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Jul 12, 09 2:15 PM
Military Quarter and Patchwerk
Jul 5, 09 1:21 AM
First Bank Tab and Tabard Available
Jun 30, 09 12:11 AM
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C O F F I N  F O D D E R :: is a new guild on Eonar (US) with aims to start raiding soon with a focus on 10-man content.  While designed with raids in mind, Coffin Fodder is also a drama-free and friendly environment in which to level your character(s) and enjoy the game.

Currently, the guild has a tabard and guild bank.  Heroics are run daily, usually between one and four a night, and 10-man Naxxramas is being PUG'd on Fridays and Saturdays.

Want to know more information? Send an in-game mail to any member or ask on the forums.  Want to join? Find us in-game and ask for the invite! The only current recruiting stipulation is the requirement of level 20 or above.
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BehemothGnome, Jul 12, 09 2:15 PM.
In an effort to continue squashing Naxxramas, Luciferia and Irrelevant joined friends from The Enlightened last night and marched through the dread citadel annihilating everything in the way.

Before the Lord of Naxxramas had a say in things, the once mighty lich, Kel'Thuzad, found himself heaped into some sort of primordial orb of lichy goo. Or whatever the hell it is liches turn into when they die.

Military Quarter and Patchwerk

BehemothGnome, Jul 5, 09 1:21 AM.
Continuing efforts to experience and learn Naxxramas, Irrelevant and Luciferia, in a PUG with Docsolo, were able to squash Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester, and The Four Horsemen in the Military Quarter, and Patchwerk from the Construct Quarter before the raid was called for the night.  Unfortunately, we both forgot to take any screen shots of boss kills <.<

First Bank Tab and Tabard Available

BehemothGnome, Jun 30, 09 12:11 AM.
The guild tabard has been designed and set, and the first tab is now available in the guild bank. We are currently in the process of preparing to buy more tabs for the guild bank.
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