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Getting to the Raid
Bloodmoon Raid #1: The Fanged Moon is the first of three Bloodmoon Keep raids located in the loping plains.

There are a few ways to get to the raid location.
1. Have a druid port you (there are normally a couple available at the raid and if so will likely port a few groups then put a guild banner out)
2. Take the guild hall portal to dragonscale hills and run north east till you reach the gnome newb zone head straight north to the loping plains
3. Take the ak anon pok stone go north east,  through the minotaur mountain then north to loping plains.
Phase 1 Raid
 Immediatly after zoning in stay put.  We will clear to the zone line.

After all trash mobs have been cleared and you have been given the go
ahead, INVIS and then proceed up the stairs.

Gather in the right corner close to the door.
This can be a long fight.  Healers make sure to combat rez during the fight.

The tank will engage Vesthun Wolfpaw at the half way mark along the wall.
Unless you are a rogue stay on his side.  Do not attack his back.  Push him into the wall not along it.
Every 30 seconds he will get a little stronger so keep him slowed.  Do not allow slow to fade.
When he reachs 74%, 49%, and 24% 2 waves of adds will spawn one from the east one from the west consisting of
1 a Bloodmoon wolfcaller        Orc
2 a Bloodmoon worg              Worg

Starting at around 5% till the adds spawns designated tanks healers and mezzers will move to there respective doors.  One person will stand out of the way and in reach of the door and keep it open.  Don't block the door.
Tanks and mezzers make a hotkey saying /Target a_bloodmoon_wolfcaller
Tanks pick up these as quickly as possible.
Enchanters (hopefuly) cast aoe mez and lock down your side.
Bards (if no enchanter) do your best

The raid main assist will call out the target all raid dps should attack (do not help the main tank with Vesthun Wolfpaw at this time).  It will be one of the two wolfcallers.
After all 6 adds are dead everyone back on Vesthun Wolfpaw.  Repeat for the other two ways with 1 exception.  On the last wave leave the Wolfs mezzed and go back to vesthun wolfpaw.  Kill them after.


Always move invis between raid pull locations

Always assist the raid assist

Do not break mez

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