left standing, so we moved the fight back into a hut were we could keep an eye out for the recovering Horde. Several times we pushed out to fight them, but they would not stand and fight us. Finally when they thought we had all but forgotten them, they charged in at us, but we pushed them out into open ground. Fought them hard we did, and they fought just as hard. Just as all had seemed lost, they turned and started to run, like the cowards we all know them to be. Even Baine had retreated back to his own hut, battered and bruised, but we let him live. So we planted our standards so the Horde would know who it was that came into their city, stood their ground, and chased them out. Who it was that stood toe to toe with them, and beat them, more than once. Who it was that fought and died instead of running like cowards at the first sign of trouble. Who it was that was victorious that day….

Forsaken Treasure

Rogi_Mcskinner, Feb 13, 13 8:34 PM.

Mcskinner fell to the back of the line as the troops began to file into formation. There were many new faces, and few old ones, but all in all, it was good that things were getting back to normal. He was a week into his newly appointed duties, and the King’s armor never before looked so polished. His head was finally starting to clear, seven days with no ale was a great feat of strength for a dwarf. He still remembered his last drink, stale, warm, and bitter. He was angry it hadn’t been a nice fresh frosty one.<o:p></o:p>

King Bruenor kept his speech nice and short. Spoke about some general business, and told us to watch our mail boxes for a letter. Special orders perhaps? After that he ordered us to the gryphon master where he told him where to send us all. Amazing bond a gryphon master has with his gryphons. Tell him you need a ride and you just hop on, he plays a tune on his flute, and off you go towards your destination.<o:p></o:p>

The flight down to Rebel Camp was peaceful. Mcskinner always liked soaring through the mountains and trees. The air is fresh enough to clear your head of any ailments, both sickness of the body and mind. By the time he landed the king and most of the other troops were already mounted up and heading down the trail. The jungle was full of all kinds of noises that night. Sounds he hadn’t heard in a long time, he’d almost forgotten how unnerving it made him, made the hair on his neck stand up.<o:p></o:p>

The trail came to an end and Mcskinner knew where they were, Grom’gol Base Camp. Clan Battlehammer has used this place many a times for their incursions into Horde territory. The mission was simple enough, kill all the guards and throw a sack of gold at the Zepplin Captain, and he’d take us where we wanted to go. Tonight’s adventure would take into the undead lands of Lordaeron. Mcskinner watched the king as he stood on the airships bow, vacant expression and silent as a graveyard, and he knew why. Many a brethren were lost down in them tunnels of Undercity. Getting in wasn’t the problem, but getting out, always proved harder than one would think.<o:p></o:p>

The trip was fast, and before long the troops were charging out of the elevators into the main quarter of the Undercity. Mostly city guards fell victim to the rampaging dwarven army, but a few unlucky heroes of the Horde, who put up what fight they could, had gotten in the way. Once the upper and lower decks was cleared, we made our way to what our intel tells us is their Magic Quarter. After the guards were slain and lying a pile of rotting corpses, the King gave out orders.<o:p></o:p>

“Set up positions on both sides. Dorsen! Take a few scouts and keep an eye outside.” The king shouted. Then he turned around and searched for one dwarf particular, “Brakka!”<o:p></o:p>

“Aye sir!” Brakka came running up and saluted the King.<o:p></o:p>

“Get teh work. Find it!” Bruenor ordered.<o:p></o:p>

“Straight away meh King!” Brakka replied as he reached into his robes and pulled out a rune stone that Mcskinner had never seen before.<o:p></o:p>

“Wat’s tha’?” Mcskinner asked.<o:p></o:p>

“None of yeh damn business. Now get some pick axes and shovels and follow me!”<o:p></o:p>

Mcskinner didn’t like the tone of the dwarf’s voice, but he was in no position to start arguing with anybody. So he grabbed a pick axe and a few other hands and they followed Brakka into the Ziggurat. Brakka walked slowly and kept a watchful eye on his rune stone. It glowed with a bright light as they got closer to the center of the structure.<o:p></o:p>

“Here!” Brakka shouted, “Start diggin’!” he ordered.<o:p></o:p>

The troops dug away at the center of the Ziggurat. Dwarvish yells and Forskaen screams could be heard outside. Now doubt unsuspecting travelers coming in by way of a portal were being caught off guard, and dispatched quickly. The whole got to be about three feet deep when Mcskinner heard a “clunk” at the end of his shovel.<o:p></o:p>

“Careful yeh idiot! Bring it up now! And someone get teh King.”<o:p></o:p>

The king came running in carrying a mighty hammer in each hand. As he strapped them to his back, Brakka handed him the chest they just dug up. The king opened it slightly and bright light shown through the small crack. He quickly shut it and turned to Brakka.<o:p></o:p>

“Is this it! Are yeh sure!” he barked.<o:p></o:p>

“Aye my King, I’m sure.” Brakka replied.<o:p></o:p>

“Then quickly, use a portal and get back ta Ironforge and secure it away in teh vaults. Teh rest of yeh, get yeh arses outside and kill somethin. We can’t let ‘em know why we was here!”<o:p></o:p>

Brakka stepped through his portal, chest in hand, as the rest of them made their way back out into the main area of the Magic Quarter. To their surprise, a force of some strength finaly pulled together to root the Battlehammers out of their city.<o:p></o:p>

The fighting was fierce. For the first time, in a long time, Mcskinner felt alive like he use too. The smell of blood, the sounds of axes and hammers breaking bones. Rifles and hand cannons picking off enemies form a distance. Mage spells cracking and popping and burning everything to dust, the King belting out orders as he smashes his great hammer into the skull of his closet enemy, troops yelling out their war cries. But it wasn’t to last, the enemy was too many. They rolled over us like the waves over the rock. We were defeated. Thanks to our most sneakiest of dwarves, Master Dorsen, our souls were once again reunited with our bodies, and we made the trip back home, and in the Clan Battlehammer vaults there sits a chest of unknown treasure, accept for the king and Brakka.<o:p></o:p>

Mission Accomplished

Battlehammer Report: Claiming Horde Lands

Rogi_Mcskinner, Dec 3, 11 2:06 PM.
Mcskinner felt pleased when Lady Nymaway invited him to join the rest of the War Council and the Battlehammers in the war party last night. He had been training hard for the past couple of weeks to become more adept with his new forms.

“I believe it is time for you to take your place once again amongst your brothers and us on the field of battle once again.” she had told him earlier that day.

“I won’t let you down mi ‘lady.” He replied with a small grin in the corner of his mouth.

He felt a sense of pride as he rode into Ironforge along with the others and joined the others who were eagerly waiting for them to arrive. As soon as he came up to them he realized that many of his old friends were not there, King Brúenor among them.

“Where is everyone?” Mcskinner asked Scruffy.

“King’s business I’m afraid, but worry not, we will lay waste to Horde lands tonight just the same, and I for one and happy to have yeh at my side once again.” Scruffy replied.

“And I am glad to be here.” Mcskinner said as he looked around the commons, taking in the aspects of his former home.

Scruffy had turned and was going to start his speech before Mcskinner had asked, “Hey Scruff?”

“What is it Skinnah?” he said as he abruptly stopped and turned around.

“For old time sake do yah mind if I write up the report to King Brúenor?” Mcskinner asked.

“Oh I don’t see why not. Besides I am sure the King would enjoy it. Your Brother does a fine job, but eh, I think the King misses your reports.” He said with a slight chuckle in his words.

“Aye, first thing in the morning then, before I head back down south.” Mcskinner replied as he gave a nod to Scruffy who went back to give his speech in which he recognized the leaders of the War Council and the Generals of Clan Battlehammers and everything that the alliance between them has achieved because of them.

After the speech we moved the force north to eradicate any Horde form minor war camps they have entrenched inside contested territory. The battles were short, and many orcs, trolls, and undead, were slaughtered.

Much to our surprise we were met with little resistance. It would seem the Horde forces were still recovering from the previous battle which took place in Orgrimmar. But even then they had a hell of a time rooting us out of there. After slaughtering the forces, and razing the encampment’s, of a number of important encampments, Tarren mill, Raventusk Village, Hammerfall, the troops thought they could accomplish more by sneaking a keg from the King’s private reserve. So they headed back to Ironforge and had at it.

There was song and dance, stories and jokes about how pathetically weak the Horde have become outside their major stronghold of Orgrimmar, than someone came up with a terrible drunken idea.

“Let’s go to Orgrimmar!” a shout cam above the crowd from an unknown source.

Everyone stopped for a moment and the broke out in there war cries. The Battlehammer horns started blowing and the Worgen let out there howls, even the Darnassian Kin began to sing battle songs along the way as we mounted up and headed for the continent of Kalimdor.

Needless to say the success of the attack was not good. A small drunken force was no match for Garrosh and the entire horde that hid behind his walls. But the defeat did not bring us down for a realization came to pass.

The Horde were cowards and it would seem that they would forever remain hiding behind their walls, always counting on Garrosh to save them. The idea suited us, hell they can have that dustbowl of a canyon. Clan Battlehammer along with the War Council will gladly strike out to retake all of their lands outside there city unchecked, and unrelenting. But it does leave one pondering something.

If this is what the Horde has become than, what in the hell was Thrall thinking when he left Garrosh in charge? In the days that he led the Horde, such things as dwarves, worgen and, elves running rampant throughout his lands would not stand. The Horde were formidable enemies then, now there are not worthy of a second thought in the war room. What will the Alliance do? Have they finally won this long war? Have the Horde givin up?

Battlehammer Report

Rogi_Mcskinner, Nov 30, 11 12:59 PM.

Ortaig walked across the commons with a bit of hurry in his giddy-up this evening. The king was to be arriving soon, and he wanted to make an impression. Just days past King Brúenor had moved him up the ranks into his brother’s position of General. Some of the lad weren’t taking it to well. A group of them were all bunched up, talking near the bank so he headed over.

“Alright you lot, King Brúenor is gonna be here any minute, let’s get in them formations eh?” Ortaig said as he approached them. He might as well been talking to a wall.

“Oh c’mon you guys, let’s go!” he pushed.

“Go away Ortaig were busy. Besides Brúenor always runs five minutes behind.” Brijit said.

Ortaig got a bit upset and decided to try using a bit of firmness in his voice. “OI! I’m damn General now, and I gave yeh an order! Now get in them there formations before the King gets here so when he does we will be all ready to go!” he said with a firm voice. But still none of them moved and he was starting to overheat.

“Am I talking to meself or wha…” he started to say but before he could finish the group looked up and started to walk over and line up.

“Now that’s more like it!” he said, but as he turned around he looked up and saw Brúenor enter the Commons and take up his position.

Ortaig stood there for a minute and fumed in his anger. He didn’t know what was worse, all the rumors and jokes about his brother, or that the rest of the clan had yet to show him the respect of being a General. He remembered his brother’s words the other day when he had stopped to visit. “Ya still got to earn their respect Ortaig. Just cause ya have the title of General, ya got to make them believe that ya be worthy of such a title.” he had said to him. Remembering those words, Ortaig took a few deep breaths and fell in line with the others as Brúenor began to look over his plans for the evening.

