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Sometimes life can be as bitter as Dragon Tears. But whether Dragon Tears are bitter or sweet depends entirely on how each person persieves the taste.

- Chinese proverb
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Check out the new Poll question! your views are valuable to us.

chrystian2, Jun 30, 09 3:15 AM.
I will be posting random polls.. please vote!

please read forums for officer appointment information

chrystian2, Jun 26, 09 2:12 AM.
i will be selecting new officers and have opened it up for discussion.. please post your oppinions on the guild forum page

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

chrystian2, Jun 23, 09 8:24 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
[item type="preload"]stormwind[/item]Welcome to arcane elite. we are a laid back casual guild who places emphasis on fun. Our policy is to give you a secure and fun place to lvl  your character. Although we do not power level. we will help in whatever way possible.
Arcane Elite
Arcane Elite was created in 2006  by like minded individuals who wanted a guild that was fun and entertaining. Through the years we have endured many hardships including having the guild hacked and disbanned, But we survived and are still going strong. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of family and friends.
Guild Rules
There are a few rules that pertain to the guild. I expect each individual to take them to heart. They are as follow:

1. No excessive neediness. its ok to ask for help just dont abuse the privledge. we will help where we can but remember that each member is working on their own content.
2. Absoulutely no Ninja looting. We consider this stealing! Ninja looting could result in your immediate termination from the guild.
3.Dont be greedy. The guild bank is there for all to use but if you take out items that are higher than your lvl to either put in the ah or give to someone OUTSIDE the guild, the following actions will result:
   A. first offensive will result in a verbal or written warning and your bank access will be revoked. this will include you be demoted to legionaire.
   B. second offense will result in termination from the guild.
4.You may cuss, but not at each other. Any arguments need to be kept from guild chat as a curtesy to others. If a situation cannot be resolve please contact a guild officer or myself for mediation.
5. Conduct yourself in a presentable manner. And what I mean by this, please do not make a fool of yourself in General,or Trade chat or in a Raid or group.This reflects poorly on the guild. By all means have fun, But offensive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. first offense will result in a warning , the second offense will result in your immediate termination from the guild.
6. We do not Power Lvl. SO DON"T ASK!

These are simple rules. Thank you all in advance for abiding by them.
Current addons
Current add-ons you might find useful

Deadly boss mods  {must have to raid}
These can be found at:
please download curse client
guild progress can be follow at
There are no upcoming events.
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