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Jun 27, 09 9:13 AM
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Welcome to Contingency's Web Home!
If you have found us here, hopefully that means you have met some of our members in game and are interested in learning more about what we are about.  

    The mission here at Contingency is to create the marriage between casual gameplay and raiding.  A casual raid guild by definition is one that raids and sees content but does not have "required" attendance.  We feel at Contingency that this is the best and only way to raid.
That being said Contingency offers a few things to its members and prospective members:
-We offer a place where you can play freely and not deal with "required attendance"
-A place where you can enjoy all aspects of WoW without fear of ridicule
-A relaxing (for the most part...mature haha) atmosphere to chat and get to know your fellow guildmates.
-A place where no question is dumb and you have guildmates around willing to help you learn the game and the "in's and out's"
What we ask in return at Contingency is this:
-If you say you are going to attend a raid, that you are prompt and prepared.  Please do not sign up if you are not going to attend there will be consequences to this.
-You treat all other players with respect and dignity.  There needs to be no "name calling" or "leet" actions.  Jokes are jokes but when it becomes problematic or offensive, it will be handled.
-Know that what you do reflects upon us as a guild together.  Your actions in and out of groups can build or destroy our reputation as a guild and distructive behavior will not be tolerated.
-Know that begging in and outside of guild chat is not tolerated.  We are here to help, but one must be willing to help themselves before the guild members are willing to go out of their way.  Do not expect handouts, expect to work for, and appreciate all that there is to gain in the WoW world.

Now that the wall of text is complete, if you want to apply, please fill out an app and it will be reviewed asap.  If you have applied and have not recieved a response, maybe we are on vacation(j/k)...seriously just contact Galadrial, or Yamie in game for more information.  On that note we will leave you to browse, and remember:
 Real Life is GREATER than WoW!

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

MKunstman, Jun 27, 09 9:13 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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