There was a  lot of changes going on throughout the land today, but King Brúenor was not about to allow them to sway Clan Battlehammer, or her allies, of continuing to carry out their mission of making the life of any Horde hero as depressing as one of them homeless people out there in Westfall. Vendors throughout the land had finally started to sell their top pieces of gear for half price to make room on the shelves for the new the ones they had been promising for weeks now.  Most of the Battlehammers had now had new shiny gear on, and the rest would have enough to get them soon.

“Alright lads listen up!” Brúenor said as he turned away from Nymaway who also went to fill in her troops of the plans for this evening. “Tonight where gonna go where the Horde are, and that be in Orgrimmar. It seems that most of their forces are there at the moment, and well, I for one can’t wait to go out an meet them. So do one last check over your gear and make sure ya have everything ya need cause once we go, if ye aint got it, yeh aint gettin it!” Then he turned to his generals an unrolled his map, pointing to different locations on it.

The flight in went as per usual except he fell behind. It took him some time to catch up, but when he did he was truly surprised. The force descended down upon the front gates as they always do, but there was no one to be seen.

“What the..” Bruenor said out loud.

“Where is everyone?” Scruffy asked.

“I dunno, but damnit my maces are looking for a for a few skulls to bash in.” Brúenor said as he lifted his weapons a bit. He then turned around and gave the signal to jump on our flying mounts and to follow him. We flew straight up and over above the main wall. He led us down and we landed and took out a few guards that were there. As he pulled his mace out of an Orc skull, making a wet, squishy, popping noise, the war drums of Orgrimmar started to beat in the distance.

“Alright troops! Down in the hole!” he shouted as he pointed to a stairwell that went down into the fortified wall of the gate.

There are almost two complete flights of stairs in there. King Brúenor had started to give out orders as per where he wanted troops to stand and how they should react should the Horde follow them down in there. Soon the beat of wings could be heard followed by many footsteps from overhead; the Horde had landed up above them and began speaking to themselves. Soon one of them shouted something that Ortaig could not understand, but it was followed by bloodthirsty war cries and the footsteps became louder; they had been found.

Soon Horde troops had begun pouring down the stairs and crashing into us like waves on a beach, and as such they retreated as we pushed them back. They came and retreated, and after a few minutes the bodies began to pile up and the air began to fill our noises of an odor that rivaled the Undercity sewers. Many troops began to hack, gag, and cough as they held there noises. Brúenor realized that troops couldn’t fight if they couldn’t breathe so he ordered them to charge out and re-take the roof. The dwarven horns blew as some of the Worgen let out chilling howls, and the troops charged out of the hole at the top of the stairs.

There were not many enemy forces left, and within minutes the roof was secure once again. King Brúenor turned to one of the mages and said, “Traggik! Set that Ogre’s loincloth ablaze!” he shouted as he pointed to an Orgrimmar banner.

“Aye sir!” Traggik shouted has he launched a fireball at the massive flag hanging high above the troop’s heads. Engulfed in flames, smoke began to fill the skies, and troops let out cheers as they watched the banner burn to bits.

“Now if that dun get their attention then I don…” Brúenor began to say before he was cut off from a loud Horn that echoed in the valley below them.

“Uhoh, looks like we’re gonna have a lot of company here in a minute. Mount up! Rendezvous at landing zone Bravo! Move out!” he ordered before he mounted his pristine white gryphon and took to the skies heading north and east.

Ass troops landed, Brúenor and his Generals began ordering them into positions. Soon we were already to go, and all we had to do was wait. Eventually the Horde pulled their heads out their arses and found out where we were. The troops prepared to open up them as they came charging in at us.

“Hold yer fire lads! Yer gonna want to see this!” the King shouted. We waited, and waited. Many were getting nervous. Ortaig looked up at the King who seemed fine with the situation for he was smiling. Ortaig turned just in time to see several of his dwarf rogue brothers along with worgen ones as well, open up on the troops that were charging at us. The Horde we caught by surprise and fell quickly, but soon our friends were in trouble, and Shadowforge just took a fireball in the face. He dropped to one knee as he tried to get away. Ortaig went to run up and help him, but the King stuck his arm out to stop him.

“Wait…” he said.

“But mi ’lord?” said Ortaig with concern in his voice as he looked out at Shadowforge, but then out of nowhere cam lady Nymaway in her rarely seen cat form. She quickly changed into her normal state and began to surround the troops with leaves and all kinds of green colored light. Soon the Horde troops were all dead, and the rogues, along with Nymaway who decided to give the cheering crowd a curtsy, disappeared again into the shadows.

But soon the Horde had had enough games and simply wanted the dwarf and worgen forces to just die. They brought everything they had, warriors, death knights, mages and warlocks, paladins and priest. Yes they brought a force with the wrath of Garrosh with them. Soon our forces were laid to waste. But as Mcskinner once to him;

“How can you put out a fire set on a cart-load of firewood with only a cup of water?”

Battlehammer Report

Rogi_Mcskinner, Nov 23, 11 6:24 PM.

A few weeks ago:

Ortaig approached Mcskinner out on the hill which had be pre-disclosed in the letter he had received moments ago.

“Brother? It’s freezing out here. Why have you called me out here when I could be in the tavern downing a few ales with the others?” Ortaig questioned.

Mcskinner looks at Ortaig for a brief moment before turning his gaze to the setting sun as it falls behind Ironforge Mountain, he did not know when he would see it again.

“When you first arrived back home I was filled with anger. I had truly believed you would die in the frozen lands in the north as our parents did. At the time you had returned I had found a new life in the service of King Brúenor and Clan Battlehammer. I quickly moved up in the ranks and earned the respect of the others. When you returned, I felt threatened.” Mcskinner gave Ortaig another look. “Even father always considered you the better son.” He said.

Ortaig sighed and tried to think of something to say, but he could not for he knew it to be true. Instead he just looked at back at his brother with a concerned expression on his face.

“Even now, week after week you prove yourself the better in the eyes of King Brúenor and the rest of the Battlehammers. Hell, the report you made the other week for me while I was injured, was superior in detail and other ways.” Mcskinner looked back towards the setting sun, the air was cooling off fast, and his breath could be seen as if he had been smoking one of Traggik’s pipes again. After a moment he spoke the words that could possibly be the last his brother would say to him.

“Ortaig, I’m leaving. I do not know where I am going, or when I shall return. I have already prepared a letter to King Brúenor, along with the recommendation to take my place as General, and Elder Scribe.”

And with a firm handshake, and a tap on the shoulder, Mcskinner picked up his rifle and headed of into the now darkening horizon followed by Sambas, his most faithful friend.

Preparing for Battle:

Ortaig’s head was filled with all kinds of thoughts, which made it hard for him to listen to King Brúenor at the head of the formation calling out announcements and what not. It had been weeks since his conversation with Mcskinner on the hill. He had not been approached by the King, nor had Mcskinner been heard of since. The only thing he could figure was that even with his brothers’ recommendation, in the King’s eyes, he was not worthy. He would have to change his mind, and soon before someone else arises to the occasion.

The Pack and the Wolf Pack had made their way into the commons as the Battlehammers had finally got all situated. Lady Nymaway and her troops were looking eager as ever to, literally, sink their teeth in to something.  Once situated, King Brúenor began his speech.

“With each passing day, and after ever battle, whether victory or defeat, my heart swells with pride. Since our new Alliance with the War Council, I see hope, and a future for the Alliance, and all the people she has sworn to protect. Even now, all of you, standing here before me today, are etching your names into history. Your grandchildren will tell stories to their children one day of how you stood on many battlefields with no regards to your personal self, to slay yer enemy, protect our lands, and if need be, give yer life so that future generations may live without fear, and that their lives will be prosperous, and their lands be fruitful. Tonight, I bow to you, all of you.”

And as the King bowed, the commons filled with cheers from the dwarves, and howls from the worgen.

As the King rose back to his full four feet of height he motioned for his Generals to come forth and made his way towards Lady Nymaway, as she motioned for her leaders to do the same.

Ortaig shuffled in his positioned as Brúenor pulled out a map and started pointing at the different locations, clearly talking strategy to the others. His discomfort did not go unnoticed; a voice came from behind him.

“What’s on yer mind?” asked Krevic

“Nothing” he replied.

“Ya know you and yer brother are one and the same.” he replied. Ortaig turned and gave him a strange look.

“What I mean to say is, neither one of you ever could hide yer emotions to well.”

Ortaig turned back around, then Krevic patted him on the shoulder and said, “I miss him too lad.”

Mislead in Mulgore:

Initial reports that came in as we headed to the plains of Mulgore stated that Horde resistance was minimal. Our attack on Thunder Bluff was to simply let the Taurens know that King Brúenor meant what he said, and that is simply they allow us to gather the resources we need and leave, without incident, and no harm would come to their city, or its people. But what happened next clearly made that sound easier than it was truly going to be.

On our initial charge into the city, everything went off without a hitch. We charged into the lower rise taking out everything guard, merchant, emissary, and innocent bystander we saw. Tauren corpses littered the ground, the pond in the middle of the encampment turned from crystal blue to crimson red. The King was satisfied with the initial attack and ordered us to push up the giant totem and head for, what we hoped was a still recovering chief, Baine Bloodhoof. Before we knew it we were in over our heads.

The Battlehammers had charge into the area like they had done many times before. Slaying guards and felling enemy troops left and right. Then King Brúenor let out a battle cry like no other.

A fierce yell followed by, “BLOODHOOF! I COME FOR YOU!” As I heard the cry I looked up just in time to see the mighty dwarf warrior leap into the air and bring down his heavy hammers with the force of all the ancestors.  At the moment of what should have been a crippling blow, Baine was pulled out of the way and a strange warrior blocked the attack with his axe. The warrior, as we found out later, was Machik, the new leader of the Earthspear Clan. King Brúenor was caught by surprise and the mighty Tauren just stood there and laughed. Then he gave out a loud cry and, ranged fighters appeared out of nowhere on top of the buildings that were now being emptied by enemy melee forces. For a brief moment, so brief that one could not see it but feel stillness in the air. Then the stillness was replaced by the shattering of shields, the clinking of metal, and the thumping of bodies as they fell to the ground. Tauren, Orc, Worgen, and Dwarf alike began to drop as life itself was drained out of them. Once Brúenor knew that to stay any longer would be suicide, he called for a retreat and suggested the Lady Nymaway do the same. Many did not make out, others died on the trip back to Ironforge. Through the use of soul stones and other healing powers many lives were recovered. The king was saddened by the loss, but found relief in the knowledge that it could have been worse.

“We’re not done yet lads!”

Many troops were still in the infirmary as the order came through to reform up back in the Commons. King Brúenor was at the head of the formation, Lady Nymaway was at his side, and both had a look of vengeance upon their brow.

