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Earth Force Charter
That we, Earth Force, have banded together to protect and safeguard the planet Earth, and her inhabitants and resources, from any and all threats, be they terrestrial or otherwise, which might prove to be beyond the power of conventional forces. We shall tolerate no interference in the growth of humanity in meeting its rightful destiny.
We dedicate ourselves to the establishment, growth, and preservation of peace, liberty, equality, and justice under law. We pledge our very lives to stamp out injustice, inequity, and tyranny.
This is our solemn oath.

Earth Force is hereby chartered as a non-profit organization uner the laws as set down by the United States; said organization being recognized and fully sanctioned as a peace-keeping force by the National Security Council of the United States, by the United Nations, and the United Nations Security Council.
In accordance with the tenets of national and international laws, Earth Force, acting individually or as a group, are herein authorized to function in all lands, territories, or protectorates of the United States and any member nations affiliated with the United Nations.
As a non-profit organization, Earth Force shall be funded chiefly by private grants. Major funding for the activities of Earth Force, for their headquarters and equipment, shall be provided by grants from the Theodore King Foundation (Timothy King, Director), with additional funding provided by the United Nations. These grants are accepted by Earth Force with the understanding that the Foundation and the United Nations shall have no say in Earth Force operations or in the deployment of funds within the Earth Force organization.
The day-to-day operations of Earth Force shall be governed by the current Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, and any and all officers.
IN WITNESS of this charter, we the founding members have hereunto subscribed our names.

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