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Dedicated Officers Needed!
Jun 4, 09 10:42 PM
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In the dark corners of Hyboria, ancient things are stirring. They slumber and brood in the places lost to the civilizations that have risen around them. In dust-choked caverns beneath trackless deserts, across the frozen hills of the north and beneath placid, lifeless lakes lie mysteries old before man first crawled forth from the ocean. Rumors of nameless cults and disappearances in the great cities of the age spread tendrils of fear through the populace, while forces beyond comprehension stalk through the dreams of restless sleepers, awaiting complex alignments of celestial machinery and the end of an epoch-long stasis.

The Dreamers are awakening...

Yet even among such eldritch chaos, some individuals dare to tread into the maw of insanity in pursuit of inscrutable goals, the repercussions of which may echo far into the outer realms of existence. They are the keepers of unspeakable secrets - wardens of hideous lore not meant for the eyes of man. It is whispered that the lost, byzantine sciences of the Sorcerer-Kings of Atlantis, the time-veiled secrets of sunken Lemuria and warped occult tomes of mythic repute all reside within the grasp of those who seek the wisdom of the void. Some have passed through the subliminal gates of our world and witnessed realms of shocking alien splendor and outer darkness, but none return from the dreamscapes unchanged. Whether they are brave or mad is for you to decide, but none can question their knowledge of Elder Things.

Dedicated Officers Needed!

Sharazeen, Jun 4, 09 10:42 PM.
We are looking to advance a few members to officer positions. These are positions of action and are evaluated on performance and the ability to initiate and generate roleplay for the whole of the guild/group.

If interested send In-game mail to Arethusa or Zeen with a brief summary as to why you think you would be an asset in the position.
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