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Regicide: Lei Shen Down!
Jul 8, 13 11:13 PM
Dark Animus Down
Jun 17, 13 10:56 PM
Primordius Down
Jun 12, 13 10:31 PM
Durumu the Forgotten Down
Jun 12, 13 10:28 PM
Ji-Kun Down
Jun 12, 13 10:26 PM
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Welcome to Dark Redemption
We are currently starting MOP raids in two separate raids, we are running a 10 man on weekdays
 (7pm to 10 pm server)
  and a 10 man on weekends(6 pm to 9:30pm server). 

      We are an older guild, individuals who want to enjoy our time by working together to... well as we say... 

      "less chatter more splatter"

Other Guild News

Regicide: Lei Shen Down!

Serríc, Jul 8, 13 11:13 PM.

Helluva good job guys, I knew we could do it!

Dark Animus Down

Serríc, Jun 17, 13 10:56 PM.

Primordius Down

Serríc, Jun 12, 13 10:31 PM.

Durumu the Forgotten Down

Serríc, Jun 12, 13 10:28 PM.

Ji-Kun Down

Serríc, Jun 12, 13 10:26 PM.
Game News
Hmm, I wanna shout at something
Ya that message is when you first got the its way old now!
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