“Many a time has Clan Battlehammer been defeated upon the battlefield, but our resolve is like no other in the land. And I’m sure that Lady Nymaway could say the same of her people as well.” He said with a nod towards Nymaway. She returned the nod in agreement.

“But defeat is not in us lads. I’d even say that some of us don’t even know the meaning of the word, let alone the feeling. So make quick repairs, restock up supplies, and form back up within the hour. We’re not done yet lads!”

My gear was still in good shape, so I took it upon myself to make sure the rest of the healers were full up on bandages, potions, and other supplies. The warlocks made quick work of restocking our supply of soul stones and passed them out to the healers as needed. Hunters mended their pets, Warriors sharpened their blades, and the Magi stocked up on scroll and looked over their spell books one last time as we made our way back to the Commons and reformed the lines.

This time didn’t give a speech, he only spoke to a few troops, and then looked at the vast force in front of him and simply said, “Let’s go!” and within in instant there was a bright light and we could feel our bodies being pulled to a distant place. When my eyes readjusted they confirmed what my nose already had determined. We had arrived just Southwest of Orgrimmar. Once the area was secured the troops that Brúenor had previously spoken to, began calling out names of the troops that were to join their respected parties. Once they had confirmed they were ready, Brúenor called out for the charge, and we headed Northeast to the enemy gates.

A Battle of Epic Proportions:

As we had previously encountered in our many attacks upon the gates of Orgrimmar, many Horde troops were out in front of the gates sharpening their fighting skills. And as always, they were surprised by our sudden appearance and fell rather quickly, with the exception of the lucky few that retreated into the city to get more troops to come. And come they did. The king was just setting up the positions of the different battle groups when the horns began to blow. In one uniform motion we all looked towards the gates. What we saw was unbelievable.  It was as if the entirety of the Horde forces had come to fight.

King Brúenor shouted above the horns as best he could, “Find solace in the fact that ye can draw such a crowd. It seems the mere mention of dwarves at the gate brings forth such a vast force. Ye should feel proud! Use that pride to fuel yerselves, and let none survive!” and with that the horns of Clan Battlehammer, and the howls of the War Council sounded and the charge began.

Ortaig played close attention to the King to make sure that if he suffered any injuries to immediately take care of it. On many occasions has he followed the king into battle, and one thing he has learned, is that if the king is still standing, enemies fall before him like the snow on the hills of Dun Morogh. Time and time again did he see his mighty king fell an enemy twice his size. After each fallen enemy he let out a fierce battle cry as he charged to the next. Many warriors in Clan Battlehammer fought in the same manner. Ortaig has little fighting experience, but is considered one of the best amongst the Clans healers, and that is just as noble.

As allies began to fall, Ortaig did what he could to get them back up and fighting, the ones he couldn’t he would use a soul stone on them so that the warlocks could bring them back to the land of the living once we returned home. At one point Ortaig had used all of his soul stones and then returned to the Kings side in the middle of the battlefield. Our numbers were waning; bodies began to pile up, enemy and ally alike. The King was to focused on slaying his enemies to notice that there were only a handful of us left.

Ortaig tried to warn the King, “Milord! We need to retreat sir!” he shouted.

The King turned to Ortaig and shouted back, “That time has come and gone my friend! We fight to the death this day!” As he shouted these ways an Orc came up behind him and brought his axe down across his back. The King fell to his knees. As the Orc pulled his axe from the Kings body, the King fell forward at Ortaig’s feet. Ortaig fell to the ground, fear had distracted him. He glanced around and saw his brethren and his friends of the War Council falling all around him. From behind him he heard a familiar voice cry out his name.

“ORTAIG! GET OUT OF THERE!” shouted Krevic.

But Ortaig could not, he quickly rose to his feet and as the Orc that fell the king began to charge at him he called upon the light to shield him from harm. As he grinned at the Orc who seemed to be befuddled by how he did not harm the dwarf, he began to call upon the light to resurrect his fallen allies all around him. As his shield dissipated, dwarves and worgen simply came to be at his side. Ortaig then quickly began to heal all those around him with every spell he could think off, and soon those that had risen again went back to fighting. In doing so, Ortaig became exhausted, and fell to his knees. The King stood in front of him and stared in his eyes, as Ortaig was struck in the side by an arrow. The force of the arrow knocked Ortaig on to his side, and he couldn’t breathe. The King started to cry out his name to see if he was still conscious. Ortaig grabbed the Kings arm and spoke with all his strength.

“I’m sorry milord. I did what I could.” He said as he fell back to the ground and passed out from the loss of blood that was beginning to pool around him.

The King sounded the retreat, and called for assistance to carry Ortaig off the field. Troops fled the battlefield as fast as they could. A small force of enemy troops followed them for many miles. Once they let up, Brúenor ordered one of the mages to open a portal back to Ironforge. Before he went through he ordered a small contingent to wait there till night fall and then go retrieve all the troops they could find, dead or alive.

“No one gets left behind!” he shouted to Shadowforge before he went through the portal and vanished.

Battlehammer Report: Victory In Silvermoon!!

Rogi_Mcskinner, Nov 12, 11 2:46 PM.

There are a lot of things to do in this world, and sometimes we always get caught up in all the fighting that we sometimes forget some of the more relaxing things. Such things as fishing, or bringing out the foam sword rack we use for training, to have a little fun with your new allies, or…whale hunting even though it is pointless. Clan Battlehammer took the time to partake in these events due to our recent success in taking out the Blood Elf leader in Silvermoon in our previous battle.

A brothers warning:

Mcskinner had told me about his many journeys to this city, but even so I was not prepared for what I saw, tall buildings, lots of luxury, and thralls of blood elves. I was honored when he asked me to take up his position within the clan for the time being. Apparently he had been beaten up pretty good in the past few weeks, and needed some rest. I made sure I followed as close to King Brúenor as I could.

“If he come to harm while on your watch, I’ll hold you responsible!” Mcskinner told me the night before we left.

“I know brother, you have to trust me. I have mastered my skills since the last time we talked.” I replied.

I had spent a lot of time training as a healer in the past few months. I think our parents would be proud, mother being a healer herself and dad being a previous member of the Order of the Silver Hand.


Entering the city was no easy task for me. The newer recruits seemed to be all brawn and no brains. Always charging of to kill and enemy and nearly losing their lives. But we made it to our objective easy enough. The orders came fast, and so we were in the heat of battle with the blood elf leaders. I positioned myself in the middle of the troops, some of who were engaging the leaders while the others were handling the guards and any Horde forces trying to enter the spire. Lor'themar Theron was shouting all kinds of things I could not understand, but I’m sure it had to do with the fact that he was getting a beating from a force of dwarves.

About half way through the fight a few Horde forces showed up and started to make trouble. As I was not the only healer in the room I took a chance and went to the rear with the forces fighting them. Some of them were getting pretty banged up.

“Someone cauterize this damned wound so I can get back to fightin!” shouted Krevic who can sometimes be quite demanding.

“There ya go lad, good as ne…” I replied but I was cut off as I was yanked out the door by one of them evil death knights.

I was afraid for my life, never had I been in such a situation. By my trainers had taught me well, and my reaction came quickly enough to escape without much damage.

“Now yer havin some fun, aye lad?!” Shouted Cinos who was putting down an Undead Mage like Mcskinner can out down ale.

I did my best to heal everyone I could at the door before returning to the King, who I was able to heal in the nick of time. Apparently some more Horde forces were trying to enter in from the back room. But all was well within moments when the Lor'themar Theron hit the ground in one big bruised and bloodied lump.

“Now let’s take out the damned Horde!” shouted Brúenor.

“Charge!” shouted one of the generals.

I did my best to keep up with them. Apparently the king wanted to withdraw from the city before, what he seemed to fear, the entire Horde would somehow appear in front of our eyes. So we ran and fought and drove the enemy before us, all the way back out the front gates we fought, before he gave the order to turn around.

“Stand fast lads, we will make our stand here on this ground of our choosing!” he shouted to the troops.

I thought that was funny, because my choosing would have been to get back to Ironforge while we are all still in one peace. I did the best I could, but I was low on energy, and did not know how much more I could do. This was my first real battle, and now I know what to expect.

But before I could make such a suggestion to the king, a large number of Horde forces appeared down the hill below us. Needless to say they were pissed, and looking for revenge.

“Ya hear that lads? That’s the sound of victory. That’s the sound the enemy makes when ya walk through there city unchecked, and put their leaders in the ground. Now I say we go give them the same treatment…what say you?!” he shouted

“For the Dwarves!”, and “Long Live Clan Battlehammer!” were shouted back in unison before the King gave out the ‘ol “CHARGE!” order and we charged down the hill.

“The rumbling sound from our charge began to grow louder and louder as it seemed to fill up the area around us. The once stationary Horde was now advancing on us in the same manner as we were to them. Shouts, cheers, battle cries, dust in the air, the smell of sweat and blood, the hopes that the man next to you will watch your back as you are watching his, these are the things that go through your mind in that last moment before metal meets shield. And for a brief moment, you are without fear in your heart and ready to lay down your life for your cause.”

These were the words my father spoke to me the day I left to go join the paladins for training. He was proud of me, and so was mother. My brother, Mcskinner on the other hand was upset and nowhere to be found. I don’t know why these thoughts occupied my head for just in front of me was a massive force that was enraged and ready to lop of my head for being amongst those who killed one of their leaders, but in that moment, I finally understood what my father was saying, and then the battle ignited.


Gunfire and bolts of magic, fel and arcane, came over our heads from the rear, final battle cries were shouted as the two forces collided, I myself went right to work, unleashing everything I could to protect my allies. Horde and dwarf bodies alike hit the ground. Cries of pain and agony soon filled the air. The smell of blood became stronger. It did not take long before I was exhausted, and could do no more.

“Hold the line, drag back the wounded! Heagnir! Get us out of here now!” shouted the king above the roar of the battle. The last view of the battle I had was of that of my King taking a blow to the head by an orc, and then darkness.

I awoke two days later in the Ironforge Infirmary. Mcskinner was there at my side.

“Easy lad.” He said as I tried to sit up. “You took a nasty hit in the back, yer lucky to be alive at all.”

“What happened?” I asked

“Well, ya let the king fall for one, after I told ya not to.” He replied as the thoughts of battle came rushing back to me. “But don’t you worry, he is fine and fully recovered, it will take a lot more than a single blow from an orc to bring him down.”

“The others? How are the others?” I questioned nervously.

“Just fine lad, everyone is just fine. You did your job well. Matter of fact, as soon as you fully recover, the king is holding a little celebration in your honor at the tavern.” He replied, easing my mind greatly.

“This is good news, I was afraid that we had lost someone.”

“Mcskinner, right before the final battle…” I started to say before he cut me off.

“You had thoughts of father and wht he said to you on the day you left.” He said as if it were him that was there and not me.

“Yes, but how did you know?” I asked.

