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Sep 1, 09 9:26 AM
MOD 9 Headstart
Aug 20, 09 12:13 PM
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Jun 22, 09 5:56 PM
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- Performance & Camaraderie that can go beyond DDO, Elite expectations of performance and membership without becoming Elitist.

LEADERSHIP:  Gravis Negotium is governed by Three Councilmen and supported by it's Officers.

a) 3 Councilmen: Currently held by Bruttus; Kulhal & either Magnicallis or Annahita (depending on their return or not to game).  The reasoning for the 3 Man Council is to simply avoid the all so common problems with tyranny, under or misinformed Leadership making hasty decisions, absentee Leaders, etc... Therefore a Council of 3 was envisioned so that if there was ever a debate...a stalemate would be impossible and it takes two votes for policy change.

b) Officers: Officers will be promoted as needed and the established guideline is based on membership numbers, of course active membership is hard to determine, but when Guild reaches 20 Members 2 Officers required; upon reaching 30 an additional 1, maybe 2 more. Currently we have Grinndal, Lootimus, and Modus holding officership.

In our guild, being an officer is NOT a Diploma of Achievement, Performance, not even for Loyalty (Those traits are expected of all members),  it is more of a contract that binds you to assist the guild with both the specific tasks that may be assigned as well as the general ones. So no offense should be taken if you have been guilded since day 1 and never missed a Raid and you still have not made officer. We will keep the # of officers to the lowest possible, but to the highest quality standards as well. Some Officers may have talents  for Raid leading, Scouting/Recruiting, others just their sound Judgement, and we need all of these traits in place.

MEMBERSHIP DUTIES: All members need to:

a) Create a Character in and request membership.

b) Submit their list of characters to be included in Registry and update the deleted and new characters so all can get to know eachother.

c) Behavior is something we will not try to restrict or control what you can and cannot do, what should be perfectly clear is that inappropriate behavior should and will be met with an appropriate measure in the Guild's best interest above anything else.

d) It is expected (but not enforced) that all characters be part of Gravis Negotium.

e) If any member has a complaint or comment regarding a fellow Guild member it is expected to be handled as grown ups and with the best interests of all parties in mind. If unwilling to do so or simply the matter needs to be handled or made aware of, please contact an Officer or Councilman.

GUILD GROWTH (Scouting & Recruiting):  Potential Guild members can be "scouted" by anyone, but the following qualities should be observed so that we grow at the right pace and quality level.

- Demeanor & Performance: these are perhaps the most subjective of qualities but we do not need nice people who play horribly or viceversa.

- Character(s) Design and Experience: These are qualities that quickly become apparent and although everyone can learn...not everyone wants to be taught....this is not a classroom Guild and teaching can be very taxing.
Many players have PNP experience and that is usually a great starting point; but let's be cautious when we scout and/or recruit.

"Recruiting": can and will be done by Officers and Councilmen after getting a 2nd opinion by simple name reputation and / or running a quest with a 2nd officer that can ratify the invite.

The 2nd Opinion rule is simply to avoid the typical "who invited LEROY JENKINS
 to the guild while I was at work"  thing... and if you really have a distaste or bad experience for someone I don't see why we cannot start a thread with poor performance and poor demeanor people NOT to be considered to Guild.
I'm out of Ideas and Info for now, but I encourage all to use the Website forums actively...they enable us to communicate at a large scale and share the good the bad and the ugly alike.

That's all for now and Happy Hunting you Fargin Bastiges.... 
    - Bruttus



Kulhal the Evil, Sep 1, 09 9:26 AM.
New Launcher is up as of 4 minutes ago.  Gentlemen, start your downloads.  If you are available, I'll see you around noonish EST for some new quests :)

MOD 9 Headstart

Kulhal the Evil, Aug 20, 09 12:13 PM.

Be prepared, looks like Turbine is finally going to make good on a delivery date, w00t!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bruttus-Chaosbane, Jun 22, 09 5:56 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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