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Keepers of the Silent Oath
Welcome to the Keepers of the Silent Oath!

A name with History, The Keepers of the Silent Oath originated from the Firiona Vie Server in Ever Quest the server was a role-playing server and the guild was formed by Ilmarin and Karlyana.

Azaedia is a Descendant of the famed Nytewind Wyldfire a ranger from Keepers of the Silent Oath and has tried to keep the name going in this wild new world of Everquest 2.

As of no the Keepers is a small level 50 guild with our very own Tier 1 Guild hall, We are currently accepting applications from all that would like to join.  Role-playing is not required, but would be considered a testament to the original guild as it was a true role-playing guild.

Keepers of the Silent Oath is a Neutral guild with informants in just about every city in Norrath, With that said I would like to say.

Thank you for visiting Keepers of the Silent Oath

KotSO Newsletter 8/23/09-8/29/09

Azeadia, Aug 30, 09 10:31 AM.

KotSO Newsletter



As most of you can notice I wasn’t on as I usually have been, well that’s mainly because I had a job this week,  So I’m a day late on the Newsletter.  Better late than never though!  So I’m lost on whether or not anything big has happened this week or not but I do know all the basic info.


This week we saw a large jump in donations from guild members and the Tribunal would like to thank all those who donated, especially Donavon with his 22p 88g 46c and 349,251 status! Thank you Donavon, the rest of you are doing great also.  We in the Tribunal appreciate the donations and as that has been said this week we need to talk about what new amenities you would all like.


Feel free to send mail to Zoran, Sophier, Azaedia, Odjobs or Rendaas for you votes, we will tally up the votes and see what all wins.  You can see the amenities available by using the guild hall door and using the Amenities tab.


The following KotSO members made donations this week, they are: 

Mscraven              223,000 status

Shycraven             26,000 status

Rendaas                 5g 1,000 status

Sophier                  2p 80g

Donavon                22p 88g 46c 349,251 Status

Gromdoar              200,000 status

Odjobs                   1p 200,000 status


Again thank you all for your donations they are greatly appreciated!


It’s great to see people grow and change over the course of their lives and the KotSO likes to acknowledge them for doing so.  The following members have been working hard on honing their skills and preparing for their next set of adventures.  Let’s all congratulate them on a wonder journey to new heights! 

Adrese 28 Paladins

Sunsong  35 Troubador

Sunkateer 41 Ranger

Oaksprout 40 Warden

Celiee 28 Wardens

Nightblade 64 Assassin/64 Jeweler

Crandon 27 Ranger/ 23 Weaponsmith

Mscraven 65 Guardian/ 56 Provisioner

Miscraven 29 Warden

Shycraven 60 Shadowknight

Skycraven 29 Warden

Sinart 80 Guardian/ 42 Armorers

Glorb 72 Shadowknight

Sophier 77 Wardens

Zenfish 78 Dirges

Soulo 80 Wizard

Ihoon 33 Warden/ 17 Scholar

Layyea 53 Conjuror

Hisagi 76 Assassin

Jorit 75 Brigand

Have an adventure that’s gained you status and prestige with the commoners of the land? Well the KotSO make themselves known by completing tasks for the various factions across the lands.  By helping these factions we raise our status with those around us, the following KotSO members did so this last week and the Tribunal would like to thank you and encourage others to go out and make a name for them.

















Fresh Meat, New Blood, those are a few words some other guilds like to use when referring to a new comrade.  Most of all, they generally get no mention until the achieve some great feat.  Well not the KotSO we like to put them right out in the open and say Welcome Adrese!


Lore in the world of Norrath is bountiful and plenty, you can find it everywhere and some KotSO either stumble upon it unknowingly and others out right search it out.  The tribunal likes to acknowledge those that complete these feats.


Soulo “A Strange Black Rock”

Ihoon “Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians”


Congratulate the following two people for the great feat they accomplished!

KotSO Newsleter 8/16/09-8/22/09

Azeadia, Aug 22, 09 3:21 PM.

KotSo Newsletter


First off I would like to congratulate everybody for reaching Guild Level 51!  I know a lot of you put in a lot of effort to help us obtain these levels, in the past Moth the guild has level 8 times!

As you all can see the Guild Hall Entry has received a makeover, In honor of the Original Server from Everquest 1 from which the Keepers of the Silent Oath came from we have converted the front entry to a Nature Ruins theme.  The Tribunal would like to thank Odjobs, Mscraven, Azaedia and Zoran for Donating the time and money for this gorgeous new entry way.

As you know we have 4 Amenity slots available for the guild hall, but we have yet to reach the amount of funds and status to purchase such Amenities.  The following people are helping us reach the desired Escrow required to purchase the next set of Amenities:

Ashlenn 5,000,000 status

Azaedia 2p 82g 121,500 status

Jorit 1p 500,000 status

Mscraven 38,500 status

Odjobs 1p 200,000 status

Shycraven 1p

Sophier 4p 85g

Rendaas 1p 3,000,000 status

With that I would like to say please donate if you can, remember for as little as 15g 7,500 status a week we could grow an escrow balance that would enable us to buy new amenities for the guild on a regular basis.

Keep in Mind that Upkeep of the Guild Hall costs up 2p 82g 121,250 status with all the current Amenities we have.

Now as for who is leveling the guild The Tribunal would like to say thank you to the following people for completing writs and Heritage Quests this week.

The writ runners are:


















Not only do Heritage Quests give good loot but they also give status.  Our Heritage Quest runners for this week are:


Ailynix "These Boots Were Made For..."

Crandon "The Return of the Light"

Mscraven "Training is a Shield"

Mscraven "The Stein of Mggok: It Can be Rebuilt..."