“It was the same for me; he gave me the same speech he gave you. And before you ask, and no I don’t understand why it happened, and as a matter of fact I haven’t even spoke of it to anyone until now. Maybe in time we can figure this out together brother, but right now you need to rest. I will go tell King Brúenor that you should be up and about soon.” He said as he rose and left the infirmary.

As I laid back down, my thoughts drifted back to the battle and the thoughts of my parents, it seemed so real, and then darkness fell before my eyes as I fell back to sleep.

Battlehammer Report: New Allies Part 2

Rogi_Mcskinner, Nov 7, 11 5:10 PM.

The trip to Silvermoon was short.  We had picked the Dark Lady’s trail and followed it straight here, we were under the impression that once she fled the Undercity she headed to the nearest allied city.

“It could be a trap sire.” I said at the gathering of minds before we entered the city.

“How so?” he questioned.

“In all my years of tracking humanoids sire, I have learned to live by one thing above all else, and that’s never believe the first thing the trail tells you. Sir, she knows we are after her, and I’m sure she knows that we are not afraid to enter Silvermoon with our forces.” I explained.

Brúenor thought for a moment without saying a word, and then lady Nymaway spoke up.

“So, she wants us to believe she is here, and she wants us to attack the city? What could she possibly gain from that General Mcskinner?” she asked.

“Well, I’m not sure to tell ya the truth. The way I see it, she is not in there and we go in and level the city, and kill everyone alive. The Sin’dori get their panties in a bunch and retaliate. The other option is…” I paused for a moment and gave the King a look.

“She is in there, and she has forces waiting for us to come in.” he said aloud as if he could read my thoughts.

“Yes sir, exactly.” I replied.

The King then pulled out his map of the city that one of the troops had stolen on one of the recon missions into the city. He was giving orders to Nymaway and the others as to where they would go and where our troops would go.

“If we do it like this, they might think we have come alone, as we always do. Then when you come in from this side, it’ll be over and back to Ironforge in no time.” Said Brúenor,

“A magnificent plan King Brúenor, I hope the success rate is as good as you hope.” replied Nymaway.

We entered the city and slayed everyone in sight, then we broke off into our different directions. Surprisingly there were not many people around, like there normally is. No merchants, only a few guards, something didn’t seem quite right.

“Sir…”I said

“I know, keep your eyes peeled and keep moving, be ready for anything.” He replied. He had the same uneasy feelings as I did. The Horde was up to something in the city, and I felt that very soon, we would know what that was.

We entered the Court of the Sun via Murder row whilst our allies came in from far strider Square. The entire courtyard was empty. At that moment one of our dwarven rogues appeared out of the shadows in front of us.

“My lord, I have scouted the royal chambers as you requested, it is unoccupied accept for those who are normally there.” informed Shadowforge.

“Well done lad. Well it seems she is not here after all. Now there is  no sense in comin all this way fer nothing. Lady Nymaway, prepare your troops to attack the royal chamber on my command.

“Yes milord.” She replied

So we moved into position as we always do, and just when we were about to charge into the chambers a horn was blown behind us, followed by several others. At that moment I could see a mass amount of Horde troops coming down from the roof tops. The Dark lady was standing among them, tall and proud. Then the elven leader, who was now behind us cried out a battle charge as well, when I turned around I had just enough time to see more Horde troops coming from the back room where the Orb of Relocation was contained.

The King cried out the fiercest battle cry I have ever heard. It was followed by many more from the troops that surrounded him. We had one hell of a fight on our hands. I got in several kills myself before I was takin down. When I awoke in the Ironforge infirmary King Brúenor was at my side.

“My Lord, what happened?” I asked.

“Well lad ya bit the dust, that’s what happened. We suffered heavy injuries, and lost most of our supplies. But, with the help of our new friends we were able to retreat from the city, and leave no one behind.” he said.

“How sir, we were surrounded? I saw with my two eyes, there was no escaping that?” I questioned.

“Druid magic is a powerful thing. I thought the same as you, but since there is no such thing as a dwarven druid, we do not fully understand their power. But don’t you worry about that, you just get rested up, and there is someone here to see you, I’ll send him in.” he said as he walked away.

A stout dwarf came walking in with short red hair, and a well-kept beard.

“Ortaig? What are you doing here, I thought you reported back to Northrend?” I was confused, thought maybe I hit my head harder than the medics here might have realized.

“Aye, good to see you too brother I have returned home at last.” he replied with a chuckle.

“You finished your training then?” I asked.

“As finished as one can be I suppose, one is always learning brother, but yes, my trainers have taught me all they know. Now I may be of some actual use to Clan Battlehammer.”

“Are you responsible for healing me up then?”

“Ah no, actually you were almost fully recovered before I even arrived. I believe ya owe yer life to that one there.” he replied as he pointed to a worgen across the room.

As soon as I looked she turned and smiled and then walked over.

“My Lady Nymaway, thank you very much, I am in your debt.” I spoke with all the sincerity in my heart.

“Don’t mention it lad, we were proud to stand by you and your kind in battle, and will do so again, anytime the need arises. As fer your debt, it is not so, I saved the life of my new good friend. I couldn’t let you go, we have only just met. I think in time will become great friends and allies, no matter the ruling on the over alliance between our people. Now get some rest, yer brother here said he would buy me a drink fer saving your life, and I intend to hold him to it.”

“Ortaig, don’t go far, we need to have a talk about a few things” I told him.

In a silly voice he said “Yes general” as he bowed. He was always making fun about things, as we both often do.

Battlehammer Report: New Allies Part 1

Rogi_Mcskinner, Nov 5, 11 5:22 PM.

“Welcome lady Nymaway.” greeted King Brúenor as I led our new soon to be allies down into the crypt. The air was damp and old. The crypt in which that was chosen for our meeting  was filled with the remains of what I assumed to be great soldiers.  One was a mighty warrior and was on a throne in the a little out cove. It still was wearing his armor and sword. He must have been a great leader to deserve such a burial.

“Greetings King Brúenor, I present to you Stoic of the Darnassian Kin and Wargill of The Wolf Pack. She replied.

King Brúenor nod in each of their directions as the offered there greetings.

“I am glad you are all here; forgive me for not revealing more details of this meeting. In these times our movements are monitored by many, the Horde have spies everywhere.” he said.

“I have been meeting with my generals and discussing your request and going over all the information brought before me. Before I give you my answer I want to say a few things first. In the past we have allied ourselves with others. In doing so we have accomplished a great many things. But in the end, and for whatever reason they do not last. The other guild’s suddenly loses interest and stop living up to their end of the agreement. This makes us untrustworthy of those who, like yourselves, come to us seeking an alliance. I must admit that at first we were doubtful about you all, we weren’t even sure that you could muster a force that could even benefit us at all. Now as I look out and see all of you, I am wrong, and you have impressed me. So what I propose is a temporary agreement, in the hopes that one day we can make an official Alliance between us. What say you?”

The three leaders before the king looked at each other for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

“We agree to these terms King Brúenor, we will not let you down.” replied Nymaway.

“Very well, now since we have such a force gathered here, I have sent a member of my Clan ahead to summon us into a remote location outside of the Ruins of Lordaeron. To show you that we are dedicated to this agreement, we are going to take down the one responsible for bringing war to your city, that evil wench Sylvannas!” The king was meet with howls of appreciation and some of the others growl at the very sound of her name.

After a few moments I could my body being pulled to a far off place, I remember when it first happened I tried to resist it, but now it comes easy to me and I just let my body go. Once on the other side, i could a few troops had begun to clear the area of foul beasts and a few undead that had been lurking about. It wasn’t long before the King got every ready to go.

“Mount up and move out!” he shouted as he took off towards Silverpine Forrest.

We followed the main road, stopping to take out any type of settlements and outposts along the way. We left nothing in our wake but burning buildings and bodies. Along the way I had some time to talk to Nymaway for a moment.

“My Lady, your people fight with such ferocity, like that of mad…uh” I paused fer a moment realizing that my next word would probably get my head lopped off.

“Beasts? It is ok my friend. I know that you meant no offense. To answer your question yes, some of us do not fight the battle between our former human selves and the worgen side anymore. We embrace our new gifts as a way to seek revenge against those who took advantage of a people who were weak at the time, and destroy their city.” She replied

“I think I understand now. I have a way with the wild beast, I have tamed many?”

“Do you seek to tame me as one of your pets General Mcskinner?” she asked

My face turned red, and I replied “Sorry my lady, that’s not what I meant. I ask for your forgiveness, Clan Battlehammer has had little doings with any Worgen what so ever. I fear that our words might get mixed up.”

“I understand, and it’s the same for us too ya know. We have hardly fought alongside anyway other than our own kind for so long, but do not fear. In time, we come together and be as one.” she replied.

“Uh…right” I replied, wasn’t quite sure what she meant. As I saw the next outpost on the horizon I sped up on meh ram to catch up to the King. Once I did I saw a great opening in the mountainside.

“What in the blazes is that smell!” I shouted.

“That is the smell of opportunity my friend!” said Cinos

“What in the name of the stone are you talkin about?” I asked

“This is the sewer entrance; it’s an opportunity because they won’t be able to sense us coming.” answered the King.

Once we were all gathered we began our way down into the city. I got turned around so many times in them pipes, I hope I never have to go back again. Once we goth through the pies the King turned around and gave us a few last minute orders.

“Alright lads listen up, were gonna head down these stairs and take a right, follow the tunnel, and when ya come to the main chamber, go up the steps and to your right again. Got it?”

“Aye sir”

“Good, now let’s go, we got a bone to pick with Sylvannas.”

“Ha! Good one sir!” shouted Orooth

We charged out at the Kings signal and did just like he said. There were Deathguards all along the way, but they were no match for the force we brought with us. Once we were in the chamber it was a different story. Lady Sylvannas and her little minions were a force to be reckoned with, and by now the Horde forces were on their way as well. I had heard stories about the trickery that the Dark lady uses in battle. But to actually see it was an entirely different story.

The Horde had finally come, and some had made their way into the room but we forced them back out. The Dark Lady must have sensed that things were about to go bad for her because she vanished. She was nowhere to be found.

“COWARDLY BITCH!” shouted the King, he was most aggravated.  I would be too, it was no easy task getting here, and now with the Horde blocking the only exit, it was going to be even harder to get out.

It was a long struggle of back and forth. They would push in and we would push them out, and we were running low on supplies.

“Sir! The brought Death Knights with them!” I shouted.

“Stay away from the door!” he shouted, but it was too late. Some of the troops, including myself had already been pulled out by their death grip abilities. I was lucky and managed to force my way back inside, but I was in no shape to fight any longer. That’s when I felt myself being pulled out of the chamber by magic and knew someone had escaped and summoned us out. When my eyes adjusted we were on an island on the lake just outside of the city.

“Tend to the wounded, and set up a perimeter.” order Brúenor.

“Are you alright?” Nymaway asked me as she knelt down and took a look at my wounds.

“I’ve had worse” I replied.

“Allow me.” she replied, I nodded at her to go ahead.

I felt a warm feeling surge through my body as the magic flowed from her hands. My wounds began to close up and heal almost immediately.

