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The Desecrated Brotherhood was formed by Dark Baron Fox "Darefox" Strantus. It was created to give a place of sanctuary to outcasts like himself, being that he once served the Lich King and was looked down upon by fellow peers. The Brotherhood's original purpose was to serve the Horde secretly, preserving Order and Peace where ever it would be needed. But with the coming of a dark, power-hungry warlock by the name of Korne Vorithmas, Fox's ideas and cause have slowly been changing. Korne had convinced Fox to join in mind and soul. They now share the same goals, searching to find power within Darkness, and harness it for their own needs. But they cannot stand alone, and require an army of supporters. Those that wish to join the Brotherhood and serve the Dark Baron's cause or even a cause of their own, are welcome to join in Darkness with the Brotherhood. Perhaps one day, those that wish to aid the Dark Baron may come to have great power of their own one day.

((The Desecrated Brotherhood is a Heavy Roleplaying Guild with intentions of RP-PvP later on, located on Ravenholdt US. The Brotherhood currently has few members and are searching for committed Roleplayers to help the guild grow, prosper, and enjoy themselves together. If interested contact Korne or Darefox, in game or here.))
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