Odjobs "Draco Mortuus vos Liberatio"

Sophier "Saving Soles"

Sophier "The Lost Legend of Lavastorm"

Soulo "The Fourth Warrior- Unification"

As you all know everybody is trying to get to Level 80, but take your time.  We are here to have fun and enjoy life (and the game).  Aside from that let us congratulate everybody who leveled this week!

Airion 10 Paladin

Aleaya 62 Necromancer

Azaedia 43 Tailor

Celiee 24 Warden

Crandon 25 Ranger/20 Weaponsmith

Eruadan 10 Troubador

Glorb 70 Shadowknight

Grucohe 46 Guardian

Ihoon 29 Warden

Jorit 74 Brigand

Lavu 39 Paladin

Mscraven 59 Guardian/50 Provisioner

Nightblade 61 Assassin/56 Jeweler

Poojoe 37 Coercer

Scratchz 74 Defiler/31 Sage

Shycraven 56 Shadowknight

Sinart 77 Guardian

Sofiera 37 Guardian

Sophier 76 Warden

Soulo 77 Wizard

Spadez 76 Coercer

Sunsong 26 Troubador/16 Outfitter

Temberwolf 28 Warden

Zaltear 28 Conjuror

Zoran 76 Provisioner

Now we all know that New Members are our life line, without them the guild could not grow.  As of now we have 80 KotSO now and we would like to grow that numbers larger.  If you find someone you would like to become part of the guild feel free to invite them.  We at the KotSO have an open door and we are more than willing to take on new members.

This week our new members are:






Welcome to the KotSO and More Importantly! Have fun!

The tribunal will be talking about inactive accounts this week, so far the following guidelines are being discussed:

30 Days In-game Email for warning players of Inactivity

60 Days Removal from Guild with a message stating it was just for inactivity

If player wants back in the Guild please contact a guild member

This is purely for appearance sake we don't want guild looking inactive to new players.

This is not set in stone as of yet, we still need to have a Tribunal Meeting to set this in stone.

Also Remember Donations are Not Required but Greatly Appreciated.

KotSO Newsleter 8/09/09-8/15/09

Azeadia, Aug 15, 09 12:34 PM.

KotSO Newsletter

First Off I would like to congratulate everybody for reaching Guild Level 50! I Know a lot of you put in a lot of effort to help us obtain these levels, in the past Month the guild has leveled 7 times!

As we gain these new levels I would like to take the time and let everybody know that we now have 4 more Amenities slots available.  These Amenities Cost anywhere from 10p 1,000,0000 status up to 100p 20,000,000 status.  Also each of these Amenities up the Cost of the Guild Hall Upkeep which is currently at: 2p 82g 121,250 status

I would like to thank those for the Donations Received:

Azaedia 3p 50,000 Status
Mscraven 75,000 Status
Odjobs 200,000 Status
Gromdoar 2p
Shycraven 30,000 Status
Rezash 200,000 Status
Zoran 2,000,000 Status
Donavon 3p 130,000 Status

As their donations are helping us build an Escrow account in which we can maintain Upkeep of the guild hall and buy these new Amenities.  Keeping in mind that we will not likely purchase an Amenities unless sufficient funds are available for at least 30 days of Guild Hall Upkeep and the cost of the new Amenity.

Writs as everybody probably already know, helps the guild level up. Thank you to the following people for this hard work and helping the guild. These people are the following:


Now there are more ways than just doing writs to level the guild and get some pretty nifty items of Everquest Lore, Those quests are called Heritage Quests. The following People completed some of these quest this week, they are:

Odjobs "The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome"
Lavu "Foomby's Stolen Goods"
Lavu "Hadden's Earring"
MsCraven "Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians"
Spadez "The Bone Bladed Claymore"
Zenfish "The Bone Bladed Claymore"
Zenfish "The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt..."
Zenfish "Stiletto's Orders Intercepted"
Zenfish "Dwarven Work Boots"
Zenfish "An Axe from the Past"

Not only do those quests give good loot but they give status and help the guild level up.  Thank you for your Hard work Writ and Heritage Quest runners!

As you all know there everybody is trying to get to Level 80, but take your time, we are here to have fun and enjoy life.  Aside from that though let us everybody who leveled this week! They are:

Alyia 29 Inquisitor
Bendare 58 Carpenter
Celiee 23 Warden
Donavon 74 Necromancer/35 Provisioner
Glorb 68 Shadowknight
Hisagi 75 Assassin/33 Alchemist
Ihoon 25 Warden
Jorit 73 Brigand
Layyea 52 Conjuror
Loxli 36 Carpenter
Miscraven 27 Warden
Mscraven 49 Guardian/47 Provisioner
Nightblade 49 Jewler
Oaksprout 37 Warden
Odjobs 38 Weaponsmith
Poojoe 36 Coercer
Shycraven 48 Shadowknight/30 Armorer
Sinart 75 Guardian
Skycraven 27 Warden
Sophiera 36 Guardian
Sophier 73 Warden
Soulo 75 Wizard
Spadez 75 Coercer
Sunkateer 38 Ranger
Lavu 34 Paladin
Zaltear 20 Jeweler
Zenfish 74 Dirge
Zoran 75 Provisioner

New Members are our life line, without new members the guild can not gain a population large enough to sustain itself, but fear not because we have a few new members this week! Everybody Welcome:


Every now and then in the world while one travels you make a truly heroic Discovery well this week one of our members did just that! Congratulations to Zenfish for discovering the 'Exlted Dagger of Concentration' it is always good to be able to find new things in the world, especially after the shattering.

With that I would like to say keep up the good work and please donate if you can, remember there are enough of us if we each donated 15g 7,500 status a week our escrow balance would grow and we would be able to buy new amenities for the guild on a regular basis. 

Remember Donations are Not Require but Greatly Appreciated
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