“That’s amazing.” I said

“I forget that the dwarves do not know of druid magic, it comes from the earth elements, much like your shamans, but still different.” She replied.

“Thank you, my lady.” I replied to her and got back to my King where he wa speaking to the other Generals.

“Not everyone made it out sir.” reported Scruffy.

“What are we going to do?” asked Keella.

“For now, we retreat.” he said in a heavy voice.

Battlehammer Report: A new General

Rogi_Mcskinner, Nov 4, 11 7:17 PM.

A new General:

I was on edge this evening, my nerves were wearing thin. King Brúenor was due back today, and I had to report him about our latest battle, which was not a failure, but didn’t go as well as it should. I had never lead a command before, was my first time. The responsibility of lives in ones hands is a great burden to bear. I remember that night after we returned, troops were scattered about, working with the healers to mend the wounds. Some were worse than others. “Perhaps if I had been more prepared.” I thought to myself.

“Skinnah?” said a familiar voice. It was Cinos, my friend, and partner in leading the last battle.

“Hail friend, what can I do fer ya?” I asked him.

“Brúenor sent me to come and get ya, he wants to speak to you straight away, the troops are assembled.” He replied.

I let out a long sigh, so not only was I going to have to tell him what happened, but whatever his response was, it was going to be in front of the entire Clan. I was surprised to see all of the troops assembled, the city bell had not yet rung which normally is a signal that we are to march out, and it was still early.

“Corporal Mcskinner reporting as ordered sir!” I called out as I knelt down before the King.

“Stand up lad, and don’t look so nervous.” He said to me with a faint grin on his face.

“I have here your report, says here that you took charge and led the troops into battle. Says also that you suffered no loss of life, and only minor injuries, is that correct?” he asked

“Yes sir, as always my reports are accurate sir.”

He then turned to the rest of the troops and began to speak.

“Being a leader is a great responsibility, it takes a certain kind of character, and skill. To take on the responsibility of the lives of other, says something about a person. Losing a battle does not mean it was a failure, it just means things didn’t go as planned. What is most important is taking care of yer troops, and making sure that loss of life is minimal, Skinnah did just that. Ya got beat up a bit, and that happens to the best of us, but you all lived to fight another day.”

As he spoke I pondered those words, and I started to feel a little bit better about the outcome of last week’s battle.

“Skinnah, ya have been an important addition to my ranks these past few months. I rely on you to keep track of our battles so that others may learn from them as well as we do. You have even come through a time or to as an ambassador of sorts. You don’t think twice about giving help when it’s asked for, and I must say, your also a mast of that there rifle and your number of tamed ferocious beast.” He then took a step back and faced the entire formation.

“For outstanding service to Clan Battlehammer, for stepping up in a time when it was needed, and fer putting his life on the line to defend those who cannot defend themselves, I hereby promote Corporal Mcskinner to the rank of General! Stand and be recognized.”

The troops roared out in battle cries and cheers. It was not what I was expecting, but I was honored just the same.

“I will do my duty sir, and nothing less.” I replied to him as I rose from the ground.

“Make sure you do lad, I’m counting on you. Know get back in formation, we got some work to do.”


Once we were all quieted down and back in formation the King gave the order to mount up.

“From General Skinnah’s report, it seemed that the Sunsworn have bumped up there game a bit, even have been getting more support from other war bands. I say we go see what they can muster. To Silvermoon!” he shouted and then Heagnir summoned us just outside the city.

The march in went as it normally does, the guards were never really a challenge for us, we brought them down quick. We made our way through the city and headed straight for the city leaders chambers.  Once we were formed up at the base of the ramp just below the chambers, King Brúenor gave the order to charge.

“LONG LIVE CLAN BATTLEHAMMER!” he shouted as he turned and led us up and into the fight. Little did we know that the Sunsworn and their allies were waiting for us to make such a move. The came in behind us and attacked our rear. Some of the new recruits, who had not experienced this battle before, were lured back out of the room and slaughtered.

“Stay in the blasted room you dolts!” I shouted. But it mattered not; soon the Horde pushed in and drove us out. They had amassed a number of troops in the like of which I had never seen before in all the battles we have had here. We had to apply a few tricky tactics to get us all back together as a group, and once we did it seemed that the Horde had abandoned the fight. The king however was not fooled.

“Let’s move about the city, find them rat bastards, they are here somewhere!” he shouted above the crowd.

And find them we did, this time it was Clan Battlehammer that was trapping them in a room. It was going pretty successful at first, but then they started to pull some of us in the room, and once we were in there, there was no chance of us getting out. Soon they had taken enough of us down that they were able to charge out and decimate our reaming forces. We had been beaten, and the king gave the order to retreat to Ironforge.

Seeking Allies:

Back in Ironforge I approached the king, “Sir, the other day I spoke to you about the guilds that wanted to make an alliance with us.”

“Yes Skinnah and I told ya I would have to think about it.” He replied

“Yes, of course sir. But sir, I think that it is clear, especially after tonight’s battle, that were gonna need more troops to attack these cities.”

He let out a sigh and didn’t say anything for a moment. “I will speak to the other Generals and see what they think; I will have an answer within a day or two.” He replied then went back to unpacking and storing his gear.

I walked away feeling the same uncertainty as I did when I approached him. The Horde are working together now more than ever, and if we don’t do something soon, I fear for the fate of Clan Battlehammer, and the Alliance.

Battlehammer Report: The Sadistic Coward

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 29, 11 5:46 PM.

At some point in one’s life, they are called upon to step up and do what needs to be done. Last night was mine, and I was scared shitless. I had never lead a command before, helped lead but never been the one person everyone looks to for answers. Never the one who had the fate of others’ lives in the palm of my hand. Succeed and I would be praised, fail and I would be forever known as such.

Innocent Blood:         

The commons was in disarray when I arrived in Ironforge last night. Battlehammers were scattered in group’s chit chatting, and the guards seemed to be on edge.

“Cinos, what in the name of stone is going on?” I asked

“Some traders were attacked on Tol Barad. They were there delivering some supplies when they were hit. Only a few survived, and they might not live out the night. Only one is talking and he is in the inn. Keella is doing what she can for him.” He replied

“Where’s the King, or the rest of the generals?” I questioned.

“They haven’t reported in yet.” He said.

“Get the troops lined up, and I’ll go talk to this trader.”

When I went to the Inn, we were shown where the room was where he was kept. A couple of new recruits were standing guard just outside the door.

“Who are you?” I asked the one I didn’t know.

“Bearhammer sir!” he replied.

“Good to meet ya, and hello there Ginger.” Ginger was not a new recruit, but she has only been with us for a short while. Nice lass and one hell of a fighter, as most dwarven women are.

As I entered the room I had to adjust my eyes, it was only lit by the fire and a single candle over by the bed where the dwarf lay and Keella at his side with her hands running across his chest as she was whispering to herself. The man had a great gash across his chest from left to right. The sheets were soaked in blood, and he was having trouble staying conscious. When I approached the bed Keela looked at me but her hands kept moving and she kept whispering. Her look told me to keep my yap shut and stay back, so I did. When she had finished she stood up and came over to me.

“He’s weak, he won’t last long. I have done everything I can for him, and eased his pain.” She said in a concerned voice.

“Alright, thank you. I just need to ask him a few questions as to what happened.” I told her and approached him.

“Sir, your with Battlehammer yes?” he asked.

“Yes sir, Corporal Mcksinner, but ya can call me Skinnah if ya like, everyone else does.” I told him.

“Sir the others? What happened to the others?” He asked. He was so scared.

“I’m told they didn’t make it, which is why I am here. What happened?” I was getting nervous I might not get the answers I needed.

“We were commanded by the council to bring a shipment of armor fer the troops at the base camp in Tol Barad. We have made the trip several times, and the journey is fairly safe. When we arrived, they guards were reporting that some Horde had spotted close to the encampment. My son, young and naïve, but brave. He’s always dreamed of joining the fight against the Horde, and one day following King Bruenor onto the battlefields, and fighting alongside brave dwarves of you and…”

I had to cut him off. “Why are the others dead? Who did this to you?” I pressed him harder this time.

“My son went out to see if he could find the Horde. I didn’t notice till we were getting ready to return. The guards said their orders prevented them from going out to look for him. So my fellow trades and I grabbed our weapons and went after him.”

His voic changed, and I knew I was about to get some answers.

“We found his body, just up the hill from the camp, on the road that leads up to Baradin Hold.” He said as tears began to fall from his eyes. “They came out of nowhere, we are not fighter’s sir, and we could not defend ourselves. So we ran fer it, but they ran us down. I barely made it back to camp before I blacked out and then I woke up here.”

“I beg you, who were they?!” I tried not to shout but I was worried we wouldn’t be able to react in time.

“I dunno, the wore collors though.  Grey with a white rising sun..” he replied before he faded from life.

Anger rose up inside of me, I have seen that Tabard many a times since I sign up with Clan Battlehammer. One face in particular was burning in my mind, Ravenhul. Just like him to murder innocent traders who can barely defend themselves.

Taking Charge:

I made my way back to the commons where Cinos had finally gotten the troops in formation and he himself was standing in front of them where Brúenor or one of the other generals usually sits.

“Hey yer back, what did ya find out?” he asked as I turned and looked at the troops.

“Sunsworn, they are behind this. Ravenhul will die this night.” As I looked around I didn’t see any other Generals other than Brijit and Keella. They are both brave, and are good at what they do, but Kella is a healer, and Brijit a master trader, neither which is what we needed. We needed someone who would be on the front lines to call out orders .

“Where are the other generals? The king? Cinos! Where are they?!” I shouted at him.

“I don’t know! But we got to do something!” he shouted right back at me. He is a fierce shaman, and has whooped my arse many a time in duels. He’s skillful and loves the sound of his own voice, perfect man fer the job.

“You have to lead the troops tonight, we have to act now. We cannot wait for the others!” I told him

“I can’t do it by myself!” he replied as he stepped back.

“You won’t, we will do it together. You and me old friend.” I said as I stuck out my hand.

“Together then.” He replied as he grabbed my hand and gave it a firm shake.


I deployed a rogue to go and scout ahead while the rest of the troops got everything together and gathered a few last minute supplies. Once we were ready we were summoned in through the powers bestowed upon Clan Battlehammer for their service to the Alliance. One there Shadowforge filled me in on what he had found.

“Well, the dwarf was accurate. I found blood all over the road leading up the hill, but no bodies though. Tracks back up the hill and head off into the Horde camp, which is as far as I dared go alone.” He reported.

“Well done.” I told him.

No bodies, Ravenhul…how sick and sadistic he can be at times. Probably let his undead lackies consume them. He will die, and everyone found with him.

“Troops, listen up! I know none of you have ever followed my, or Cinos’s, command into battle before. I personally have never lead a command into battle before. This is not our first time out together. We have been fighting along each other’s side fer sometime know, nothing’s changed, accept Cinos is uglier than the king, and the voice in which you receive your orders is different. We will find these heathens and will eradicate them from the face of this realm. We will teach them the lesson that is painful. An attack on a dwarf of any kind will be met with swift retaliation. We will drop the hammer that is known as Clan Battlehammer upon them so they will never forget!”

