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Who are the Sacred Council?


The Sacred Council is an Earth Eternal Clan, we are based out of the Greek city of Athens and we are loyal to the Warrior Goddess Athena. There are no race or class restrictions for membership of this clan.

We are Warriors of Renown
Members of the Sacred council are expected to study battle and combat tactics in order to form an elite force of warriors that will be respected throughout the world. We seek out those adventurers who exhibit self discipline, honour and ambition. Reaching high levels and owning the best equipment in existence is worthless if you are not in possession of the intelligence and cunning to use the tools you have at your disposal to their full potential. Brute force is not enough, the greatest weapon a warrior will ever possess is their mind.

Our clan alignment is Lawful Evil
We are fiercely loyal to our friends and allies and we strictly follow the rules of the clan, but we show no mercy or compassion towards those who oppose us, when we engage an enemy we fight as if we are the forces of hell, we are ruthless, we show no restraint or regret and we do whatever it takes to achieve victory. Those of other alignments are welcome to join this clan if they are willing to respect the fact that our methods will never change to suit their moral code.

Our patron is the Warrior Goddess Athena.

There is a strong religious group within our clan loyal to the warrior goddess Athena, You do not need to worship in our Mistress Athena to join this clan, but you must respect her, Athens is her city and we are her sword.  

We savor life and we have a passion for living
Our guild members live together, we fight together, we die together. Even though we are a clan who embraces self discipline and hard work, we have a passion for life and living, we savour our free time and enjoy the fruits of our labour, we enforce the bonds between clan members by hosting the most hedonistic and self indulgent parties in the whole of the earth eternal world.


The Sacred Council and Earth Eternal are now on Guild Portal!

TSCDarc, Jul 3, 09 4:39 PM.
Welcome to our new guild portal website everyone! Keep your eyes open for more updates!
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