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Absolutely Fabulous is a Horde guild on the Muradin server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG.
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Absolutely Fabulous of Muradin is currently not recruiting.
Other Guild News

Blackwing Descent - Omnitron Defense System "Deactivated"

Tathora, Feb 19, 11 1:10 AM.
Four constructs, ten raiders, nothing but action!  Yellow Team endured the ever dynamic encounter with success.  Congratulations Absolutely Fabulous!
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Bastion of Twilight - Halfus Wrymbreaker defeated! (Slate Dragon, Time Warden, Emerald Whelps)

Tathora, Feb 5, 11 1:47 AM.
Yellow Team got the Slate Dragon, Time Warden, Emerald Whelps combo for their first attempt.  They pulled together and within a few attempts, succeeded in suppressing this torturer and his broken minions.  Great job Absolutely Fabulous! Uploaded with

Blackwing Descent - Magmaw destroyed!

Tathora, Jan 22, 11 5:42 AM.
The search is on for Deathwing! While spelunking in the Blackwing Descent, Absolute Nightfall encountered a fierce magma worm called Magmaw.  In a few swift moves, the creature was impaled upon a huge spike with huge chains.  The raid walked away a bit charred, but successful.

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Congratultions Absolutely Fabulous on Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achievement

Tathora, Nov 22, 10 9:50 PM.
Enjoy the new hotness AbFab, well done!!!  A rare group formation was captured shortly after victory, take a look!

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Algalon the Observer sent back into the Cosmos!

Tathora, Nov 22, 10 9:44 PM.
Learning what Algalon had to say was interesting indeed, are there other worlds with friendly races?  Are our trials and tribulations a red herring?  Are we blinded by our conflict with the Alliance?  These questions and many more to ponder as Azeroth matures.

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Lich Kings passing...

Tathora, Oct 2, 10 2:12 AM.
With Arthas dead, Absolute Nightfall marches home victors, but at what cost? Many friends have fallen, but with peace on the horizon hopefully Azeroth can heal. Uploaded with
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