Surprisingly I was met with cheers and war cries that made the nearby birds flee from the trees. If the Sunsworn were still here, they would know by now that we were too.

We found them just up the road from where the blood of the innocent traders still pooled on the ground. We had an element of surprise but it was short. We descended upon them like waves upn the rocks. Metal upon Metal could be heard fer miles. Battle cries and cries of agony rang throughout the island of Tol Barad. We suffered many injuries, but so did they. Both sides pushed each other back and forth the battlefield, and up and down that road. By the time it was over, the road was completely stained in blood. Apparently even Ravenhul has his limits when it comes to blood and carnage. After they made a huge push, and we had gathered and regrouped we were about to make what we had hoped a final charge that would end his life. But when we came over the hill all we found was a few scattered troops and a portal. He ran…like a coward!!

Battlehammer Report: Time to Act

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 26, 11 5:02 PM.

The war bands amongst the Horde are growing. With each passing day their ranks grow in number with more skillful warriors and magic users. Their leader, Garrosh Hellscream, is fierce and bloodthirsty. Thrall was wrong to leave him in charge, even if he was called away to a much higher calling. Even amongst the Horde leaders they agree that he is not the one to lead the Horde, but they will do nothing to betray the Horde as a whole. Now is the time to act. Garrosh is behind the growing numbers of war bands. Intel informs us that he is gaining their allegiance by promising them lands that he plans to take away from the Alliance. Clan Battlehammer was charged with infiltrating Orgrimmar to gain more intel on the situation.

The Plan:

The Generals of Clan Battlehammer met with their King down in the crypts of Old Ironforge. By candle light the gazed upon a map of Orgrimmar.

“Here, on this ledge we will make our stand” said King Bruenor

“And how will we gain access into Garrosh’s war room?” questioned Scruffy.

While pointing at the map, “We will fight here, and we will send in two rogues once the Horde is distracted. We will hold on for as long as we can, but they need to act fast.” said the king.

“Who will go?” asked Keella.

“Dorsen and Heagnir, unless there is an objection?” asked the king.

“No, there are very capable, and will get the job done.” Said General Scruffy

“Good, Keella you and Alestrom, along with the other healers, will hold here with the ranged fighters, while the melee fighters will move between these two points here, and here.” said Bruenor while pointing to the positions on the map. “While we fight here Dorsen and Heagnir will retrieve anything they can from the war room and send a signal when they are clear of the city, at that point Krevic and Traggik will open a portal back to Ironforge where will dress our wounds, and I will call for a keg to be opened from my own private stock. Let’s move out”

Let’s hope this works:

Being pulled through the nether and then being spit back out onto the other continent is never very pleasant.  But when ya do it as many times as we do ya get used to it, but it’s always fun to watch the new recruits vomit profusely all over themselves.

“Get yer heads on tight, we bout the move on Orgrimmar. I need ye to bring your best skills tonight.” Said the King as he called out for the troops to mount up on their gryphons and take to the skies.

The air is dry in Durotar, but when you get up above the dust clouds, the scenery is beautiful in its own way, from the ocean to the south, right up to the Gates of Orgrimmar. The gate is a solid stack of twisted metal and wood, ugly as an undead and representative to the new leader of the Horde.  Hovering over it Bruenor gives the Order for Dorsen and Heagnir to move into position and the rest of the troops to make their decent to the location previously discussed. We landed without detection, which was good for us but bad for the plan.

“Skinnah! Cinos! Front and center!” shouted the King. “Aye sir!” we replied in unison. “I need ye two to go out and lure the horde here, careful not to get knocked off yer mounts, you must lure them away from Garrosh. Go now!”

“Long Live Clan Battlehammer!” I shouted as we mounted our gryphons and flew off into different directions.

I remember thinking to myself “I just got offered up as bait!” But I cleared my thoughts of such things and focused on flying. I’m best on meh feet in most situations, but in the past few months I have learned how to maneuver my gryphon in hot situations. So I weaved in and out of the trade area of Orgrimmar shout insults to the horde. I even caught meh a few guards her were on my tail like a blood elf on mirror. While I was there I saw Dorsen and Heagner slip past the guards into the war room unseen, so I thought I would head back to the troops and hope that the suckers I caught would follow me there.


Success…I hope:

The horde that were on meh tail fell for the trap, and as soon as we finished up with them, Cinos was comin in hot with several on his tail. A mage that had followed him launched a fireball at him that struck his Gryphon in the arse and threw him from it. Luck for him Traggik was quick to react and cast a slow fall spell on him wich saved his life. We were in the heat of battle when Bruenor called for his generals to fall to the back of the group.

“What’s the status on those rogues?” He shouted above the fighting.

“No word yet sir, and they still have not sent up the flare to signal that they are clear of the city.”

“Well we need to get out of here as soon as..” The King was cut short by an explosion that came from the trade area.

“What in the blazes was that?” he demanded.

“Sire, when I was in the trade area, I saw them enter the war room unseen. I also noticed a cart full of explosives in front of there, the cart had a broken wheel and the goblin drivers were franticly trying to fix it.” I told him as I recalled what I had seen.

“Either way that explosion is gonna have this entire city coming down on our heads! Krevic! Traggik! Open the portals! Now!” ordered the king.

“My lord, what about those two?” asked Scruffy refereeing to the two rogues.

“Let’s hope they made it out of the city. Troops! Fall back through the portals!” shouted Bruenor.

Farewell to the brave:

Back in Ironforge the King had ordered a keg from his private stock to be brought up and tapped. He had shut down the tavern to all but Battlehammers and their friends, which is pretty much every dwarf in Ironforge. But the occasion was not a happy one, or one of victory or success. Dorsen and Heagnir never returned to the city. Their whereabouts are unknown, and are probably dead.

“Today we lost two brave dwarves. Brave not because they followed orders. Not because they entered a heavy guarded building, and not because the went with a plan that had a low rate for success. They were brave because they stood on the side of right. Brave because they fight for the freedom of not just the dwarven nation, but of all those whithin the Alliance. Brave because they gave up personal matters to server a higher calling. Brave because there were without fear, even in the face of death. Now raise yer glasses and raise em high. Salute to Dorsen and to Heagnir. Long Live Clan Battleh….”

Before the King could finish two stout dwarves covered in black soot entered the Tavern. One had tears in his eyes.

“Ah good King, ‘twas a lovely speech but damnit I’m thirsty!” said Dorsen with a smiling Heagnir at his side. “Besides, yer gonna want to see what I have found..” he said with a wicked grin on his face.

Battlehammer Report: Trick or Treat!

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 19, 11 4:30 PM.

Great change has been in the air within Clan Battlehammer this past week and more is still to come. With renewed spirit King Brúenor is striking fear into the hearts of Horde. Pushing his men farther and harder with each passing day, promoting those within his ranks to do the same in his absence, as well as demoting those who have failed to uphold their duties. Last week we engaged in a fierce battle within Orgrimmar, and this week we did the same, but in the desecrated lands of Loaderon.

Trick or Treat!

Hallows end is in full swing, and what better chance can ya get to try out some new things than an event that brings all the races from one side or another into one place. I’m not a huge fan of the event but I must say, Undercity is the perfect place to hold it. So when I strolled into Ironforge after a long day of stocking up my stash of leather, I asked the King, “What we gonna do tonight?” Without turning away from the formation of troops in from of him he simply said, “Te pick a fight.” After the Promotion of Brijit, one of the bravest dwarves I have ever known, even though she’s a bit iffy with her rifle, to General, and Clan Battlehammer treasurer, we mounted up headed to the Haunted lands of Tirisfal Glades te pick a fight with the Horde and steal their candy!

That’s a lot of Horde!

I wasn’t expecting there to be many Horde troops in the Courtyard of Undercity, so when we got there I was surprised to say the least. Apparently the guard’s didn’t like Brúenor’s trick, which was simply caving in the skull of a Deathguard with nothing but his bare fist. And we were all out of candy, which why we were here, well technically, it was just something I was gonna do. So we just decided to start killing everything in sight. Now Aprently <The Crew> has a sweettooth because once we started to get the upper hand, and I had mine in the candy bucket, they came out of nowhere and started to put a beat down on us like Garrosh should have done to Sylvanas when she told him about how the Undead race could “procreate”. They rolled over us like a dwarven made Steam tank. Now I’m not going to disclose how many of us there where because I know these are public records, and if Ravenhul new, he would have probably cried even harder when he severed all ties to Undercity aboard the Alliance airship Skybreaker.

Sewer Slaughter Spectacular

I’ve never really explored much of the former human castle of Loaderon, I was a young lad when Arthas betrayed his father and the entire human race, and sealed the deal in his father’s blood. Some of the other lads in the Clan came up with the idea of heading down into this tunnel and digging in there and fight the Horde in an enclosed area. The plane work smoothly. Once we were down there, we were dug in deep. The Horde couldn’t root us out fer anything. After about an hours’ worth of fast paced fights, which we just so happened to slay around 300 Horde, and I must say of those 300, Ravenhul counted for about 30 of them, I even mentioned to the lads, “I’d hate the have his repair bill!”, they got smart and started to come at us from behind. Even still they had no luck. Every time they came at us we were able to send them back out running fer their lives. But it’s hard to keep a dwarf focused on one thing fer a long period of time. We would have moved out sooner if it were not fer the fast paced action. So we pushed back out into the courtyard again. Slaying everything in sight, and of course I grabbed meh a handful of candy before we ran back down below. This time though it seemed the Horde had given up trying to get us out of there so we charged out of there and headed fer the front gates. Once there we set up in our formations and prepared for an assault. Some came but we shoved them right back in. Time and time again they tried to push out, and time and time again they were pushed back in, or found themselves in the afterlife.

Need more Candeh!

“All right lads, prepare to be ported back to Ironforge, I think we have ruined there fun fer one day.” Ordered Brúenor.

“Sire! I need more candeh!” I cried out.

“Skinnah, we did not come here fer you te…” but before he could finish I cut him off. “But sir, it’s not like they could stop us!”

A few others joined in with shouts over the fighting, “Aye!” “Let’s fill our helms to the brim!”

“Alright! To the candeh!” cried Brúenor, and we all charged in to make a final grab and go at the candey bucket while the mages started to open up portals behind us. Some only grabbed handfuls, or pulled off there helms and scooped out a bunch, I myself pulled out an empty Frostweave bag and just dumped what was left right in there, slung that heavy son of trog over me shoulder and ran fer the portal laughing as the deathguards charged at meh saying, …well who in the heck knows what they were saying.

Here’s to a Stomachache from hell

Once back in Ironforge, I plopped that heavy bag down on a table in the tavern. It was so pretty, all the shiny wrappers, glistening in the candle light. “Hey Skinnah, can I get some of that?” asked one of the new recruits. “Keep ya filthy hands of meh candy, or I’ll whomp ya one something fierce!” I scolded him. He backed away with a hint of fear in his eye, I would never really hit another Battlehammer…unless they had it coming.

“Skinnah!” shouted the king from across the room, I didn’t even know he was there.

“Yes sire?” I asked as he came across and then grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

In a whimpering voice I cried out to him “Sire?” as I ran after him.

He walked out into the middle of the commons and put the bag at his feet. “Ironforge! Listen up! Clan Battlehammer earlier tonight charged the gates of Undercity and systematically destroyed their Holiday!” When I though he wasn’t looking I tried to grab hold of the bag and sneak it from his grasp, but before I could even touch the bag he wrapped me on the head with his hammer and knocked meh on my arse. I saw stars, felt like I was gonna throw up, and decided to just stay where I landed.

“Now if yeh remember a few weeks back there was an incident with Mcskinnah and a bottle of cursed ale. He has graciously decided to give back to the city by donating his entire bag of Candy, which I must say is pretty damn heavy, and there should be enough fer everyone here to get themselves a handful!”

A tear began to roll down meh cheek, as I stretched out meh hand towards my bag of candy. As I did I felt a hand hold me back and a whisper in Krevics voice, “Ye want another thumpin you idiot.”

I looked up at the King and he came over to me and with a smile he said, “Dry up ya big baby, besides, this doesn’t even come close to repaying the debt you owe to this city. Now go turn in, and tend to that lump on yer head before I give ya another!”

Battlehammer Report: Earning the Right

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 15, 11 12:47 PM.

If it doesn’t work the first time you just got to try it again. For weeks I thought King Brúenor had lost his mind, attacking Orgrimmar twice a week with the same results. So when we went there again after slap around a worgen who was defiling the altar in the Stormwind Cathedral..why we were there I cannot tell you since people always try to run us out of town, But Wrynn knows without us, the Alliance would be at a disadvantage with the Horde. So when the crowd gets uppity the guards tend to look away, and we just mount up on our huge mammoths and war bears, and walk right over the top of them. Then when we finally do leave to do something productive, reports come in begging us for help.

Last night we went from one end of Durotar to the other. We started of their training grounds, where the guards there hit hard, but by god I think they are wearing paper hats and using foam armor because they drop faster than Mervyyn’s pants after a few pints of Ogre ale. Also we noted that the Horde seemed to care less about the less experienced members, for they received no help, and were left alone, to plead with us for their lives.

“Brúenor no kill?” a rather ugly orc asked.

“Well lemme ask you..” but before he could finish, a shot was fired and the orc hit the dirt. As the King turned around to see who it was, he stopped and looked at Brijit who seemed to be the only one avoiding his eyes. When she realized she had been found out the, she met his gaze and said “Woops?”  Then we all busted out with laughter.

“Let’s move out!” he shouted. So we all mounted up and flew north, coming upon the village of Razor Hill. Having been here several times, it was not much of a challenge and within moments of touching down, the population was killed, and the buildings were set ablaze. Marching forward up the ravine towards the Gates of Orgrimmar, we were met by a few Horde members who were too much of a coward to land on their feet and face us, they just stayed flying overhead.

Once we got within sight of the gates, the king ordered us to charge in and clear it out, and that we did. It was quite a fight, and went on for a good bit, as far as fights like these go. We pushed in to the gate and held our ground fer only a moment before we withdrew so as not to get trapped in there, we may like to live in caves, but by stone we hate to be trapped. As we fell back away from the gates, the Horde was hot on our arse.  They hit us with all their might and we fought as hard as we could, but they got the upper hand and won the fight.

We all know dwarves are stubborn, and Battlehammer is full of the most stubborn ones. So instead of running back to Ironforge to lick our wounds, we regrouped and headed over to the Orgrimmar docks. The guards there were pretty week, and the Horde seemed to care less.  After we had cleared them of all forces and took what we wanted from their supplies, they King declared “Clan Battlehammer now owns these Docks and has control of everything that comes through them. We will re-route everything to Menethil Harbor and from there it will be shipped to Ironforge.” After he was done speaking he ordered a small group of fighters to stand a post at the docks, and to keep him updated with hourly reports.

We were not done yet, our hunger fer blood was not satisfied. So with help of Dorsen, the most sneaky dwarf rogue I know, we were summoned up on to one of the cliffs inside of Orgrimmar. We killed all the guards to get the attention of the Horde, and by go we got it. They came from all sides and from above, and we beat the piss out of them. Their forces being spread out like that was their downfall. We were able to focus them down one group after another. They tried a couple of tricks, while clever as they were, they all failed.  It was one of the fiercest battles Battlehammer has been in fer a while. Many fought till they couldn’t lift their weapons anymore, and others fell to the Horde. For the final push the Horde actually got smart and grouped up and plowed right into us, and they sent us running in all directions, and that’s what won them the fight.

Back in Ironforge the King gave a little speech about the fight.

“I am proud of you all, ye fought hard, ya killed Horde, and ya never gave up. That’s what sets you apart from the rest of the Alliance and their so called Heroes. Ye have earned the right to bear the name Battlehammer. Ye have earned the right to walk among the rest of the Alliance and feel superior. Ya have earned the right, to rest, and recuperate, and by stone get drunk!”

Battlehammer Report: Orgrimmar to Silvermoon

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 12, 11 4:12 PM.

The troops were in good spirits last night as the fell into formation in front of the mighty King Brúenor, who at the time I showed up was having a go with one drunk dwarf known as Manbeard. Apparently they were just spouting insults to each other, which for Manbeard’s sake, was a good thing. For if it would have come to blows, killing a fellow dwarf is not something we as a dwarf ourselves look forward too.

“Ya call tha’ a beard! It’s more like peach fuzz!” spouted Manbeard to a cool and calm Brúenor.

“I”ve see the dwarven women with fuller beards than wat you got on yer face ya blubbering drunk!” returned Brúenor.

And with that Manbeard became speechless. Throwing out a death threat that the King just disregarded as drunken rambling, Manbeard turned to walk away, perhaps back to the Tavern, he dropped right in his tracks face first to the ground. We all let out a hearty laugh. He was still lying there snoring as we marched out of Ironforge.

As always we like to keep the Horde on their toes, so we made a trip to the Orgrimmar gates. Upon landing there were not many Horde there to be slain, but there was one that mattered. Natureswill is one most well-known Horde members on the entire realm. Time and time has someone called out his name as a target on the battlefield and that sly snaky son of yet always gets away. Tonight was different, we descended on him from out the sky before he had a chance to do a damn thing. We were all over him, like blood elves to hair gel, goblins to gold, orcs to shiny things, and , well basicly we were all over his arse, and it didn’t take long to put him down.

Once we had him down though, it was like we kicked a hornets nest. The Horde came flooding out the front gates of Orgrimmar, wave after wave came crashing into us, we put down as many as we could, but alas, there were to many of them and we went down ourselves. Lucky for us we had a sneaky dwarf to resurrect us, and another to summon us right the hell out of there.

So once my head stopped spinning from being yanked across the nether or whatever its called, I could see were going to go and visit the Fairy Princess. So we charged right into Silvermoon and headed straight to his chambers. Once in front of it we took down all the guards and readied to slay him. We had little time; we knew that those who had not had enough of us in Orgrimmar would surely find their way here.

It was overall a good fight. The Sunsworn, with the help of Gorwatha Warband, and a few others, there were able to root us out of the throne room and back out into the courtyard. It was a shame too, we were very close to putting him down, and hopefully for good. They kept pushing us further and further back, so before we suffered the same fate as we did in Orgrimmar we had a mage port us the hell out of there.

And this concludes another Battlehammer Report



Battlehammer Report: Let's just go Fight

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 5, 11 8:52 PM.

Last night war party was a pretty usual one. We gathered the troops in Ironforge and moved out right away. King Brúenor was not in the happiest of moods and wanted to get his hands on something right away. So rather it be one of the new recruits by doing what all new recruits do, screw up, he decided to just head on out to Orgrimmar and kill some Orcs, and whatever else lie behind those impenetrable walls.

The trip out there was rather a fast one. I myself was on my new drake mount I got for services rendered on the island of Tol Barad. Fierce as all hell and befitting a dwarf. Some of the newer recruits jumped on two-seater flying mounts so they didn’t get left behind.

Upon arriving in Durotar Brúenor halted us in midflight and discussed battle strategies. The favorite was the one where we all swoop in on gryphons and kill everything before they get a chance to call for help or even have a clue as to what is happening. Then we fly right back out of there before reinforcements can get there.

We entered the city on the west side and headed deep within the city tunnels. Fighting down there is like shooting in the dark, fun as hell. First off ya can barely see in front of your face, but neither can they. One time I believe I took a round in the shoulder, courtesy of Brijit, who is the bravest of all the dwarves, but a poor shot. It didn’t take the Horde long to muster up their forces and root us out of there, but we were not done yet. The King was still fuming, and wouldn’t go home until he was satisfied.

So ‘round the city we went, back to the front gates, dropped in and gave a rather nasty Clan Battlehammer greeting, which is like a kick in the face, or frostbolt on the nose, or even an axe in the back of a coward running away. This time though, there were a few more numbers who were willing to come out and play sort of speak. I think I counted eight, or was it ten, might have been fifteen, but the point is there was a ton of hunters out there and man when they all hit the same target *whistles* things drop like Mervynn’s britches at a ram race during Brewfest.

All in all it was a good night, lots of Horde died, and we suffered quite a bit ourselves, I included. The king was satisfied that the new recruits were training hard, and that it showed in there fighting this evening. After words I and the Generals went off to the tavern with the King to discuss a more focused direction within Clan Battlehammer.

Battlehammer Report: Running Rampant

Rogi_Mcskinner, Oct 2, 11 12:21 AM.

I was glad to see me King at the head of the troops when I strolled in to the Commons for roll cal last night. It seems his drunkin stupor has worn off from all the Brewfest drinkin. All though I think the ale is still sloshing around in that skull of his, for he has missed a lot, and a proper report was not given to him. But none the less he rallied us up fer a good battle.

“Is Ashenvale still on marshal law?” he asked one of his generals.

“No sir” replied General Keella, “but there a still some troops there to watch over their supplies as the make way for them to be shipped to Northrend.”

“Well that’ll do fer me until my head full clears, and I get a decent report around here.” He replied as he threw my report onto the ground as if it were nothing more than an invitation a Troll and Bloodelf wedding.

“Now let’s mount up troops, and make fer Theramore Isle. We will start there and burn every one Alliance encampment and see what kind of trouble we can stir up.”

So we all waited for Krevic to summon us a portal to Theramore Isle, it wasn’t long before we realized he wasn’t there, so we had a new recruit do it for us. Once there we mounted up on our beautiful war rams and charged up the road. In just a few short clicks we came to a Tuaren village. It wasn’t until it was half razed that I mentioned to the King that these were Grimtotem Taurens, and they were no friends to the Horde.

“You don’t think I knew that? Skinnah, I appreciated the things you do fer me and the Clan, but don’t you forget that I am still your King, and therefore anything I say is to be followed to the letter, without question!”

Retreating like a scolded worg pup to the rear with all the other ranged soldiers; I started to wonder if I had not gotten too comfortable in the absence of my King. It seemed that some of us had, and he would not tolerate it. So fer the rest of the night I decided to go ahead and act like Soldier of the year.

After there we mounted up on our fast flying mounts, just got me a drake from Tol Barad earlier that day, and headed for the village of crossroads. As normal, we encountered little resistance. A couple of looky loos came to watch us raise the village to the ground, I think some of the mages got a few shots off, but other than that it was pretty quiet. So on that note, the king mounted us up and headed North to the recently war torn lands of Ashenvale forest.

Upon arrival, we could see that there was not many troops there, but a lot of supplies. So we helped ourselves to anything we needed and burned the rest, all the whole slaying as many orcs as we could. Heading deeper and deeper into the forest the view was the same; minor troop numbers and a hell of a lot of supplies. Splintreepost, and even the Warsong Lumber Camp was empty in troops, but abundant on supplies, which would come in handy as were continually grow in our ranks.

“Well, this is rather unbefitting a dwarf!” said the King in response to the low number of kills he had that night. “Alright listen up, were gonna take the fight to them!” The troops let their battle cries fill the skies as we mounted up and headed for Orgrimmar.

Orgrimmar is a very busy place, I don’t know why; I want to vomit every time the stench from there fills my nostrils. But it didn’t take long for most of the city to know we were there. We were met with heavy forces before we even got a foot hold inside the gates. We suffered heavy injury right away and were force to retreat from the city, but not before one of those filthy Hand of Lordaeron  heathens managed to slice of a piece of King Brúenors beard. On are way back to Ironforge he was distant, and quite. It is quite embarrassing to have such a thing happen to a dwarf. But if I know our King, he will be back to his old self just as soon as he visits the old barbershop and gets his beard trimmed up proper.

As soon as we landed in Ironforge, shouts could be heard from the military ward. At first I thought that maybe a few guards had started a brawl, it is Brewfest after all, and they like to do that once in a while, and let the citizens place bets, get drunk and have a good time. Then a short, wee, young lass came runnin up to us in tears saying she saw Horde.

“All troops report to the Military Ward, slay them sons of filth before they get anyone else!’ cried Brúenor.

We charged in there as fast as we could, not realizing this was no rabble of Orcs. These we trained fighters, and the leader was one hell of a tactician. We couldn’t even get at them. They had there healers locked down tight, and there was nothing we could do, till a rogue came along. That sneaky little devil snuck in there and found a good hiding spot. Then by the powers givin to all Battlehammers fer there services to Ironforge, he summoned the lot of in behind there healers. We took them down, and then the rest fell face first right after them.  A few other factions showed up at the end, claiming to be responsible, but we now what really happened, and that is Clan Battlehammer saved the day!

After the final fight, I approached Brúenor and tried to explain to him all the new quarrels we had been into, and give him all the information, but he was in no mood to talk, and asked to me put it all in a report, so that’s what I’ll do. And then he headed off to the Barbershop.

Battlehammer Salutes Kingship of the East

Rogi_Mcskinner, Sep 28, 11 7:35 PM.
Congrats on 5 years of making friends and slaying enemies. Clan Battlehammer is proud to serve with you and call you her Ally. Your anniversary will go down as one of my personal favorites in my WoW history. I put together a little clip, and its my first one, hope you like it.


Battlehammer Report: "Thats our ale!"

Rogi_Mcskinner, Sep 24, 11 3:44 PM.
Brewfest is in full swing here in Azeroth, and as a dwarf, I couldn’t be happier. We got all kinds of different ales, ram racing, drunken brawls, and even good fights with the Horde. They come from near and far to sample the brew. Even the Dark Iron dwarfs are trying to get in on the fun!

Tonight when I made my way to Ironforge, I had one hell of a headache. I was up and down all week. I learned to ram race, took out that dirty devil Direbrew, and even got my bell rung a few times in some fights. The King was face down in the commons with no pants on, surrounded by a few Battlehammers that were moving a few gawkers along their way.
“Mcskinner, we need to get him out of here!” Kaimuru said.

“Lets all grab a limb and take him to my room in the inn, let him sleep it off.”
So we went ahead and dragged his heavy !@#$ to my room. We plopped him down on the bed, and he didn’t even wake up. He was sawing logs like a goblin shredder in Ashenvale when we left him, and paid one of the maidens a few gold to keep an eye on him and clean him up.

Back in the commons we were forming up to go ahead and prepare for battle, General Thorin was at the head of the column this evening. He had a grin on his face, which always meant he had a sneaky plan up his sleeve.

“Lads with Brewfest here, it has drawn some unwanted attention. It seems the Horde have been coming in and stealing our ale!” Battle cries and jeers filled the commons, “Those rotten, ugly, no good sons of a goat!” cried Bradrad. “Aye, I’m angry as well!” replied Thorin. “So tonight, were gonna go and get it back! So once I get the word from Dorsen, we will be summoning into their territory. So get ready!” Thorin shouted.

Once we were summoned in, we charged straight for their Brewfest area. Taking down all we could see.

“Stay in the middle lads! Healers in the center, Hunters drop your traps, the rest of ya keep your eyes peeled for the Horde.!” ordered Thorin. There were not many Horde there at the moment, but once they knew we were there they would come from all over, but we dwarves love our ale, and would die to protect it, like we would die for the King!

After a few minutes the started to show up three or four at a time. We held them off with ease. General Thorins tactics were working perfectly. He was a smart General, and knew his battle strategies. Finally they got a group large enough to root us out, but we were not going to abandon our ale! So we regrouped and sent in another rogue to summon us in.
We went with the same successful tactics, and they worked again, but this time the Horde was prepared and had more numbers there waiting for us.

 “Fight hard lads, we need just a moment! Krevic! Get a portal opened up lad!” So while Krevic was opening up a portal, Mervyyn and, Pheq were wrangling a giant keg on wheels that was pulled by a huge kodo. Once they got the beast through, Thorin Ordered the rest to follow them through.

“Skinnah! C’mon you dolt!” shouted Krevic. “Hold on a sec” I replied. I was trying to load up me arms. “Here they come, get a move on damn you!” he shouted at me. “On my way!” I replied and headed for the portal.

Mcskinner could be heard in a fit of laughter as he said “Thanks for the ale!”, and he ran through the portal, laughing, with a keg under each arm!

Battlehammer Report: Sad day for dwarves

Rogi_Mcskinner, Sep 20, 11 10:29 AM.

The past week or so has been one of the bloodiest I can ever remember. Battlefields near and far has been littered with friends and brothers and sisters. Banner s laid torn, shields broken, and weapons shattered. Morale is down, the threat is high, and the outlook is grimmer than ever before. Hope for the future is hard to see, and what will become of the Alliance is still up in the air, and that is a scary thought.

Dwarves are digging:

The hold that the Horde has had on Ashenvale requires immediate attention. Calls have gone out to every sub-faction, guild, and clans to come to the aide of the elven lands. Clan Battlehammer is one to answer the call to arms. “We need a back door.” said the king as he addressed his war council. As he pointed at the map he spoke the plan. “We can start here, and dig up into this tunnel here. And right before we are about to strike, I will give the word for the final blast that will allow us to charge out and take control of the outpost. So let’s start there, and be ready by next week.” With the orders in hand and after a visit to Steelgrills Depot for some explosive, several of us started out trip to Ashenvale. Once we were there we went straight to work. Digging and blasting all day and all night. We had several miles to go and only a week to do it. We worked in shift, and were denied our ale to motivate us to work as fast as we can. After several days we started to hear voices in our tunnel, and that was the sign we needed to know we were close. A dispatch was sent back to Ironforge to inform King Brúenor that we were ready. “Brijit, make sure them explosive fer the final blast is ready, and on my signal, light the fuse.” I said. “Aye sir!” she said in a sarcastic voice. She was a little upset that she had to work on her birthday. But she did as I asked, and headed of down the tunnel. As the forces of Clan Battlehammer came upon the tunnel, the ground shook and there was a deafening boom from the tunnel. “BRIJIT!” I called out in a concerned yell. “What?” she said from behind me. I turned and saw that she had the igniter in her hand. “Tell me that you didn’t do what I think you just did.” “What? I went down the tunnel and set off the fuse like you said.” As I shook my head I turned to the King. “Sorry sir, it seems there was some confusion. The final blast has been set off, and by now the Horde will be massing in the Outpost, so we better head there now.” “Lets move out!” he ordered and then we all charged down the tunnel and prepared to be met with a large Horde force. To our surprise there wasn’t but a few guards there, and we took them down really quickly. “Lets set up our defensive position and.” But before the King could finish, Horde forces swooped down from the skies and hit us hard, defeating us rather quickly. After we regrouped and tried to push them out of the outpost, we started to get hard, very hard. “Back to the tunnel! Mcskinner you stay in the rear and as the last dwarf passes, you collapse that tunnel. It is imperative that you do this, otherwise they will follow us in the tunnel and we will surely be buried alive.”

Ironforge under Siege:

As we retreated to Ironforge and began to move out, guards came running into the commons. “Brúenor! King Brúenor Battlehammer! Horde is attacking the Council!” they cried. “To the council chambers troops!” he ordered. As we rounded our forces into the Great Forge and went to enter the Council chamber, we saw immediately that the Council was already down 2 of its 3 members. Old Muradin was fighting to beat hell and giving them Horde all he could. The Horde saw us coming from a mile away. We couldn’t even get in the damn Council chambers. Three times we pushed in with all our forces and three times we were forced back out. It didn’t take long before Muradin went down. Even though he was gone, we were ordered to fight on. Trying to keep the Horde contained until more forces could arrive, none came. And soon we fell to the same fate as Muradin. Seeing their opportunity they began to make their way to the front gates. Our forces were thinned down but our spirit was high. “Fer Ironforge! Fer Clan Battlehammer!” cried Brigit, who, as it seemed, forgot all about her birthday and fought with all hear heart. She has one of the biggest hearts in all of Clan Battlehammer, one of the bravest as well. She was right out in front, chasing them Horde out of the city as far as she could before they would mock us and turn around and trample us back down.

Sad day to be a dwarf:

We fought hard today. We fell several times, and went through our entire supply of bandages. No help came to our aide. Even the guards decided to stay out of the fight for the most part. Ironforge was hit hard, and was lost to the Horde. It must have been to pretty for them because they left the great city as soon as they had control of it. Thank the gods that they did so. So for now the dwarves of Ironforge and of Clan Battlehammer will sit in there city and heal their wounds, and rebuild beloved city. As we speak the war council is drawing up plans, and re-strategizing. We will get our revenge on the Horde and more importantly the one that were the colors of the Crew! So have your parties, celebrate and yuk it up! Your victory will be short and sweet!!

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